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  1. G'mornin Smokey Welcome to the forum...sorry you had the need to find us though!! I'm afraid I don't have any first hand experience using LSD for migraine.....I do, however have a friend that has migraines, icepicks, and CH who has been successful in using shrooms as a treatment! I can also tell you from my research that Albert Hoffman was researching treatment for migraines when he created LSD. Dallas Denny
  2. Great clip Johnny!! Been a long time since Gram crossed my mind.....hard to calculate how much influence he would have had on the music world were it not for "the needle and the damage done"..... DD
  3. I don't know that there is a "correct" answer to your question.......some strains will be more potent and thus require a smaller dose to reach the desired effect.........if you go to http://www.ralphstersspores.com/USA/index.php .....scroll down a ways to the "Best Sellers" list on the left side of the page, you'll find several strains that will work fine for your purposes. DD
  4. Just WOW!! What a wonderful post Bob!! Just want to say thanks to you and all of the other "pioneers" whose work has made it possible for the CH community to have this board to come to and find that "Hope" and then be able to share it with those who come after us!!! DD
  5. .....but for some of us, growing them is!! Wanted to give anyone interested in growing edibles a heads up......a friend and fellow board member is now supplying ralphsters with "live cultures" for several different kinds of edibles........Shiitake, Maitake, Reishi, Lions Mane, several different strains of Oysters, and others. The Lions Mane and Oysters can be grown out on BRF cakes per the instructions in Roadkills youtube videos......for the others you just need to substitue saw dust for the brown rice flour. DD
  6. Hi Dave, They do have a fairly short "shelf life" when fresh.......just fan dry them for a few days and then finish them off in a drying chamber with some DampRid til they are "cracker dry" (they should break like a match stick when you try to bend them). After they're dry, you can put them in a glass canning jar with a small tyvek packet of DampRid and then put the jar in the freezer if you want.....I just pull an old sock over the jar and put it in one of my dresser drawers. DD
  7. What alleyoop said!!! The miracle of being able to abort a hit in under 10 minutes without resorting to a Trex jab (and at a far cheaper price per abort than Trex I might add), is wayyy worthy of what few precautions you have to adhere to, to be able to use O2 therapy safely!!! DD
  8. Hi Bigfoot, Are you saying here that O2 is out of the question due to lung damage caused by smoking or because it is a fire hazzard due to your smoking? Dallas Denny
  9. Hell Tim, that was 46 years ago....damned lucky that I could even remember there was a Myrtle Beach!!! lmao!!!! Seems like it was close to the Pavilion (saw James Brown there in 66)......right off the boardwalk.....it was a crazy place!!! As alleyoop stated, they sold 3.2 draw beer......and they were open 23 1/2 hours a day (closed for a half hour to clean all the puke outta the restrooms...lol).....beer was 10 cents a cup or a buck a pitcher. If I remember correctly, Alabama paid tribute to the Bowery in "Shaggin on the Boulevard" as that was one of their early gigs. DD
  10. Here's a pair of used ones on ebay for $58 inclucing SH......as long as it has a female CGA-540 fitting it should work on a welding O2 tank....... http://cgi.ebay.com/2EA-VICTOR-SR450D-REGULATOR-OXYGEN-TORCH-WELDING-GAS-/220643973432?cmd=ViewItem&pt=Pneumatic_Hydraulic_Valves_Parts&hash=item335f67d938 And a new one for $63 including SH..... http://cgi.ebay.com/Welding-CGA-540-Oxygen-Regulator-Medium-Duty-/170518099830?cmd=ViewItem&pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item27b3abb776 Dallas Denny
  11. Hi Sweetwilliam, Since your friend has a diagnosis, I would definately look into high flow O2 therapy ASAP!!! It has made a world of difference in the way I view the affliction of CH......I routinely abort hits in 5 to 10 minutes when in cycle!!! Try to get your friend to come on the board as well.....it will mean a lot to her to find other folks who understand exactly what she has to endure at the hands of the beast! Dallas Denny
  12. Nice Tim!! Ahhh.....Myrtle Beach.....brings back fond memories!! Spent almost every weekend there during the summer of 66 before I shipped out to Nam!! Is the Bowery still there? Dallas Denny
  13. Well, no one had any fun, or anything to say, or any "adult beverages"!!! LOL!!! Just kidding, we had a blast!! We did decide to eliminate early spring and mid summer as possible dates for any future get togethers though!! And we all agreed to travel to Lee Ann and Dans in Ablilene for the next one!! As you can tell from the pics....I lied about the "adult beverages"...... http://s285.photobucket.com/albums/ll42/Smileyone1968/Dallas%20Denny%20Meet%20and%20Greet/ Dallas Denny
