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  1. OK Ya'll, Three weeks from tomorrow!! We have a total of 6 folks comin so far!! The roof is on (ya'll lucked out...lol)!! You're absolutely right Lee Ann.....I've never found em in a field unless the cows had boobs!!! Unfortunately, they started puting fungicide in the rye grain that they feed dairy cattle in the late 70's or early 80's......by 83 the fields that I had picked for 10 years were dead!!! In the mid 70's it was nothing to pick 10 to 15 lbs in 3 or 5 hours!!!! And Hell Yeah Tim!! Pack it up and come on down my friend!!! DD
  2. My fingers are crossed with you as well clustermom!! Sending prayers and postive thoughts your way!! Dallas Denny
  3. Good Luck my friend....lol!! 63 here, CH for over 40 years.....smoked weed daily from age 20 to 51 and had CH......quit in 98 and had CH......had a long stretch of heavy alcohol use and had CH.....another period of 12 years with no alcohol consumption and had CH.......there's a thread goin at CH.com on the commonality of head trauma......my personal opinion is that the work that has been done studying MRI slices of known CH sufferers vs non sufferers identifying abnormalities in CH'ers hypothalamus will end up shedding more light on the cause of our malady. Dallas Denny
  4. Hang in there Tim!! Sending prayers and positive thoughts your way!! Dallas Denny
  5. Good Morning Chris, I have to agree with everyones post on this thread Chris!! Pre and post dose detox is going to be vitally important to the success of your attempt at busting. We know the annectdotal stats show "alt meds" to be an effective treatment for 75 to 80% of those who try it.....a 4 out of 5 chance to drastically change your life.....but these percentages are at optimum conditions, i.e., how completely you are able to detox prior to dosing and then being able to remain med free after dosing so the "meds" can work their magic. I too wish you Good Luck Chris and sending PF thoughts and wishes your way!! DD
  6. Hope you're havin a great day!! DD
  7. Hey Jim, Check you PM's DD
  8. Hey FG, The donate button is giving me a fatal error as well. However, by going to the mainpage and clicking on the conference info, I can get the Paypal page by clicking on the make a donation button there. DD
  9. Hi Chris! I am still so happy that you have found some relief but I have to agree with CArl, Donnie, and David......I SOOOO wish you would explore "alt meds" before you take this route!!! That being said, I will continue to wish you good luck regardless of your decision and sending PF thoughts and wishes your way. Dallas Denny
  10. http://www.ralphstersspores.com/USA/index.php DD
  11. Glad to hear the ONS is doing well for you Christine!! Thanks for keeping us posted and continued Good Luck!!! Dallas Denny
  12. Hey Tim, From my understanding the difference is that a med O2 tank has to be purged prior to filling......the only problem you can have with a welding O2 tank is it could have been part of an Oxy Acet rig with faulty reg and Acetelyn bled into the O2 tank......this will be more than obvious with a sniff test (which is what they do when they fill a welding O2 tank).......believe me, if it has ANY Aceyelyn in it you WILL smell it!! DD
  13. This has got to have something to do with being in the NYC area Tim......I called a welding supply house here in Dallas and told them I needed an M tank......no questions asked, just $150 deposit, $8/mo lease, and $18.75 for a refill..... And Leslie is right, I went to a fire station several years ago and they were more than willing to help me out......didn't really work that well but I'm sure it was a very low flow they were giving me. DD
  14. Happy, Happy Birthday Ron!!! Hope you have a great day!! Whew, I feel better now that you're older than me again!!! LOL!!!! Dallas Denny
  15. Hey Eric!! Hope you're havin a great day bud!! In case you missed the post....there's another Dallas Meet n Greet in the works!! DD
  16. Hey Ya'll!! It's lookin more and more like I'll be able to attend!!! I know Shaggy, 1961mom, Napa1026, and Lee Ann and her hubby Dan are goin......who else are we gonna get to meet besides BobW and Doug? DD
  17. OK ya'll.....we're gonna try it again....without the damned SNOW this time!!!! Looks like the soonest Cindy and I can be up for it is mid july....just got too freakin much goin on to try it in June!! So as a "target" date, how would the weekend of July 16th, 17th, and 18th be for everyone? If it SNOW's, Barb and I have agreed to have Phil kidnapped and sent back to Michigan...lmfao!!! Anyway, ya'll check in....lets figure out a date that's good for the mostest and I'll drop by Best Western and get a group code set up again!! I am expecting a much larger turn out this time as I've been sending PM's to all the Texas newbies on all the boards since the last meet n greet telling them to be watching for a new thread about another get together....the majority of them have responded and are interested in coming. Hmmm....ya know, I might be able to put that new roof off til that weekend....how many of ya'll know how to shingle??? DD
  18. Hope you had a Happy Birthday MattyAA!! Dallas Denny
  19. I can't find the words so I'll just add my tears......my thoughts and prayers go out to Will's family. DD
  20. Hey Darrin! I'm thinkin if yer doc gave you a script for 10lpm then the supply house is gonna have to give you a regulator that goes to 15lpm.....I may be wrong about this but I've never seen an O2 reg that topped out at 10lpm. DD
  21. Hey Tony, Welcome to the club no one wants to be a member of!!! Sorry the beast is having his way with you!!! Sorry to tell you this, but when I was about 50 a doc told me most men grow out of CH in their late 50's.....at 63 I'm now wonderin what part of my late 50's he was referring to...LOL!!! Like everything else with this bastard I think it depends on who you're talkin to. Since you say that you're ready to try "alternative meds", my advice is to read, read, read in the clusterbusters files section and ask questions. There's folks on the board having success with several different options!! Good Luck and Welcome Home!!! Dallas Denny
  22. Thanks so much for the well wishes ya'll!! As I told Leslie via PM, I never thought of Braniff Airlines and DFW airport as being measures of my antiquity......lol....but yeah, I remember both Braniff and and the contruction and opening of DFW......and I also remember when DFW was nothing but flat prairie land surrounded by more flat prairie land. As some of you already know, it has been a sad birthday week for me........my Mom, who has suffered with Parkinsons for many years, fell and broke her hip 2 weeks ago tomorrow.......she began to slip away on my birthday and went home to be with her Lord and Savior Wednesday evening with all of her family around her bed. Papa and I were talking yesterday after we laid her to rest and he reminded me of a time in late 69......I was around 22 and we were all sitting in their living room and I made the comment that in about 20 years they would be 63 years old and Dad laughed and said " yeah, and in 40 years you'll be 63 and if mama and I live long enough we'll be 83.....Mama would have been 83 on Juneteenth..... I guess Willie said it best, "Gee, Ain't it Funny How Time Just Slips Away"...... Please keep Papa in your prayers as he transitions to a new life without his partner of 64 years by his side. DD
  23. Hey Darrin!! Really glad to hear you said NO to the gamma knife!!! It's been many years since I picked in the wild, but I always tried to go on a clear, moonlit nite.....would slip in the field at midnite, pick 3 or 4 hours and back out before sun up!! Like I said, MANY, MANY years ago....LOL!!! Kinda confused bout your doc's precsription for Lyrica....I've heard of the name before but no first hand experience.....all I could find on the net says it's used as an anti seizure med and for fibromyalgia.....maybe someone else here will know of it's use for CH. Anyway, Good Luck on all fronts and sendin you some PF wishes!! Dallas Denny
  24. Hey Bob, Hope you have a great Birthday tomorrow!! Thanks so much for all that you do for clusterbusters, the board, and the CH community at large!! Happy 57th....I can almost remember bein that young!! lol!! Dallas Denny
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