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  1. I think it is so unfortunate that there is this type of negativity, let alone a lack of support for other sites/approaches at clusterbusters. I especially dislike slander about me on a public message board behind my back. It is very cowardly. -Chris Hannah
  2. I just saw this message and I find it kind of disturbing. Who the hell are you and why are you slandering me behind my back? - Chris Hannah
  3. Donations go to The Cluster Headache Support Group, a not-for-profit organization focused on awareness, education, and support. Any funds received from this campaign, beyond simply covering the costs of the poster at $5, will go toward expanding the awareness campaign.
  4. Hi All, The Cluster Headache Support Group recently started an awareness campaign and is distributing great looking posters. Please consider participating in posting these up to help educate the masses. They're just $5 each. Please remember the idea is to make these highly visible, where as many as possible can see them and better understand what Cluster Headaches really are. Don't hesitate to post a pic of your posters when they're up. It will be interesting to see where these end up! http://www.clusterheadacheinfo.org/awareness-poster
  5. Thanks Bob! I have a massive group of them in the spring and fall, apparently over an old stump in the ground. I found out they're Coprinellus micaceus. Good for nothing, as you say. We do get a lot of Hen of the Woods and Chantarelles that are really good.
  6. Trying to identify the mushrooms in this pic. -T
  7. Thanks All! Glad to help out. Doug, don't be so modest. I counted 40+ change notices from your edits in a single day, and we've been at this for a couple of weeks. Great working with you on this. -Chris
  8. Thanks Purple and Spiny for your feedback! Much appreciated.
  9. CHFather, Thanks for taking the time to provide your test results.
  10. Thanks Spiny. I think we should be good at this point. Thank you all. -Chris
  11. It looks like these are the only people here willing to help. Thanks to those who offered their assistance. PMs sent with link. Please do not share the link at this point. Thanks. -Chris
  12. Thanks All. Good group so far. Hopefully someone with a Mac and Opera will join as well.
  13. Thanks Jeff. It can be anytime. I still have some final work to do on it before opening it up for review, but once that's done, you can have at it.
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