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  1. Planes and altitude near an equinox is the worst place to hold this conference. That time of year is one different barometric change after another also. Could be cold. They should always be held on a charter cruise to near the equator. No laws out there and can cure people instead of talk. The Cure Cruise. More fun too!
  2. We did it bob! I can't believe it happened in my lifetime! Thank you for using my info to create a whole new era for psychedelic research. It's been 17 years with 18 on the horizon cluster free. I have triggered hundreds for experiments on myself for others. I found smoked dmt,Only 3-5mg is needed to bust in under 60 seconds. That low of a dose only clears your head and relaxes it. No blast off needed. I don't know if it busts cycles, but is the best abort I've found and is so easy to make. It's also very cheap, a hundred dollars can make a lifetime abort supply. Again, I'll say Ald- 52 is the best for busting and is a research chem that is easy to get, but analog laws apply! It oxidizes to a super clean lsd. Orange sunshine is ald and is very available. One dose of that will end a cycle, but I'm not a wimp and enjoy being healed, so I've found microdosing to be detrimental to a cure. It takes a psychedelic dose of 250ug or more to cure them. Yes, on my 18th birthday I will consider myself cured. I enjoy ald very much and still use it, sometimes air pressure or chemicals will cause a strange feeling, but they don't come down, it's more like a sinus pain, but nothing near a real challenge. I still have ptsd, not as bad as it was, but other factors are involved in that. I went to war with those Damn things, makes you merciless and you can go crazy if you want. I'm just so proud we know how to stop these things. I did the dmt experiments 10 years ago. Cured sleep apnea too. Since I cured mine and have completed any studies I've done, I came down with Crohn's and UC and after 19 years of that, I found it's caused by gums in good and vaccines. Popsicles are full of gum, ice cream man starts it. It gets stuck in your gut and an inflammatory response is initiated when vaccinated, sealing the bug filled gum in mucus. Now your a giant Petri dish. Took months to get that out once I read the ingredients. Told my GI Dr and he thought he was lactose intolerant. Nope, our food supply has been poisoned. We can handle Euro food and now two more horrible diseases don't have to happen. I've spent my entire life looking for a cure to ch. I'm just glad someone took me seriously, I got skewered on clusterheadache.com after I posted my original theory in 1998. This truly is a dream come true, we have all suffered so much affecting everyone around you and most of us had to endure torture of unfathomable pain. Now I feel like the war against the beast has been won, but you must be willing to enjoy a psychedelic experience. I can't think of a more fun way to cure myself. I am able to help anyone right now, so let's cure some more people! It actually took 19 years to get this done, but who cares about the past? Get cured now...also gotta give props to pinksharkmark for providing early instructions. Good luck to all of you and lose your ego. It's stopping you from being cured. We are all addicted to pain, this is a main cause of repeated attacks at the same time. Each person is different,but once you realize It, you'll see the pattern. That was the final piece of the puzzle for me. Your pupil dilated because that side of your head is trying to get a pineal release and depending on metabolism, takes 4 to 6 hours to get another release. Let it go too long, you may damage that gland. Also, if you have not cleaned your pineal gland, It is imperative to have a clean gland. No chlorine or flourides. Now they have chloromides in tap water which is much worse for your pineal than chlorine. I'll check in here and there, lurking is more fun. Thanks to everyone who took me seriously, it took years for me to go back after being skewered as a drug seeker, but when I did see this happening, I couldn't be more proud to see people curing themselves and knowing you have options to stop this terrible disease. No one needs to suffer anymore, if you are, do something about it! Peace
  3. I have used topamax. They call it the "stupid drug" with good reason. It does not work on clusters and will actually make you stupid. After a week i had to leave post it notes everywhere. After 2 weeks I would forget to read the post its! One of the worst drugs I have ever taken. Don't put that crap in you're body!
