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  1. I'm on day 4 of Indomethacin, 150mg a day (3x 50mg). So far, I'm still getting clusters, but I don't know if it needs time to work. My guess would be no since it's an NSAID. He didn't prescribe me anything else to take with it. I'm going to continue taking it through this Friday for sure, which will be a full week, and also coincides with my follow-up with the neuro. But because of how harsh it is, I'm considering stopping it at that point unless I see a complete remission of headaches. Part of the problem I have with a lot of this is I may be coming to the end of this cycle (although who knows, because this is the first November/December cycle). So if it goes away, it may have absolutely nothing to do with the Indomethacin. Similarly, the vitamin D3 regimen isn't working this time (blood work on Friday had me at 124ng/mL). So did it work in previous years, or was I just in a 2 year relapse? Or maybe it only works for me if it's already in my system prior to the cycle starting? I appreciate all the help! I know a lot of this is probably repetitive for people who've had CH for a long time, but the information is all over the place and sometimes difficult to find.
  2. Bit of history, I had "mild" clusters starting in September 2015. In 2017 after my 3rd year (each September), I found the vitamin D3 regimen. September 2018 and 2019 passed without headaches (started the regimen last week of August and took through first week of October). But then I started a new cycle in mid-November. I was caught off guard without the vitamins. This cycle has been more typical of CH's, with more frequent attacks and much more painful (what used to be 7's as the worst are now 9's and 10's). Because my previous cycles had been so mild, and the vitamin D3 thing worked so well, I'd never sought out a doctor. After a 10/10 last Thursday, I got an emergency appointment with a neurologist Friday (4 days ago). He put me on Indomethacin and I had to beg to get some kind of treatment, which ended up being Imitrex. I mentioned oxygen and he said it'd be almost impossible to prescribe. I'm not sure if that's legitimate, but I have seen that a lot of insurance doesn't like to pay for it. This is the first cycle I've tried other methods. So far, energy drinks seem to work decently well, but since I'm limited to probably 2 a day, if I get multiple shadows I'm torn on when to take them. I've got a clearance, so "alternative" illegal substances are off the table. Outside of that, I tried a vibrator to my eye socket. That...mostly just distracted a bit, but didn't bust it. That's about the extent (I'm only 3.5 weeks into this new, hellish cycle). As I said, the Imitrex is basically a last resort if I get something in the 9-10 pain range that I just can't handle. I'm curious if using it gluteal would work?
  3. I've had a much more intense cycle that started in November (normally a September CH), and I finally went to a neurologist. I was able to get him to prescribe 6mg Imitrex, but I'm a bit nervous about the injection site. I have pretty low body fat, and there's really nowhere on my thigh that feels "fatty" enough to inject. I'm worried that I'll be injecting into either my quad or hamstrings, depending on where I choose (similar problem with my arms). Googling this I haven't found any similar question, so I'm curious what to do. I'm basically using them as a last resort, but I don't want to have to use it and cause a serious health problem as a result of administering the shot incorrectly.
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