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  1. Happened to notice this morning that DHR34 edited his origional post yesterday evening to include the following and wanted to make sure it wasn't missed by anyone: BTW, the next conference WILL be in Chicago!! I'll look forward to meeting ya'll there!!! Dallas Denny
  2. Hey Ya'll!! What a week!! It was so awesome to meet everyone in person and to be able to hang out with Doc Halpern!!! But, it's still nice to be home with my wife again!! We already have plans to take a vacation and drive up to Chicago for next years conference!! So.....still haven't figured out how to download pics and vids from my iPhone to my PC but promise I'll get my son or one of his "geek" friends on that first thing tomorrow!! In the meantime I'll post a few that I took with my other camera... It's nice to back here as well, I've missed ya'll!! DD http://s815.photobucket.com/albums/zz76/DallasDenny/
  3. Hey ya'll, Made it to Portland!! The visit with Ron and Bonkers and our mini meet n greet with Joe and Lenny was great!! Michael was so pumped and excited to meed other clusterheads that understood!! Look to see a post from him on the board soon!! Will try to upload pics again as soon as I hook up with someone more "techie" than I!! DD
  4. G'mornin ya'll, Had a great flight to SD and spent an enjoyable afternoon with Ron and Bonkers!! Ron as 10 acres bordered on 2 side by Nal't Forest land......he built his house on the peak of a mountain overlooking a canyon with a yearround stream at the bottom....absolutely breathtaking views from the deck!! Having problems posting pics from here though as his internet connections is via Satelite.....so will probably have to wait til I get to Portland Thurs nite to post the pics......took the most awesome video with my iPhone this morning at daybreak and will try to figure out how to download it to someplace on the net so ya'll can view it as well. Bonkers is havin a not very good day so will probably have to stay here today while Ron gives me a tour of SD and then to the beach for a while before we hook up with Joe and Lenny at the micro brewery this afternoon. Hopin maybe I can give Joe some of the vids and pics to post. More later Dallas Denny
  5. Made it to Ron and Bonkers but seem to be havin a problem uploading pics on their satelite inet connection dammit... just tried againl and no luck so will try to email them tomorrow in town for someone to post!! DD
  6. Hope you have a great day Cindy!!! Dallas Denny
  7. Hi Carolyn, Excellent first post!!! Welcome to the community!! Get Andy to come round as well if you can and we'll look forward to gettin to know ya'll a little better... Dallas Denny
  8. Already got that deal handled bobb!! Cindy is an MDS coordinator for the Nursing Facility she works for, (MDS stands for minimum data set and is the way that the Govt determines how much medicare money they will pay per day for a patient).......due to all the recent and upcoming medicare changes Cindy now needs to be able to plug in to the internet from anywhere in the bldg or at home so she can access a "application server" and input data......I did say NEED not HAS TO HAVE, but it will save her countless footsteps in a days time just in going somewhere for a chart, taking in back to her office and then returning the chart to the floor........so.......I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to buy her this MOST NEEDED tool for her job and then promptly BORROW it for my trip!!!! ;D ;D ;D DD
  9. I ain't never gonna live this down ya'll!!! Cindy and I are both avid online poker players......so Friday I saw an ad about a no limit holdem fundraiser tourney at the Forney VFW....$25 buy in, so we decided to make it a "date nite"....... Long story short.....she whipped all our azz's and took the 1st place money of $140......at least I made the final table but still busted out in 4th place on the bubble!!! DD
  10. Hey Johnny, I actually grew up in Colorado Springs and I remember well when Coors was still just "home" beer!! BTW, I have pissed in that rocky mountain stream above the old origional brewery in Golden on occasion...lol!!!! Great cut....hadn't thought about that Paycheck song in a long while!!!! In the late 70's I had a good friend in Okie City who was the spittin image of Johnny but about a foot taller (he was a little shit).......Larry was out in Vegas one time at a casino where Paycheck was doin a package show.......so he's walkin thru the casino and see's this crowd of people comin his way and it turns out to be Johnnys entourage.........he yells "HEY PAYCHECK".........Johnny looks over at him, does a double take, and then walks over to him, stares at his face then slowly walked around him, got back in front of him and says' Well I'll be F........!! Larry and his old lady ended up with passes to the show and an invite to his bus for the aftershow party!!! It was all the dude could talk about for years....lmao!!! DD