  4. We have 3 proven inexpensive treatments that are not toxic to your body. In the navy I worked in the water lab. We used bromine to decontaminate sea water before sent to flash evaporation. We had to where haz-mat equipment to handle the bromine! I believe the Shulgin's might agree and stick to what we know works and can be manufactured quickly & cheaply. If you don't want hallucinations, there are many natural pupil constrictors that take the fun out of being cured. I don't know why you would bring back a sansert (methysergide) type drug that will have toxic properties. I've been cluster free for over ten years, after turning chronic in 1990 (was episodic since 1974)-I was 9 when they started. I made the connection over ten years ago regarding entheogens with a simple post on ch.com. I believe that ald-52 is the best for breaking cycles (an lsd refinement which is actually legal), pure dmt is best at abortive (15-60 seconds 100% effective) you can make a lifetime supply for a $100. If i have to, mushrooms would be my last choice. All of these treatments work and will cost less than $500 for a lifetime supply. Why start all over again? Been there, done that. Sounds like grant money! Peace to all-Rob. p.s-wish I could be at the conference! have fun! Sorry to cause such a commotion-the dose for dmt is only 3-5mg. it takes 20 mg to create pseudo-hallucinations and is very brief. A 3-5mg dose can be measured easily with a good scale. I triggerd over 100 h/a's to prove this. People have been using this medicine for thousands of years. It aborted every h/a I threw at it. They stopped making sansert because of cost. Insurance companies view clusters as a "nuisance" and wont cover for expensive meds. A lot of you may be afraid to take an illegal substance, but to me, ANYTHING is better than one cluster. My front teeth are cracked from biting a gun in my mouth when i was 14. To address ald-52- no you cannot make it w/out lsd. Yes, Bob, it is orange sunshine and a whole lotta other names. It does not cause hallucinations- they are called pseudo-hallucinations due to the fact that you see things that are there, just in a distorted perception. Right now the dose of a drop is only 25-30 mcg. ten years ago it was 120 mcg per/drop, 20 years ago it was strong. If you cant find it-go to a grateful dead show. Eugene, OR is the capital of our treatments. I also want to add that every night your brain injects a little dmt from your pineal gland straight to your brain- that's how we go to sleep(the stuff actually cures sleep apnea!). The reason why these drugs are illegal is because it costs so little to make a lot. Without profit; why would you go through all it takes to make these substances. Big Pharma already has your life planned for you-take control and study to get your life back. Erowid.com is a good place to start. I'm willing to bet that 90% of you smoke cigarettes. Everyone knows how many lives were destroyed by tobacco. ald-52, lsd-25,lsd-6 are all non-addictive, non-toxic, and will stop the classic c/h-they cost pennies to produce. without h/a's, no one makes money. Dr. Lee Kudrow just took cash as payment, because he himself suffered and knew insurance wouldn't accept the claim. It took him less than 1 minute to diagnose me, while he gulped coffee and smoked one cig after another. First drugs were sansert, verapamil, and cafergot PB. It had been 10 years since I had my first "face ache." I thought finally i can live again. I saw my first dead show in 1982 and got my first taste of ald-52. Felt like a breath of fresh air was cursing through my soul. I'm very against taking addictive drugs, and was leery about Dr. Kudrow's knowledge that 98% of c/h sufferers are also addicts. Since I'd been to doctor's and dentist's, who prescribed me every narcotic made and drilled holes in my sinuses after taking out my wisdom teeth. I got addicted to various drugs that would knock me out. I despised myself, because I never wanted to take any medicine, and my drawer was filled with percodan, demerol etc. 2 or 3 months before I started c/h, my drug addicted aunt murdered 4 people, so I never wanted any kind of drug. Then my parents told me it was all in my head-no shit! A few years later i discovered the dead, made a lot of friends- no more headaches! I did go chronic in '90-worked next to a chemical manufacturer. I have several smell triggers (ammonia, chlorine and more) so i decided to treat myself. Pinky was right, you must stop all ergot and other preventatives you may take- check with your dr before stopping any meds- most need to be tapered. After 10 years of being pounded I decided to do a large dose of ald-52. I've had a couple of shadows since (except when I experimented w/dmt) otherwise no full blown clusters since. I used to not want to sleep because I knew what was coming next. After 5 years of no h/a's i was able to throw away my cluster meds. Now, I fear nothing, clusters were the only fear I've had in my life-I've never had a 10 'cause I'd have pulled the trigger. You can make dmt from easily obtained legal material. Again check erowid. I advise a sitter for the first couple of times. 