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    wood working, golf, racquet ball.

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  1. CJW

    Sphenopalatine Ganglion Block

    Joe Rogan podcast #1056 give it a listen, I hope that helps, sounds like some parallels there.
  2. CJW

    printed hand out

    Card's you can carry with you: “I am a cluster headache sufferer. If I am having an attack, please do not call an ambulance, there is nothing the medical profession can do. Cluster headache is a debilitating disease and is one of the most painful condition known to man. They are also referred to as suicide headaches. If you are interested in learning more or willing to be an advocate, please contact ________________________________.”
  3. CJW

    Busting Music Playlists

    Release (Pearl Jam) my favorite....
  4. CJW

    half time

    seems to me, most of my hard attacks I go through have a half time, when you think oh maybe a shorty but no it kicks back to the previous pain level. just saying.
  5. CJW


    I tend to go in basement for the cold floor, love to blast he AC out when I'm in the car during a bout.
  6. CJW

    Work and CH

    most employers are or should be tolerant to employees pain conditions. my relief comes from the energy drinks. i'll even mix my 5 hour into a Pepsi, yum yum.