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  1. Someone on another board suggested a diving tank for an oxygen tank instead of a welding tank. I had always thought diving tanks were a mixture of oxygen, nitrogen, and maybe some other gases much like what we breathe in our normal air. Does anyone know? Would a diver's tank work better than a welder's tank or maybe be more affordable?
  2. Back in '01 I was in kick-ass caridovascular shape. I noticed when I was in that condition that I had far, far fewer headaches. Man, do I ever wish I had stayed in that condition, but I let life distract me. Now I have daily headaches. I did have daily backaches and was in too much trouble to train. Some cortisone injections have helped with the back pain. I'm planning to use some busting treatment to get the headaches under control and then to get back into the cardio training. I'm curious if anyone else has done any cardio training and if it's helped. If you have and it's worked, STI
  3. I'm sure you dont need a UA to figure out if someone is a crack head lol thats easy to spot... kinda of like undercover cops... they just dont fit in... Now a days with fake urine, UA's are a wash...sure you could say random UA, but a bottle of fake urine and a heating pack in your pocket can post a clean test They are a warrantless search, making them unconstitutional. It's none of the government's business what medicine I take. In the US we live in a corpacracy, which is a pseudodemocracy that gives the appearance of the people ruling while in reality the corporations hold the
  4. A lot of companies conduct (unconstitutional and unethical) drug tests when hiring, and sometimes even afterwards. Do they typically test for psilocybin use? How long does psilocybin stay in the system and show up in the test?
  5. I differ from most of the population in that I rarely use my cell phone. I talk on that thing maybe about 4 times a week, and then it's usually short conversations. I send and receive even fewer texts. My cell is essentially an occasional use/emergency phone. I have cluster headaches. They obviously weren't caused by my cell phone.
  6. "Hey Doug, I'll work on getting a clip for you. You won't believe how they downplayed the severity of our headaches. One of these "doctors" said "if you go to bed in a bad mood" you are more likely to get a cluster headache. What a dumb ass...he is a plastic surgeon by the way. Cork sucker is what he is Shocked Dan " I'd bet he's the plastic surgeon who did Jocelyn Wildenstein's surgery. I've experienced the ###holes who don't take our pain seriously. It was like that at my last job. When I called in sick, I was told to just take some medication and come in anyway. I asked the
  7. *rolls eyes* I had someone tell me to just take ibuprofin. I told him that would be about as effective as swallowing a Tic Tac.
  8. Some boards have a feature called "user CP" or "my activity" or "find all posts." Makes it easy to go back and see if someone has responded to something I posted.
  9. That's an outrage. Sleazy politicians try to trample on free speech rights all too often. Write your congressman and bitch. I mean it. Don't wait. A grassroots campaign killed SOPA and it can kill this. There are other outrages. One of them is for-profit prisons, which they make nice sounding by calling them "privatized" and spreading the lie that they save taxpayer dollars. They really cost more. Besides driving up taxes, the big outrage is they give a financial incentive to businesses for more people to be locked up. This is a big reason why there's such corporate opposition to
  10. Thanks for the help. I was able to find some Red Bull today. I've never tried energy drinks. I was just never interested. I hope I like them okay because I absolutely hate coffee. It's the one drink I hate more than any other in the world. I don't consume any alcoholic beverages and haven't for two and a half years. That change helped some. I do notice that Prodrin with an RC Cola helps, but maybe the Red Bull will be better. I have an appointment with my doctor on the 25th. I'll ask him about oxygen. I read in other threads that it's possible to get way cheaper and ju
  11. I've never used energy drinks to avert an oncoming headache. I used to take Migrin (no longer available, thanks a lot drug companies) and then drink a caffeinated beverage such as an RC or a Pepsi. That helped. Now that Migrin is no longer available, I'm using Prodrin. I have Immitrex if that doesn't work. I've noticed some here have said they've had good luck using energy drinks. I've never drunk an energy drink in my life. I don't know what to buy. What energy drink should I get? Also, I'll be seeing my doctor on the 25th. Should I get him to prescribe oxygen. I've never used o
  12. Are the seeds as effective in headache relief as the psilocybin mushrooms are?
  13. I'm from Colorado, but I don't live there anymore. I still make it there often because I have family there.
  14. Okay, so is there a FAQ that lists everything that I need? I need spores, of course. I found an online place that offers them. They also offer grow kits. Do I need one of those? Can't I just grow in a plastic box?
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