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  1. Doc put me on Nexium...I will keep Prilosec in mind. Thanks for the 100th time
  2. 3 weeks ago was given Indomethacin to try after having a 4 year "cluster headache". It worked. No more headaches. I used to suffer from clusters, but am now diagnosed with Hemicrania Continua. Or maybe both. Who knows? At the very least, as mentioned above, you should mention Indomethacin & Hemicrania Continua to your neuro/doc. Good luck.
  3. Havent slept 8 hrs in a few weeks, but I did get 6 full last night. Restless legs/arms are over with (I think). Headaches are still gone. Stomach issues from Indomethacin, but Ive been taking a PPI, so that should be taken care of. Can I celebrate now? (mood changed to proud)
  4. Thanks Spiny. Friday night was terrible, Saturday was okay, Sunday night sucked. First day at work today & Im okay...hard to concentrate...wish my office was in the bathroom haha. Im going to be pretty proud of myself once this is over. Quitting smoking was tough, then quitting codeine was tougher, quitting oxy is gonna be a bit tougher, but after that, I should be able to do anything As long as the HAs stay away. Thanks for the support.
  5. So Im at day 10 & still no serious headaches...Id love to celebrate, but I just stopped my narcs after 4 years and am having a hell of a time. This is worse than quitting smoking + quitting codeine combined. My elbows & knees are constantly screaming to move...slept about 3 hrs last night...and I think its worse today. Lots of good advice & things to try tonight, but I think its gonna be a long few days. But when its over...no more narcs for me EVER. Hopefully
  6. Headache sufferers are the toughest people on the planet. That's not a wall in front of you, it's a staircase. Life's a bit tougher, but you deal with it. Because there's no other option & because we are all tough mfers >
  7. Thanks for the tips about the stomach. Family doc is putting me on a PPI which should help. And don't worry about not mentioning HC...there are so many possibilities out there its crazy!
  8. Hello...its been a while since I posted, but I wanted to share in case this helps anyone. A brief history...Im a 39 yr old male. Clusters started when I was 15 or so. Once or twice a year. Treated with triptans, painkillers, etc. 4 years ago, the headaches didn't stop. As part of testing, a small AVM (mass of nerves, veins, etc) was discovered behind my left eye (where the HAs occur). Most aren't discovered until the AVM bursts...causing major damage or death. I underwent gamma knife therapy & have a meeting this week (2 years after the procedure) & the AVM might be completely
  9. My shrink had a good point about the pain. Ive been chronic for 4 years now, and chronic pain leads to depression, which leads to more severe pain since youre so run down, which leads to more depression, etc. Being aware and in control of your thoughts is step 1!
  10. Thanks again...a bit better today until an hour ago...started getting the shakes. Man...I feel terrible...I cant believe my life got to this point Started seeing a shrink too...he thinks chronic pain leads to depression/anxiety, which makes the pain worse, which makes the depression/anxiety worse, etc Im tired of being high from painkillers, being in a daze and not being myself. I havent been myself in a while. Doing whatever it takes to find myself again for my little girl. I want to be a great dad. Sorry for the cheese haha. It just feels good to get it out sometime!
  11. Baby is here, 7 weeks old. Life is great, she's healthy and beautiful. Want to start busting soon and have been weening myself off codeine contin & percocets to prepare for 5 days med free before I bust. The problem is, Ive had 2 pain free days in a row for the first time in 4 years. Sounds nice, but I am going thru withdrawls for the first time ever and they are terrible. Feels like the flu: wicked diarrhea, zero energy, restless legs, can't sleep. I feel awful. I have taken a couple perks just to feel better, but this is a brand new realization for me. I have a major battle ahead of me
  12. Happy Thanksgiving from Sault Ste Marie!
  13. Wife is due any day, so Im gonna give it a couple months before I try the 5 day busting. I would hate to be out of my mind in the delivery room! Can you imagine a worse scenario for a guy on shrooms? haha Where in ON Cluster? SSM here.
  14. And by the way...thanks Dan. Watching your story convinced my wife and I that this was what I needed to do.
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