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  1. Hey Sam Go to youtube and search "lets grow mushrooms" by RR video.......it's a 4 part series on the PF Tek using BRF cakes and works extremely well for a newbie mycophile. Ralphster is a great source for microscopy samples and his substrate is probably OK as well, but IMHO, you'd be better off to stick with a simple PF Tek to begin with......substrate cultivation really increases your chances of contams.....and once you get the hang of it, you can supply yourself with all the meds you need for a year of busting with just a few 1/2 pint jars. Hope this helps and good growing!! Dallas Denny
  2. Hey Sam, Don't know about benefits of Shiitake related to CH but it does have other health benefits. I'm about to innoculate some jars with Shiitake "LC" that also came from a shroomery "trusted cultivator"......I'm going to use this Tek that was sent to me by AO......instead of the pieces of skewers, I used 1/4 x 1 inch spiral cut wooden dowels. We will see...... http://www.shroomery.org/forums/showflat.php/Number/11897262/page/1/fpart/1/vc/1 Dallas Denny
  3. Hooo Boy!!!! First off, Thank you for posting this John!! Nice to see you here!!! OK ya'll, I've remained quiet in public thus far regarding this issue......but, it's seems like I've aquired "elder statesman" status on this edition of the clusterbusters forum at least......that bein said, I'd like to share some thoughts and observations......it's not my intention to offend anyone or step on anyones toes!!! We're all here for the same reasons, either to stop suffering or help those that still are suffering find the relief that we've found as a community....as we share our knowledge, experience, and hope, some of them are able to end their suffering, and some will stick around and share it with someone else...... In the past 15 months, I've seen a bunch of folks come here and get their lives back.......and none of em that I know of, were able to do it with BOL.......and I now have hope that if and when the beast comes to visit again (even in my old age), that "alt meds" will work for me.........I think back to cycles prior to 2006 with no O2, no online support, NO HOPE.........just another 12 to 16 weeks of HELL with a few jabs of Trex here and there.........and now I'm like, c'mon Futher Mucker!!! I got some shit for you now!!!!  But, that HOPE ain't BOL either......I mean let's face it folks, with capital to be raised, I's to be dotted, and T's to be crossed......trials to run and FDA approval, chances are it won't happen in what of this lifetime I have left at 64.......but I still have HOPE that it will be there for folks when I now longer am concerned with the beast!!! For the time being, we have the "meds" we need and although I think the majority of us would prefer to avoid the "trip" and just get the "magic", it is what it is and I'll freakin take it along with the HOPE I now have versus the HOPELESSNESS of the past when "HE" came calling!!!! Having had the opportunity to attend last years conference, I was priviledged to hear Dr J speak about entheogencorp prior to it becoming public knowledge and I am convinced that if he hadn't felt this was his best chance of getting BOL to market,........ then he would have gone a different direction!! I also had the priviledge of speaking to John one on one, so I feel like I also know his heart!!! As we said our goodbyes at the conference, he told me that he will always remain passionate about this treatment for clusterheads....but his drive is for the sufferers in Third World countries who really do have NO HOPE!!!! We see this all the time right here on the board with folks in countries outside the US where it's not possible for the "board angels" to work their magic.......not even Third World countries, but for them, "alt meds" are something that they can know about but only HOPE that they can somehow aquire them where they are!! Onward!!! Dallas Denny
  4. Welcome to the community....sorry you have the need to be here though!! If you'll look down at the bottom right of the page you'll see "forum jump".....open the dropdown and select "clusterbuster files"....you'll find several threads there dealing with LSA using both Rivea Corymbosa and Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds.... There will be others along soon with personal experience regarding these "alts" Good Luck and Welcome Home!! Dallas Denny
  5. Although I never found it to be true for my CH, I've heard many folks say that "lack of stress", after a period of stress, is a trigger for them DD
  6. Great post this morning Dan!! Glad you're better my friend!! DD
  7. Now that got my attention and made me smile!!! Hang tough Dan and rant on brother!!!! Sendin PF thoughts and wishes my friend!! DD
  8. Hey Rock!! So good to see you back on the board girl!! You've been missed!!! We would love to have you join us Rock!!! ......6 hours from Wichita to Dallas huh??.......Rock on Girl!!! DD
  9. Hey Eric, Let me know when you've got your schedule....Cindy and I just have to exclude the April 8th weekend for our availability......so far, everyone I've talked to is pretty flexible......if need be, we can even tempt ma nature and do another "Spring" get together to coincide with your Spring Break..... Lookin forward to seeing you again my friend!! Dallas Denny
  10. Dallas Denny

