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  1. Hi everyone-This isnt fair..I tend to agree with Brew..but, Lee Ann..Amazing Dan's Mother didn't have any idea what "You guy's" were going through, but not surprising! Tingeling-when people say to me "Yeah, Mine is soooo much worse than THAT"..I've just learned NOT to bite MY tongue off anymore..lol! : I think if I were running a business, it would be the perfect opportunity to educate others so I was going to copy/paste a little something at the end here..but I think Brew's "note" says it all..perfectly! Thanks Brew!! Â
  2. Thanks Raquel! Good Vibes needed & accepted!! Dan-me & Cindy mixed up, really? red head, tall, glasses/blonde-brown-MESS, short, no glasses?lol!!Your funny! bobb-alleyoop, so sorry you missed Portland! It was..I honestly still can't find word's big enough to describe it yet! Dan & Lee Ann had me sobbing, laughing..sobbing..etc..I fell madly in love with those 2 on the spot & everyone else that was there actually!! I just came away feeling & I've said "The friendships/family that was forged that weekend, will be forever..or at least in my heart!!" There is not one thing
  3. Omg..my mistake!! So sorry..Apologies!! ;D Lee Ann, is that Dan's regular user name then?? Hipshot? I looked back and re-read..sorry about the mix up!! Im sorry..I meant Alleyoop..? Were you also in Portland?
  4. A MOUTHPIECE!??? You kidding me??!! OH MY GOD! Denny, Dan, either of you guys remember me telling you, when I have my attacks it feels literally like fire is shooting out of my right nostril?? That's why I've had such difficulty using O2 in the past! I had no idea there was even such thing as a mouth-piece...Now, THAT'S what I'M talking about..!! WooHooo! Now, "Hipshot", (Did we meet in Portland??) do I get that at the same place as the mask..CH.com, D.J., ?? Please let me know..I've often thought of a mouth-piece but I've never seen one around-must of not of looked too hard though, huh?!!
  5. Hi Dan! Thanks-yep will keep that in mind..Empty my lungs out completely!!!! Can't wait to re-try some of this stuff that I've tried in the past!! Hopefully, with newer & proper method(s) & proper flow rates etc. it's gonna be a "go" for me..about time, I'd say, huh? Last night was a killer & again this morning beat me to a pulp.. I've been passing all this info onto another friend of mine that's also basically been Med. resistant/Chronic for 18 yrs. & she just cannot wait to try busting!! O2 has worked for her but she's always used the older mask with not alot of good to s
  6. Denny-Hi..yep, the Opti2Mask!! That's what Im talking about!! I couldn't remember what it was called, exactly..Thanks buddy! Lee Ann, I've been told several times about being detoxed before I start busting..I will most certainly do that! I called yesterday trying to get my Dr's appt. moved up from 9/14 but no luck as Im very anxious to get this show on the road..lol! But, wth- I've been doing this for awhile now..what's a few more weeks gonna hurt, right? : Thanks guys for the info-Hope all is well..Keep ya posted!! :-*
  7. Hi Guys- I've decided to give the O2 (another) whirl..since I'm sort of prefacing the whole "new treatment", I've decided to cover all my bases! When I initially tried O2 years ago, I know it wasn't at the correct flow rate etc. So...if Im going to transition away from the Topomax/Imitrex, Im gonna have the O2 as back-up! Good idea, wouldn't you all agree- At least give it a try..see what happens? Can't hurt..Anyway, I looked here on the board at the mask & I have no reference for what's new,old etc..EDUCATE ME!! Thanks, Love you all.. Be well- Shell
  8. Hi Guys- It was nice to get home but Im still feeling pumped up & excited from the trip! Daniel, I agree w/you about Dan's sense of humor..I literally was laughing my self silly one moment & the very next choked out some very long awaited sobs(Still sorry about that Chris, didnt mean to cry all over you & I really am NOT a cry-baby! ..I keep repeating that it felt like I found the long lost family I had been searching for! I was just chatting w/ a local sufferer telling him it was like I had finally "gone home!" I truly can't thank all of you enough. The picture you posted is
  9. Hi Dan & Lee Ann, How priceless it was to meet the 2 of you!! Hearing Dan's story literally brought me to tears, as I sobbed my way through him speaking and you standing so solidly beside him it made me appreciate my family even more-so than I do already! They've truly been my rock as you have been Dan's! Makes me very sad for those that have no family/friend's to support them! CH's is a very sad, lonely, isolating disorder.. Im so grateful to have gotten to attend the conference & plan on attending next year in Chicago!! Can't wait!! Just to be in a room with other sufferer's..man
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