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  1. It's aborted a few more episodes and I have tried smaller doses effectively. Thus far I'd say its having a 60% success at stopping or reducing attacks. I'm keeping it as minimal as possible and only if I head up to 'Kip 8' or above.
  2. The 'strength' of the 'trip' is not what I expected from the Ayahuasca. It changed each time I drank it. Sometimes I would be facing a variety of inner demons personified by a visual battle raging inside my mind and other times I would be sat comfortably with a group of people relaxing and feeling blissful. Only on the odd occasion did I 'travel' deeply into the visionary realms one heard about so often when Ayahuasca is discussed. On these occasions I was escorted by a 'hummingbird' and it was thoroughly pleasant albeit brief. Also, vomiting becomes a pleasure!!
  3. My first vist to Holland where I had my first Ayahuasca ceremony was mid-cluster. During my 3 nights drinking I had no CH but on the plane home I had quite a bad one. Once I was home I had none. I returned twice over the next 12 months and this is my first cycle since I started using Ayahuasca. The last time I was there was January. In total I have been 2 years free and I have missed 2-3 cycles over that time. It is the longest I have been free of CH for 22 years. It may be coincidental but then again it may not. I am hoping to return there in July. The ceremonies are run by Shaman from either Brazil or Peru, depending on who's been booked. I have had experiences with Shaman from both the Shuar (Peru) and the Huni Kuin (Brazil) tribes and both have benefited me greatly.
  4. Thanks to both of you for your answers. I tried the cocaine route twice and it was successful both times in leaving me pain free for over 24 hours. I used it Saturday just gone and it kept me med free long enough to have a busting dose of Libertys. I am still pain free but have a mild shadow. I am staying med free in order to repeat my Liberty dose. As it goes I prefer Psychedlics over anything anyway but I was struggling to source any. Last year I spent drank Ayahuasca over 2x5 night periods and I suffered no clusters at all. I don't know whether I just had a year off anyway but it did seem to help!! Thanks again for the replies!!' Ps- the purity was tested at over 90%
  5. I have recently been advised to try high purity cocaine as a 'buster'. The first time I tried a .05g, insufflated, it left me pain free for 24 hours. I then tried again 48hours later when pain returned. So far it has stopped my 'Kip 8s' in their tracks. Has anyone else tried this or heard anything about this??? I do not intend to repeat this unless I am above Kip 8 as it's not cheap and I do not like the idea of having do use this substance repeatedly. Any advice or stories would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  6. I hate it when it's a full blown attack and my nostril is clear. It rachets the pain up through the roof. As if it wasn't already bad enough, breathing naturally becomes painful!! Aaaaargh! >
  7. Seems I'm the odd one out again! My nostril always clears, without fail. The sensation of breathing through it makes the pain behind my eye worse. Ah well!
  8. Hey there, Does anyone else's sinus clear during a CH? When mine are going strong my left nasal passage and sinus opens completely. My CH symptoms/pain get worse when I breathe through that nostril too. Other people I know with CH get bunged up on the side they suffer on so I'm wondering, is it just me???? Cheers all Andy
  9. Found this vid a while back- Hope you enjoy it!!!!
  10. Hi Ron, As it so happens I did pass on the address of this site and also gave him the address of a site on which to watch Suicide or Psychedelics. He is going to call me after he attends his conference and let me know what people are saying. Take care Andy
  11. Hi there, I used mushrooms for the first time to bust a cycle back in early October and it was a very successful experience. Since then I have told one of my friends and he is going to try it out next time he has a cycle. Today I went to visit my regular Dr to tell him of my experience and to point him at the research that has been and is being done in regard to psychedelics. He was interested and enthusiastic. He was very detailed in his questioning and very thorough. He then went on to tell me that he is going to a conference on headaches and would take this forward to the neurologists that would be in attendance!! We then discussed the legalities of such treatment and I told him I was aware of them. To finish off he asked if he could pass on my number to another of his patients who suffers from extreme CH pain!! He told me he couldn't discuss psilocybin or mushrooms with his patient but I could and in doing so I would be supporting him in upholding his oath!! Anyway, just thought I'd share that with you all. Take care Andy
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