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  1. Thanks for the info, I did buy some earlier, tried it with no results.... Oh well
  2. "horseshit" is not very explanatory? I got some drops, willing to try anything. Have you tried them? why horseshit?
  3. i called walk in clinics and told them what I wanted and why until I found one that agreed. one trip & $80 dollars later I have a lifetime prescription. Just be forward about what you want before you waste your time.
  4. I did start taking the advice on taking the imitrex shots apart and splitting the dose, what a difference in the way I feel after & cost saving. IT'S A MIRACLE! no madder how small ;D
  5. thanks for the info! This whole time I thought I was going to "grow" out of them =(. I did start taking the advice on taking the imitrex shots apart and splitting the dose, what a difference in the way I feel after & cost saving. IT'S A MIRACLE! no madder how small ;D
  6. sorry for the lack in terms, can someone start out as epi & wind up Chronic? And is this something we are stuck with for life, or do they tend go away after a while like they came on? Mine are all screwed up this time, making me nervous. Getting all random hours this cycle rather than close to the same time every day.
  7. appreciate the info, having a HA right now. I would do anything to kill it! My seeds come in Monday. How can I detox? going with nothing SUCKS! Is imetrex the same as Tripans? I just took apart my shot and gave myself 1/2. Don't love needles but it was way easier than I thought it would be to administer on my own. Seemed to take a few extra minutes but worked the same. (made me feel like shit and then my HA went away" now im just nauseous but no pain.
  8. yes I did & just got some of the older style today so will split the dose up, the new ones were more like epipens & I was afraid to try to take it apart & waste it. I forgot about Busting that way. got some RC seeds on the way. never got to use them last time. I have never done anything like that before. should I be nervous? I am willing to try anything, but scared of not being in control.... Never heard of the D3 therapy before sounds strange?
  9.  Right but this cycle I have had them at 11 am one day. 5pm the next. Had 1 day without. 1am the next then went 2 days without one then yesterday 8am and 10:30pm today 7pm and now again at 1am! I am so ready to be done with this! I have went through 3 02 tanks 2 triptan shots and countless energy drinks and 5hr energy shots. I'm going nuts. I think I am even seeing shit like black shadows while I'm having an attack? WTF is going on? >
  10. Update: my ha's have been strange this go around? had a few days of not too bad attacks that i killed with 02 and a few days with no ha's. now the last 2 days had real nasty attacks twice a day a random times? WTF anyone else's do that? They used to be like clock work...
  11. made it almost all day today, thought maybe it was a fluke thing. Nope, got hit after work, better than at work I guess.... Feeling really down on myself right now, I hate this shit! sorry to dump on you guys but nobody else gets it, as soon as you say headache they blow it off like no big deal. Makes me want to slap someone.
  12. Thanks guys, Only the one HA today, I'll have to see what happens tomorrow. I went and got some energy drinks and 5 hr energy. I do have a high flow regulator for my O2 but maybe I'm not jumping on it fast enough. Pixie-elf - My "new and uncomfortable feelings" are from separating with my wife. I went from a house of 5 & a dog to just me. Nothing do do with the HA's just an added kick to the depression & my whining. Bejeeber - thanks for the suggestions, I guess i worded that wrong. I have a little $$, just not the $200 a day for triptan shots. I went and got some energy drinks/shots, Thanks! ThatHurtsMyHead - I appreciate the encouragement & support! A lot of up and down emotions, that will hopefully die down & pass. I am at the spot where I don't know if I want to or should try to work on fixing things or just move forward. Everyday is a different feeling of what I want to do? I will try to get to the O2 faster. I also could drink an energy drink & then go too sleep no problem, especially after an attack. I want to say to all of you here. It really means a lot that you guys are always here to help. I know my problem is not as bad as most of you on here, Just can't explain it to others (friends, etc.) They don't get it. I know, unfortunately I am one of those guys who only thinks about logging in when I have a problem. I wish I could be more like the rest of you and get on here to help others in their time of need & not just myself.... :-[
  13. I went almost two years HA free! Hoping I was In the clear, Today proves me wrong. Not normally one to wine. My wife and I separated about a week ago after 16 years, a lot of new and uncomfortable stuff going on.This is just icing on the cake. Funds at this new point equal 0 for treatment. Afraid I am going to have to tough through it this time....Suggestions? I have 02 but does not seem to stop mine.
  14. did you say you took 7 Hawian Rose by hitting them with the hammer? I am no expert by any means but I did read this in the files. HBWR have an outer hull that contains some unfriendly chemicals. The idea is to pick the softer inner parts out of the tougher, outer hull. Dump the hulls. Soak the inner parts for an hour in water. If you ate the hulls, maybe that was the cause of you not feeling well? Also with the RC seeds I had good luck with just squashing them with a large diner spoon on the counter. took a few minutes but was able to get them broke down quite well just rocking the spoon back & forth while pushing down with both hands. & was able to get a close look at the inside to keep an eye out for any Black ones.
  15. cool thanks I will give it a shot
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