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  1. Planes and altitude near an equinox is the worst place to hold this conference. That time of year is one different barometric change after another also. Could be cold. They should always be held on a charter cruise to near the equator. No laws out there and can cure people instead of talk. The Cure Cruise. More fun too!
  2. We did it bob! I can't believe it happened in my lifetime! Thank you for using my info to create a whole new era for psychedelic research. It's been 17 years with 18 on the horizon cluster free. I have triggered hundreds for experiments on myself for others. I found smoked dmt,Only 3-5mg is needed to bust in under 60 seconds. That low of a dose only clears your head and relaxes it. No blast off needed. I don't know if it busts cycles, but is the best abort I've found and is so easy to make. It's also very cheap, a hundred dollars can make a lifetime abort supply. Again, I'll say Ald- 52 is the
  3. I have used topamax. They call it the "stupid drug" with good reason. It does not work on clusters and will actually make you stupid. After a week i had to leave post it notes everywhere. After 2 weeks I would forget to read the post its! One of the worst drugs I have ever taken. Don't put that crap in you're body!
  4. We have 3 proven inexpensive treatments that are not toxic to your body. In the navy I worked in the water lab. We used bromine to decontaminate sea water before sent to flash evaporation. We had to where haz-mat equipment to handle the bromine! I believe the Shulgin's might agree and stick to what we know works and can be manufactured quickly & cheaply. If you don't want hallucinations, there are many natural pupil constrictors that take the fun out of being cured. I don't know why you would bring back a sansert (methysergide) type drug that will have toxic properties. I've been cluster f
  5. methysergide? Could it be related to lysergide? it might work one time, otherwise the cramping, nightmares, and other weird side effects make it useless. one analouge away from lysergide [l-25] can make a huge difference. why poison yourself w/a bad drug when there are 2 preventative and an abortive that works 100% of the time if the directions are followed exactly. the abortive can be bought online, but you have to extract the salt-it's legal til that part-look up mhrb-good luck, rob
  6. hey flash and all others who may read this. I have exciting abortive entheogen news that i will share soon. haven't had any ch's in ten years, so i experimented with dmt as an abortive. 3-5 mg worked every time after self induced h/a- within 15-60 seconds! since i haven't been in cluster, i don't know if it can break a cycle. interesting, huh? i'll do a topic and explain all soon. peace, rob.
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