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Found 6 results

  1. Good evening, I am searching for something that may not exist. I cannot find any good, (by good I really mean, "Official looking") articles supporting existence of current legitimate research studies going on or results of previous studies definitively supporting the use of psilocybin for the treatment of cluster headaches. Shortest version of my story - through the miracle of the internet I discovered mushrooms as a potential treatment of cluster headache in the early 2000's. I was scared to try for some time. My husband encouraged me, having done every type of recreational drug many ti
  2. What if someone really found the cause of and a cure for cluster headaches? What would happen? How would they get the word out? Might they be suppressed? So often the answer to these questions just comes down to the money involved in treating, rather than CURING many debilitating "diseases". I have no idea how much money has gone into CH research, but I do know the COST of treatment. About 18 years ago, I began suffering from intense headaches around my left eye, which were first diagnosed as sinus headaches and treated with typical antibiotics, to no avail. Then it was diagnosed as s
  3. Why not do our own research, collect data, analyze it and find our own trends about best treatments. I've setup a "Cluster Headache - Patient Driven Research" group on Facebook and I've build an simple app to keep track of any attack and any treatment we do. It doesn't matter if you use medicines, vitamins, Oxygen or Magic Mushrooms. https://www.facebook.com/groups/471529509915015/ My idea is this: If 2 Patients with data about their disease progression would share this with each other, together they would know more. If a 100.000 patients have their data and share it tog
  4. Hi, everybody, I'm a Dutch cluster headache Patient on a mission so see if we can do our own research about our cluster Headaches and I hope to get an American group joined as well. Being a Patient, makes that we can't do any scientific research, I'm fully aware off that. Problem with scientific research is that it doesn't move into our direction because our voices are not strong enough and our experiences have not enough value. But I think we already have some treatments that could have potential. The most known are the Vitamin D regimen of Batch and the use of Magic Mushrooms,
  5. Dr. David Stickler in Charleston, SC is currently enrolling a clinical research study that is testing an experimental treatment for cluster headaches. This investigational product is believed to reduce the frequency, and the possibly the severity, of cluster headache attacks. The product is provided at no out of pocket cost to the patient and without going through a patients insurance provider. They are currently looking for those cluster headache sufferers 18 to 65 with a history of episodic cluster headaches lasting greater than six weeks. Patients can be in an active cl
  6. Hi, busters. I'm a cluster headache sufferer who is also a journalist, and I am writing a story about cluster headaches and potential cures. I was hoping to speak to some of you about your success/frustrations with busting CHs. It can be either on or off the record. I'd love to hear from some women, too! From what I understand, the condition is much rarer in women. My contact information is available here. Please shoot me an email if you'd like to talk.
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