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  1. Hi all, now that I have found relief, I thought I would circle back and post about it here. I am not a doctor but this is my experience and obviously is not advice. I got a terrible 'flu' when I was 15 and got lots of persistent symptoms including daily brain splitting headaches that lasted for 45 years. That's the very abbreviated version. My headaches had a lot in common with cluster headaches but also had some differences. Busting was almost the only thing that helped me but I felt terrible when I was doing it so I didn't do it as often as I should to keep them at ba
  2. I would say I started seeing improvement around early March. I tried the Vit D protocol but had to stop because I take thyroid meds and I forgot that there is a link between Vit D and thyroid absorption. The high D levels threw off my thyroid and I was getting crazy heart palpitations, fatigue and other symptoms. I am back down to a mere 1000 IU daily. The only other thing I did that may have positively contributed is I went off a med I was on that can cause headaches in some people. The truth is I was getting chronic headaches long before I ever went on it in the first place so
  3. You may be right about this Pebbles, we simply do not have enough information yet. What I know is the following, the headaches started with the infection. While they have most of the defined symptoms of cluster headaches, there are some differences, so it is possible that they are not classic 'cluster headaches'. Though as to that, I wonder if it is really possible to clearly define cluster headaches in that way or if like many other syndromes involving the human body such as anxiety and OCD, etc, or autism and Aspergers, etc, there is really just a spectrum with a lot of overlap in a lot of
  4. I grew up with cats and had one or possibly two at the time.
  5. I will 'keep that in mind', although I am not sure how I am supposed to do that as I was only trying to help by sharing my personal experience. I think many here would agree that doctors don't know everything there is to know about CH, or vector borne diseases for that matter, and I was certainly not saying that all CH are caused by them as you implied, just that mine were, and on this, you are not qualified to weigh in. So please don't put me down, because as I stated in another post, I came to this site because I am in a very bad place right now and at the end of my rope. Being scolded
  6. Hi CHFather You mentioned that you have a curiosity about Indomethacin so I thought I would weigh in that I took it for awhile with zero results on the headaches. You are correct that you must be careful about damaging the stomach lining however what doctors don't tell you is that the meds to protect your stomach can cause a nasty condition called SIBO. SIBO is an imbalance in the flora of your small intestine that leads to bloating, diarrhea, constipation and other gastric problems, and is very difficult to reverse.
  7. I just switched my Amazon Smile account recipient to be Clusterbusters Inc. Thank you for all you do for us.
  8. Rainmaker


    Here's what I found on this topic. "In controlled studies with EMGALITY up to 6 months (Study 1, Study 2, and Study 3), the incidence of anti-galcanezumabgnlm antibody development was 4.8% (33/688) in patients receiving EMGALITY once monthly (32 out of 33 of whom had in vitro neutralizing activity). With 12 months of treatment in an open-label study, up to 12.5% (16/128) of EMGALITY-treated patients developed" Translation - yes it can stop working but the incidence seems low..at least for the first year. After that, who knows?
  9. Rainmaker


    I have been afraid to try Aimovig because in some people it can make HA's worse. Honestly, I don't think I could endure that. Does anyone know if Emgality can have the same effect? I have been having trouble finding an answer to this and frankly, I believe what I read here among you fine folks more than anything I read anywhere else.
  10. I am writing this in the hope it is helpful for some of you. My headaches, and other symptoms were most definitely caused by a virus. Here goes. I was an exceedingly healthy and active child and teen. At age 15, I became very ill with what we thought at the time was an acute but typical flu-type illness. High fever, aches, chills, weakness, headaches. For a week or so, my mom would wake me up to hydrate me and try to get some broth into me and then I would pass out again. I was the only one in the family who got sick, so not contagious. I grew up in the woods in New Jersey in
  11. https://clusterbusters.org/forums/profile/24003-clustercured/ Did your headaches stay away over time? Can you please update us?
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