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  1. I gave this a try last night for the first time and holy hell did it backfire. I'm 2 weeks into a cluster (they usually last ~3 weeks for me) and ran out of O2 yesterday (couldn't get it filled on a Sunday, but got it refilled this morning), so I called up a friend who's a mild pot head and asked him if I could get a nugget. According to him, the stuff he gave me is "very high quality", and while it didn't work out for my purposes, I gotta say that it was incredibly potent and would have been enjoyable had the whole headache thing not been an issue. I hardly ever smoke, so I tried to just t
  2. A CGA540 connector is the type that connects to welding oxygen tanks. It seems like a lot of people use welding tanks, but I haven't gotten anyone to share where they got their regulator from. Lifegas looks like they have what I'm looking for, but it's a bummer I can't order from the website. Gonna have to call during business hours... what is this, the mid 90s?
  3. Does anyone have a link to somewhere that I can buy a regulator that puts out at least 15 lpm, has a CGA540 connector, and a fitting to connect to the O2ptimask? None of the ones I've looked at give the rate in lpm.
  4. Damn, so will I have to get a different regulator? I got one that fit an E tank from amazon a couple months ago.
  5. If I order something like THIS, will I be able to get it filled at a welding supply place? Or are certain types of tanks (like this one) clearly for medical purposes and therefore a welding place wouldn't fill them?
  6. Anyone have the instructions for this thing? The ordering site says it's supplied with them, but I didn't get any. I think I've got it working, as it isn't super complicated, but I'd like make sure, especially because the picture here says that I'm supposed to connect the mouthpiece to the T connector, but I really don't see the point of doing that. Why not just connect the mouthpiece directly to the oxygen inlet connector, with the bag on the other side? Also, I'm assuming that it means to connect the mouthpiece to the T connector using the male to male connector in the middle, since the on
  7. I finally was able to get my doc to write me a script for O2, but he clearly has no idea what he's doing. When I was in his office, I tried to explain to him that I had the exact text he should write down (got it from clusterheadaches.com message board - "Oxygen therapy at 12 to 15 liters/minute with a 10/11 - non-rebreather oxygen mask AS NEEDED for cluster headache attacks."). He completely dismissed this as he wasn't willing to listen to something I just pulled from the internet (he's the "expert"... even though he had absolutely no knowledge on clusters whatsoever). So he said he'd do some
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