    R C Seeds

    Hey Keith, Your two options for O2 are a medical oxygen supplier with a doc's script ( must read a minimum of 15 lpm and preferably 25 lpm) or your local welding supply for a bottle of welding O2 (no script required but don't tell them you're gonna breathe it)......just order a Welding O2 regulator from Harbor Freght tools for around $50 and order a Opti2Mask from the CH.com online store for $30. Dallas Denny
  11. Welcome to the community Tuesday!! Sorry as hell you had the need to find us though!! If you aren't using O2, read the info on the O2 tab under the menu tab on the left upper side of the screen.....something you'll also want to have in place if you begin busting. You'll find much to read in the clusterbusters files section of the board regarding the different "busting" methods!! Welcome Home!! Dallas Denny
  12. What Joe said... .......and congratulations!!! One more soul out of the darkness and into the light!!! Dallas Denny
  13. Dallas Denny

    R C Seeds

    Hey Keith, Welcome back to the community!! Sorry the beast found your address again though!! Unfortunately, in the past year those of us who have posted about our use of mycobags, have had limited success.....but, some success will get you started!!! The PF Tek method is what everyone seems to be having to most luck with.....relatively simple and fairly cheap to get started. You can find an excellent set of 4 videos on youtube......search Lets grow mushrooms......watch the 4 part series by "MushroomRR" for a complete rundown on the PF Tek. Hope this helps and again, Welcome Back!! Dallas Denny
  14. Hey Ya'll!! Spring's not that far away so thought would put this up today.....our first attempt last year was official Spring weekend (Mar 19 - 21) and we had beautiful weather all week until Fri the 19th when it rained, and then of course followed by snow on Sat!! The followup get together was in mid July and we all about melted!!! Besides that, it took huge amounts of adult beverages to stay hydrated!! Dan was in town a few weeks ago and we talked about late April???? I've added quite a few new folks to my "clusterhead" email group who wanted to be notified when the date was set for this year. So who all's comin and when is the best time for everyone?? Dallas Denny
  15. Hey Eric!! Sorry to hear the beast reared it's ugly head!! Sounds like the busting continues to be successful for you though and that's great!! Dallas Denny
  16. Welcome to the community....sorry you had the need to find us though!!! You'll find a wealth of information and a great group of supporters here. Believe me, we all understand your frustration with docs......sadly, for now that seems to go with the territory!! Keep after him for the O2 or look into putting a welding O2 rig together......O2 therapy is by far the best bullet I've been able to put in my gun for the beast!!! Sending PF thought and wishes this Christmas morning!! Welcome Home!! Dallas Denny
  17. Hi Leslie, Got curious, went back and looked....it was our friend lamplighter that we had that conversation with....lmao!! And then Ron got into it with this post: "Maybe a bunch of us could get together and have a nude inocul-in. Howzat sound? Ron " And of course, the thread just went down hill from there...lol!! DD
  18. Very well said Sarge!! I wholeheartedly agree!! Welcome to the community Les!! On a positive note for me, I love licorice candy!!! lol!!! Hell, we're gonna keep findin all these different natural remedies for CH.......one of these days we'll all be wearin little leather medicine pouches around our necks......a little licorice root, a few SPUTS, a few RC seeds...... Dallas Denny
  19. Wow Johnny!! Hadn't thought bout this guy in years!!! Here's the Eagles doin one of his tunes.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ebH1v-OLWhY&feature=related DD
  20. OK Siv!! I will admit that I was one of them.....and very amused when I found out that I wasn't the only one....perhaps the others will fess up but I ain't namin names...lol!!! DD
  21. This thread has gone in a direction that can conjure up some mighty scarry images!!!! lmao!!! DD
  22. Well......ahem......it's a documented fact that there are several board members who confess to innoculating jars in the nude so I guess nude with a O2 cylinder isn't that big a reach.....lmao!!!!
  23. .........on one hell of a ride!!!!! What a year ya'll!!! As I was reading some recent posts last nite, I thought back to October 2009 when I became a member of clusterbusters........Ron and I joined within a few hours of each other on the 27th.........the next day he put up his epic thread, "If this helps just one sufferer", which resulted in some PM's back and forth (the subject line of one of the first was "Fears and Paranoia" so ya'll can guess what that one was about...lol!! ) ......we discovered that we were both a couple of old hippys, he became my hero, and a great friendship began!! That first 4 or 5 weeks, it seemed like it was just CArl (damn, I miss seein him on the board) , Ron, and myself here most of the time.......but Ron and I were both here A LOT!!! LOL!!! Bein an retired old fart does have some privileges!!! Then in December, Shaggy, Mad6string, and our dear Tingeling came on board and the floodgate opened!!!! It's amazing how much our "active" community has grown in just over a year!! I feel so blessed to be a part of this group....to have had the opportunity to meet some of ya'll in person at the meet n greets, at the conference, and during my trip to Ron and Bonkers, and to have witnessed some of the amazing transformations in folks lives, both in person and in the threads on this forum. It's been a very good year ya'll and I am soooo looking forward to seeing what the New Year brings!!! As our good friend Dr J says, "Onward"!!! Wishing everyone a very PF and Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year!!! Dallas Denny
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