  14. Well, Phil (CH-HELL) and Jen (flipperlips) got in from McAllen yesterday evening......of course as grannyb says.....no one had anyone to say...lol!! Had a great visit!!! Lee Ann and Dan will be comin in from Ablilene around noon and we have a couple (both clusterheads!!!....how insane could that get at times!!) from Mesquite coming this afternoon as well. Got word from Darrin (Texas Cluster ) this morning that he's not sure if he'll make it up from Katy or not. And of course, BarbaraD had her gall bladder sucked out Thursday and is at home getting well.....she'll be missed but it just gives us another excuse to have another get together soon..lol!! I'll be posting pics later!!! Sorry you couldn't make it this time Eric!! No Blackedyed Pea Soup this time my friend......Lee Ann's bringin smoked brisket, potato salad, and baked beans.....I've got a ham on the smoker and going to put some pasta salad together after while...HELL YEAH!!! DD
  15. Well lucidity-.......for 15 years of my life beginning in late 1968 I was indeed a peasure-seeking druggie........had some very enlightening experiences and some that were pretty damned dark and scarry!! And at 63 years of age, I am now an "old hippie".....expect that will never change...lol!!! However, if it weren't for CH in my life, I can assure you that I (and most here) would never have entertained even the thought of revisiting these substances.  The "magic" I refer to is only associated with being PF and not with the psychedelic experience .......so for me, BOL will be the ultimate "magic"!! DD
  16. Bingo on this one as well Chad!!! I sooo hate it that , for whatever reason, "alts" are not an options for every sufferer!!! Hopefully, our dreams of having BOL as a "legal" treatment will come true in the near future, those barriers will come down, and everyone with this affliction will be able to experience the "Magic"!!! DD
  17. I know many of you know grannyb from the CH.com board.....saw a post from her this morning on the CH.org board and she is undergoing gall bladder surgery in the morning and won't be able to attend the Dallas Meet n Greet this weekend.... :'( :'( Thought ya'll would like to know so you can keep the ol "butt groper" in your thoughts and prayers!! DD
  18. Ummmmm......well, judging from the individual posts on this thread so far........maybe the commonality is that we're all highly intelligent, exceedingly good looking, "wannabe comedians" with addictive personalities who also happen to be humble to a fault??? LOL!! To be serious though, I've seen posts from folks of many different races and nationalities on the boards....but I can't recall ever seeing someone post with a hispanic heritage. Is it at all possible that a long history of "shamanistic" practices involving "natural meds" in those cultures could be a factor in that? Also don't remember seeing any posts by folks of obvious Asian descent whose cultures also rely heavily on "homeopathic remedies". DD
  19. I agree completely Bob. It's just that some of us have thicker skins than others. When I first had success with the alternates, I went back and tried to "enlighten" the masses on ch.com, only to be flamed from several directions. For a while I enjoyed the 'argy-bargy', but it got old fast and I realized that it was messing up people's threads. I simply chose to quit posting there and didn't for a few years. After a while though, I started going back... mostly lurking ...but posting every now and then, especially on the "Medications, Treatments, Therapies" board when I felt I could answer someone's question. When the flaming started, I would simply PM whoever I was trying to help and stay behind the scenes rather than get into a war of words with people and mess up someone's thread. I think that a lot of the old troublemakers are gone from that board now, although as Bob says, "The truth is not guaranteed to elicit positive responses and a thank you." bobb Very well stated Bob and bobb.... DD
  20. Hey AO, Ditto what Donnie said here!! I'm also a member of both sites but spend much more time here cause it's where my heart is but I read your post on CH and have no doubt that you had good intentions with your post regardless of how some might have taken it!! I 100% concurr with your opionions of "the prescribed regimen of pharma's used to treat CH"!!! I have been med free for several years other than the use of 7 Trex injections for hits that I couldn't abort with O2 during my last cycle this past year. So post away here about the perils of prescription meds, however I have a feeling that for the most part you'll be "preachin to the choir" so to speak...lol!! DD
  21. Very, very cool MJ!! I'd a like to have seen the look on your face when you snapped to the fact that the dude was talkin about Ron!!! Damn!! That makes the old fart almost famous now.....oh well....we can all say we knew him when....lmao!! Good on you Ron my ( old guy ) friend!! Dallas Denny
  22. Surely this is a "brain fart"??? I can't imagine wanting to mix these 2 substances having used both recreationally in the past!!! This would also be the first article I've seen suggesting mescaline as a CH treatment. DD
  23. I will be arriving in Portland on Thursday the 19th at 7:30 pm!! Can't wait to meet everyone.....is it August yet? Dallas Denny
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