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  1. Was on the 11th day of the D3 regimen. Kip level were down to 3-4. Also notice decrease in frequency. Had a kip 3 for around 45 mins which stopped at 1030pm. At 1130pm, another headache started which goes up to kip 7. The pain sensation was similar to cluster with the only difference that it was throbbing in nature. Comes in short waves but on the same side as the cluster with similar pain sites. Never had this happen before. I wasn't ready for this and the episode went on for a few hours. Even when the pain subsided, the right side of my head had a constant dull ache. Needless to say, didn't sleep much. I was having heart throbbing sensation since on High D3 dose. I actually thought I was having a stroke or something and was toying with the idea of going to the ER. Anyone has similar experience? What is happening?
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