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  1. If I'm out and about, i get an iced frappe to give me brain-freeze...weird, but brain-freeze is better than the pain, not sure why it helps? Thanks for the tips why does energy drink help? Oh and look, I've fathomed out how to insert a 'quote', all by myself!! Note to self, must remember to spell-check now... The energy drink realy helps because of the insane amount of caffiene in them (Caffiene is a known vaso-constrictor). The Taurine helps by speeding up the digestion process and getting it to the blood faster. Then there is the cold factor. So it's really a 1-2-3 punch in a way.
  2. TE, I get hit at work on occassion as well. I use the energy drink-ice-scream method. I slam the Monster (blue) as fast as I can..it has to be ice cold for best results. Then I put my ever-present ice pack on my eye, and proceed to scream. I find the screaming scares people away and retains my "OMG that dude is nuts" reputation I've worked so hard to uphold. Seriously, I really think the colder the energy drink, the better it works. Someone may be able to tell me the actual body part, but there is a nerve center just above and behind the tongue...If you swallow it a certain way, the cold goes right across it and kills the pain for a few seconds at a time. Like I said, I have no idea what that thing/body part is, but it works.
  3. Nice CHF! I remember coupling as well. That brings back memories for sure. My first machine was a Tandy TRS-80 followed by a 128 upgrade a few months later. It used audio cassettes as storage, and plugged into my black and white TV as a monitor via a RF connector.
  4. Howdy Ted! Texas here as well! Sorry you have to be here, but damned glad to meet ya! There are some really smart people here with some incredible advice! Definitely give 'em a listen. I back the energy drink at the onset of a hit idea. I've been doing it for years now. Been doing the welder's O2 here for 5 years. Slam an ICE COLD energy drink and hit the O2 can kill a K-7 in minutes...at 40LPM though. Have a good'n. ~Eric
  5. I obsess about many things. My closet is in a perfect colorwheel order starting with gray through gray again. I think I can sometimes feel the couch cusions out of order when I am in the other room. I hate sitting still. Really must continually occupy my mind. I tap my fingers all of the time to the music/ideas in my head, much to the chagrin of everyone around me. I wake up at odd hours when not in cycle and I draw/sketch my nightmares or write music. In cycle I spend weeks at a time on no more than 3 hours of sleep scattered throughout a night so I am groggy, pissed, and pretty much a detriment to society and my own well-being. But even during those times I am always moving! I am tapping my fingers between words. Jeesh...Thanks DM...another thing to obsess over. Tapping/moving
  6. Glad you found something to help with stress releif . My first choice is always a sketch pad, bag of pens and pencils, and "my" relaxing music. I quote my because most would not classify any of it as relaxing, but it is to me. My mind is ALWAYS busy with ideas, worries, or mockery of the general public. I also beat the neighbors dog for stress relief. Just kidding, I would like to! Little bastard hasnt' stopped barking for at least 15 minutes all day. Just a casual conversation with a good friend, or playing with the kids is also a great relaxation method for me. If I sit still for too long I am asleep just begging for a cluster hit to smack me in the back of the head. I require movement or some form of interaction I guess. I would be curious to see my actual stress level as well. ~ Eric
  7. Hey y'all! It's been a while since I've posted and I felt it was time I started again. First off, I have been completely pain free for 18 months. I'm not counting my chickens or anything, just thought I'd give a lame reason as to why I haven't been here in a long time. How's everyone doing? Today is the first day of my senior year here at Texas Tech and I am so excited to get this over with. Let's hope this trend continues throughout the school year. I'm still carrying my 'Trex just in case, but I haven't needed so much as a maintenance dose in over a year. Hope everyone is doing well. Time for my Philosophy class. Talk to y'all later. PFD to all! Eric
  8. Hey gang, I'm sorry I haven't been on in for ever. I am pain free now since March. Back to episodic I suppose. I had been chronic for over 3 years, and this is welcomed with open arms. It was a strange coincidence I believe. I visited a new Neuro, and was told to start this NSAID. The same one I've tried before. I refused, but took the script for more Imitrex just in case. I was unable to bust for school/work reasons, so I was in pain daily. I decided to quit the verapamil and go completely drug free for once. That next week they just stopped and haven't come back since. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for an extended remission, but no worries if it doesn't. Hope y'all have had a good summer so far. Mine's been kickass!
  9. CGA-540. Also called "nut and nipple" connector. It is used on most of the larger models of tanks, and not just welding tanks. I got mine from Flotech. IF you are familiar with the other BB there's a fellow over there named Batch that hooked me up. My regulator isn't just any over the counter one, He supplied me with all of the part numbers and such for the custom build. I think it was about $125 after shipping. This regulator goes from 7lpm up to 60lpm. It also hass a fitting for the use of a demand valve system if I ever decide to upgrade. I love this thing. I would give Flotech a shot ifI were you. The one I have is even MRI safe, not that I'd need that, but it makes it seem a little nicer with that engraved on it.
  10. 1986 Metallica "Master of Puppets" metal up your ass tour Headliner: Ozzy Osbourne "Ultimate Sin World Tour" One kick ass show for a first concert. I was forever brutalized. Metal head for ever.
  11. Wow. RIP Owsley. I do have a tape from the April 26 show at the Filmore East from 1971. It has Duane Allman as a guest. Best version of "Good Lovin" ever! I wonder if he did the sound for that show. Wish I had been around to partake in his wares. Say hi to Jerry for me Owsley.
  12. I too tend to take a step back every now and then. It is good for me. I do not want to appear to be a thankless choad. I appreciate all of the help I've gotten, and continue to receive. I try to help others any way I can. I'm so busy with school, work, and the kiddos that sometimes I forget to do the things I really need to do! Thanks for everything to everyone! Love y'all and could not think of getting on without ya. Keep up the awesome work! Stay strange -Eric
  13. Y'all should head over to my blog to take a look. I've been writing about CH and my experiences for a few months now. I try to keep up with it by adding something new every couple of days. It has some personal stories, links and info, and even a little poetry/prose. Come on over and take a look. And if you feel the need go ahead and become a follower. Maybe even leave a little nugget of criticism; constructive or otherwise. Hope y'all enjoy it. http://perediablo-clusterheadache.blogspot.com/
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