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  1. I am an episodic suffered for over 15 years. Recent cycle has been ongoing 2+ months, which is longer than usual. Attacks are more frequent as well, 1-2/daytime and between 3-6/night time. Oxygen works as always, but sleep is very disturbed. Unfortunately, busting this time around has not proved beneficial and no relief from the D3 regimen either. In years past I would find that alcohol would bring on a headache, but continuing to drink and "get drunk," they would subside for the evening and I could get a full nights sleep. Also, found that I might even get a couple nights of attack free seep following an evening of acute alcohol intoxication. I usually just avoided alcohol and the cluster never lasted much longer than a month so never put much thought in to it. With the new cycle, I avoid alcohol as usual; however, on a couple occasions I have sat down in the evening and drank vodka and Monster energy until it put me to sleep - as I had read about how wine/beer is higher in histamine levels and can bring on attack quicker than a drink of vodka/gin. I sleep the night without an attack. The next day is kind of rough as I have a bit of a hangover and I have a constant pain behind my eye where the attacks always occur - but it never materializes into an attack. Thing is, the next 1-2 nights following, I am attack free. Then a night with mild attacks until they are back to baseline attacks during my cluster. I have looked into the effects of alcohol intoxication on increase/decrease levels of prolactin and cortisol as they relate to blood pressure etc. and effects the intoxication has on the hypothalamus. I even brought up the fact of intoxication and a couple attack free nights with my neurologist - but he didn't seem to want to promote getting drunk to periodically lessen attacks or the relationship of the two, if any, - which is understandable. Sorry for the long post, just wanted to see if anyone had any input on the issue or had any similar experiences. Jay.
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