  11. Here we go!!! I'll start sending pics when I arrive in San Diego Tuesday mornin to hang out with Ron, Bonkers, Guiseppe, and Lenny for a couple of days before going on to the clusterbusters conference!! OMG!!! I'm as excited as a little kid fixin to go to Disney World...lmao!!!! Kinda worried bout one aspect though......I'm afraid my Colorado KoolAid is gonna get its azz kicked by Ron's micro brewery's "Pure Hoppiness"!!!! LOL!!! Plus, I'm such a lightweight when it comes to alcohol anyway.....this'll prolly be one of those "I drink, I get drunk, I fall down.....noooooo problem" experiences!!! Ya'll be good while I'm away now, ya heah!!! DD
  12. Someone posted this not long after I joined the board..... there's no tellin how many times I've listened to it....this chick can play the sax!!! DD
  13. Hope you're havin a great day clustermom!! Dallas Denny
  14. Hey Johnny, Missed this post earlier.....these are all great cuts and favorites of mine as well...this is another of my picks from that era.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNtmp43C5yg DD
  15. Hey Steven, Sorry to hear bout the bad luck!!! Don't nessesarily draw the conclusion that the problem was on your end though my friend!!! Since you purchased a kit, you have no way of knowing if the substrate jars were properly steilized (or even how fresh they were for that matter), so by all means....Don't be discouraged by this temporary setback. My suggestion at this point would be to consider preparing your own jars rather than risking your remaining microscopy sample on the rest of your "kit" jars which "may" be contaminated themselves! If you want to go ahead and try it with those jars, I would do 1 "test" jar first.....there is always the outside chance that you got a contaminated microscopy sample as well. DD
  16. This post by David is absolutely "spot on" and I would like to add my Thank You to you as well Doc!! Dallas Denny
  17. Hey Doc!! Thats great news!! I'll look forward to meeting you there!! Dallas Denny
  18. Hi Dee!! Good to see you back on the board!! The meds are also the reason "busting" has been largely ineffective for Vernon as well I'm afraid Deidre....... ......just try to get him detoxed the best that you can this time and hopefully he'll get enough relief to cut down some more before his next bust......as others are going to tell you though, Lithium, DHE, and all Triptans are absolutes!!!! I'm sure Lee Ann will be around shortly to share her and Dan's experience with ONSI..... As always my prayers and PF thoughts are comin ya'lls way!! Dallas Denny
  19. Hey Donnie, Glad to see you're back up dude!! Dallas Denny
  20. Hi J Don't know about the weight, but have seen Cassidy and others post about using SPUT"s ( Small Piece of fungi Under the Tongue) to abort individual hits. DD
  21. Hi Cakelady, I've been following your posts on CH.com as well........sorry the beast is back in your life!! Since I know from those posts that you're not using O2 therapy, I would urge you to get that in place prior to tryin "alt meds"!!!! In the mean time, as others have said, read the clusterbusters warning and the mushroom and LSA FAQ's in the Clusterbusters Files secton of the board.....then if you have specific questions someone here will be able to answer them for you!! Welcome to the community!! Sending PF thoughts and wishes your way!!! Dallas Denny
  22. G'mornin Smokey Welcome to the forum...sorry you had the need to find us though!! I'm afraid I don't have any first hand experience using LSD for migraine.....I do, however have a friend that has migraines, icepicks, and CH who has been successful in using shrooms as a treatment! I can also tell you from my research that Albert Hoffman was researching treatment for migraines when he created LSD. Dallas Denny
  23. Great clip Johnny!! Been a long time since Gram crossed my mind.....hard to calculate how much influence he would have had on the music world were it not for "the needle and the damage done"..... DD
  24. I don't know that there is a "correct" answer to your question.......some strains will be more potent and thus require a smaller dose to reach the desired effect.........if you go to http://www.ralphstersspores.com/USA/index.php .....scroll down a ways to the "Best Sellers" list on the left side of the page, you'll find several strains that will work fine for your purposes. DD
  25. Just WOW!! What a wonderful post Bob!! Just want to say thanks to you and all of the other "pioneers" whose work has made it possible for the CH community to have this board to come to and find that "Hope" and then be able to share it with those who come after us!!! DD
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