3-5 mg is a very low dose that clears your head instantly. The worst side effect is the taste-like burnt plastic-yummy! Unlike lsd or mushrooms, dmt can be used every few hours if needed. The worst thing I've seen is someone falling asleep. As with other entheogens, it can be cross tolerant, but when used after taking lsd or any other hallucinogen, it acts like a booster! Tried that once and laughed for 30 minutes straight, just laughing at myself! I would like to tell you how to make these things, but don't want someone knocking at my door. There are many sites and many people you can connect with to make this medicine. Be careful and be smart. By the way, first time you take sansert, you may hallucinate. I did my first time and it was not pleasant. All i know is I spent $250 and in 2 months, I'd made ten lifetime supplies. I did over 100 trials of different dosages (alcohol is my trigger for trials) and still had 80% left. There is nothing worse than a cluster, personally, I think I've tried every drug on this planet and as a 35 year veteran of these ungodly headaches, I know what works. If you are not willing to face death, how can you deal with life? Because of all the meds I had to take, I now have crohn's pancolitis, one total knee replacement waiting to do the other knee, ulnar and planar neuropathy, COPD(never smoked), degenerative disc disease and have been labeled by the gov't. That means no driving, no working, no money. Never mention c/h to anyone you don't trust. Went to the VA, they asked me a few questions, and gave me a jug of percocet! A few weeks later I get notice my driver's license is revoked! 12 years later and still can't get my license! They also labeled me as an infectious disease carrier! If I leave the country, I might not get back home! When cafergot was not available in the mid 90's, I had to go to mexico. Got pulled over and arrested for possesion of cafergot! My state has labeled me a "dangerous drug felon!" If I call the police for help, swat shows up! Seal all your medical records so only you have access to your record! Remember-the lowest paid person inputs your info. One last comment-I've seen something called 2-bromo-fly- was wondering if anyone has tried that? If your clusters make you want to die-you would not hesitate to try any drug. Dr. Hofmann lived to be 102 and he discovered most of the meds that work in the 40's and 50's! He worked many years on headache research, found lsd worked and sandoz wanted less side effects. These drugs were legal until gov't saw there is no addiction factor=no money=we are on our own. The choice is yours-I made it(so far) and so can you. Think good thoughts and have no fear-clusterheads are the toughest people i've met. Can you hallucinate(visually) with your eyes shut? You may see patterns, but they are just memories in visual form. I'd rather be p/f and do what is neccesary, than stick a gun in my mouth! If you can travel, go to the greek theatre 9/21 or las vegas 9/22 or even burning man and you will find what you need. further is alive and well. we even have sandoz lsd all over SoCal! And for you shroomers out there-psilocybin breaks down to psilocin and n,n dmt! What would you do to never have another h/a?
  5. methysergide? Could it be related to lysergide? it might work one time, otherwise the cramping, nightmares, and other weird side effects make it useless. one analouge away from lysergide [l-25] can make a huge difference. why poison yourself w/a bad drug when there are 2 preventative and an abortive that works 100% of the time if the directions are followed exactly. the abortive can be bought online, but you have to extract the salt-it's legal til that part-look up mhrb-good luck, rob
  6. hey flash and all others who may read this. I have exciting abortive entheogen news that i will share soon. haven't had any ch's in ten years, so i experimented with dmt as an abortive. 3-5 mg worked every time after self induced h/a- within 15-60 seconds! since i haven't been in cluster, i don't know if it can break a cycle. interesting, huh? i'll do a topic and explain all soon. peace, rob.
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