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  1. anthony g

    hey all

    I just wanted to put this out there for some input. I take 5 mg of melatonin at night and i am recently reaalizing that i feel it increases my morning anxiety? I know this may sound crazy since it supposed to do the opposite? Anyone else have this experience? Any input would be great! Thanks all Anthony
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    sorry about that alleyoop i tried to quote pixie elf dont know how to quote
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    pixie u dont take it anymore? Re: melaltonin Reply #4 - Today at 7:49pm Alert Board Moderator about this Post! Mark & Quote Quote I used to take 9-12mg.
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    Hey bubble up I pm'd u!
  5. anthony g


    Hey all just curious as to how many peeps take melatonin and how much? I take 5mg and still have the 5 am wake up headpain not real headbanger but still pain. Any input would be great! Im thinking of increasing to 10 mg tonite thannks all Anthony
  6. anthony g

    tonights the night

    The National Geographic special airs TONIGHT! Drugs, Inc . Hallucinogens "Medicinal Magic Mushrooms" "Relief From Debilitating Cluster Headaches Saved One Man's Life" http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/channel/?source=NavNGCHome National Geographic Channel channel.nationalgeographic.com National Geographic Channel 9P.M
  7. anthony g

    To newbies and "oldies"

  8. anthony g

    Feeling down

    Hey all just wanted some support. I have tried busting 4 times so far to get me out of this "chronic cluster shadow" that I have for over a year with breakthrough headaches but no real "headbangers" just a real confused cluster head I guess. I never really heard of anyone with my symptoms just all the precursors but no real attacks for over a year. I have used rc seeds 2 times once 50 seeds second 70 seeds shrooms a gram both times. I never really felt much difference after the busts. If anything I felt some extra activity on the cluster side but no actual clearing. I want to do shrooms again on saturday night and looking for any input. Thanks all Anthony
  9. anthony g

    indomethicin and busting?

    Thanks Pixie Yes he is. I have had the indo test before worked for a bit. I have a cluster hemicrainia mix (so we think) Thanks again Anthony
  10. anthony g

    indomethicin and busting?

    Hey all Just wanted some input if indomethicin (nsaid) would interfere with busting? havent seen much info on this ? Thanks Anthony
  11. anthony g

    chronic stuck cluster shadow

    Hey agent When i was diagnosed I did have an mri. Everything was cool but that was 2 yrs ago. I had 3 cycles ever inmy life all 10 yr remission in between (crazy ey) I never had a ct scan though. About the klonopin i take a small dose .05 mg maybe once a day so not so much. maybe 2 times a day at times. when i do the m dose the pain doesnt really stop . You dont seem ignorant at all man its a tricky situation. I have a great specialist one of the top in ny and I was considering a second opinion.I actually did go to another specialist now that i think about it but didnt really like her so much. What would a cat scan show? I was thinking about doing rc seeds this weekend again. thanks Anthony
  12. anthony g

    chronic stuck cluster shadow

    Is the best way to describe my clusters. I have had these chronic shadows for over a year since my last cycle ended back in may 2010. My shadows increase at times and I really havent had a true "headbanger" since end of april 2010. that being said I have been left with this "stuck cluster shadow" as mr wold calls it ( perfect description bob thanks) . I never really heard of anyone with this similar case? I am grateful that my chronic is not multiple headbangers each day but I am on edge and sucks just the same. I tried multiple meds and combos of them and nothing really worked so happy to say I am ned free for a month and a half and still the same ole shadows but happily without the nasty side effects of meds! I am new to busting did shrroms 2 times and rc seed 2 times and not much difference. I do think I felt a bit better with the seeds according to my journal at least one of the times. Well guys Im kinda at a loss I know this takes patience and determination and I AM DETERMINED! I just am so confused cause my chronic condition seems different from most. I have a great headache specialist here in nyc but honestly his guess is as good as mine. Of course he wants me to stick to the med thing but I refuse. He doesnt really feed into the busting thing so I just leave it alone. I would love some input from U folks and look forward to giving it my best shot!!! best Anthony
  13. anthony g

    chronic busting cycles?

    Hello all I just wanted to ask any chronic out there if they busted there cycle or (well i guess its not a cycle if chronic) but guess you know what im asking If so would love feedback as to your approach. I have done both rc seeds and shrooms and its only really been 3 times busting 3 weeks ago (my first bust) 60 rc seeds felt a bit better second bust 5 days later 1 gram of shrooms felt a bit more headache activity 3rd bust last sat 70 rc seeds not much difference in my head I know busting isnt an instant relief usually but I am curious as to other "chronics" approach and success. I would like to bust this saturday night and dont really know what approach to do. Input would be great thanks alot Anthony
  14. anthony g


    Does anyone discuss busting with their headache specialist's Anthony
  15. anthony g

    success chronic/epidosic

    thanks Renee, I have busted the same as you 4 times. seeds twice and shrooms twice. I actually felt that the shrooms increased my shadows more than the seeds. I am also confident that eventually busting will make a difference. I know its not a 1 shot deal like any other treatment ,Like i said I am new to it and so happy to be off meds! Im def gonna give busting my best shot! Anthony