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  1. Yes, excellent advice. Thank you all for your help and suggestions. I currently don't have anyone here in Canberra with the type of knowledge you guys have, so I feel like I'm trying to convince Drs to try alternatives which is difficult. We will see how the next few days go and I'll start chasing up the vitamin D and O2 setup -Â I did obtain an O2 cylinder last year some time, I think with 15L/min regulator, but it was when my wife was getting 10/10 attacks and physically just couldn't get enough O2 into her. Thanks again.
  2. Over the last 3 days my wife has been given 1000mg of Methylprednisone (steroids) each day which got rid of the pain less than 24hrs after the first dose. That's great, but today she was discharged from hospital as the Dr said that's all they can do for now - the Ligonocaine and Methylprednisone were the big guns and cannot be safely administered for a number of weeks. She has been sent home on Lithium (500mg), Amitriptyline (100mg), Gabapentin (900mg) and Verapamil (360mg) all daily doses. She was taking Indomethacin for about 5 days so the Dr was convinced it wasn't going to work for her a
  3. No talk of oxygen by anyone, but I can ask. Those doses might not be daily doses so I'll check. Currently she says the pain is around 3 or 4 and spikes almost hourly, increasing to maybe 5 for 7-15 minutes. Thanks for your thoughts and concerns, very much appreciated.
  4. Well it's been a rough few days. On Friday it was decided to transfer hospitals as it was taking too long to get a bed where she could be continuously monitored and given a higher does of Lignocaine. She has had about 48hrs of 4mg Lignocaine which brought the pain down to a 2 or 3 - so that was great. However, the drs said that's as far as they are willing to take it and she needs to come off it. Early this morning it was decreased to 3mg and soon after she got big migraine - she used to get migraines a couple of times per year before she started getting these headaches but hasn't had one in
  5. So the antidepressant she is on now is amitriptyline and she is taking 50mg. We will see how this goes as my understanding is it can take over 3 weeks for antidepressants to take full effect. I did manage to convince the Drs to prescribe indomethacin so I'm pretty anxious about the next 24-48hrs. I asked about testing her hormone levels but they had no idea what I was talking about. It's not over yet, but at least it feels like we are doing something. The knowledge base of this online community is invaluable as you just can't assume that the medical world has the knowledge or is able to de
  6. Thank you so much for your replies. Unfortunately I've spent the last few days at my wife's bedside in hospital. It's all become a bit much physically and mentally for her. She was admitted into the neuro department and has spent 2.5 days on lidocaine via IV. After about 24hrs she said the pain was not as sharp but rather more like a blunt instrument hitting her around the eye. She is currently getting 20-30 headaches a day, mostly 7/10 pain. Today the lidocaine was stopped as the weekend neuro said if that's all the benefit she's received it probably won't get any better. The dr has presc
  7. Hello, Firstly sorry about the long post, but I want to get all the info out to receive the best advice. I'm posting this for my wife who is suffering quite badly. My wife has suffered migraines all her life, usually getting one every few months or so. Around April/May last year she got a headache which didn't go away after a day or two and was not a migraine headache either. After about two weeks we were beginning to worry as the headache was not going away and had begun to exhibit the characteristics of cluster headaches. We went to the GP who quickly diagnosed her with cluster headach
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