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  1. Hey guys, so i tried busting about a month ago. did it for about 3 times. still have the shadows though. I haven't had any real hits in about 3 months but i haven't exactly been pain free either. i've been able to drink beer and other alcoholic drinks so i guess technically i'm already out of cycle? could it be that these "shadows" that we refer to are just tension headaches that somehow developed after our cycle? anyway, whatever it is, i can't seem to get rid of it. any ideas? i'd appreciate any thoughts or advice you guys can offer. thanks
  2. I forgot to mention that my headaches started switching sides for my last remaining hits. And now the shadows are everywhere. Sometimes they are at the right temple, sometimes they're at the back of the head.
  3. Hi FunGuy, I'm into the 11th week of my cycle. My cycles usually only last for a week then I get a remission of 3 years. The doctor had me taking Sibelium which is also a calcium blocker like Verapamil. I was taking 10 mg daily. I think that worked because the frequency and intensity of the hits greatly diminished. I was taking that for about a month until all I had were the morning hits. My neurologist gave me topamax for the morning hits. I was taking 25g of topamax daily along with 10g of Sibelium. When the morning hits went away, I stopped taking the Sibelium and I just took 50 mg of To
  4. I've been having all-day shadows for almost a month now without any real hits. Will busting work to get rid of the shadows? Coffee and energy drinks can't get rid of them.
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