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  1. Hi everyone-This isnt fair..I tend to agree with Brew..but, Lee Ann..Amazing Dan's Mother didn't have any idea what "You guy's" were going through, but not surprising! Tingeling-when people say to me "Yeah, Mine is soooo much worse than THAT"..I've just learned NOT to bite MY tongue off anymore..lol! : I think if I were running a business, it would be the perfect opportunity to educate others so I was going to copy/paste a little something at the end here..but I think Brew's "note" says it all..perfectly! Thanks Brew!! Â
  2. Thanks Raquel! Good Vibes needed & accepted!! Dan-me & Cindy mixed up, really? red head, tall, glasses/blonde-brown-MESS, short, no glasses?lol!!Your funny! bobb-alleyoop, so sorry you missed Portland! It was..I honestly still can't find word's big enough to describe it yet! Dan & Lee Ann had me sobbing, laughing..sobbing..etc..I fell madly in love with those 2 on the spot & everyone else that was there actually!! I just came away feeling & I've said "The friendships/family that was forged that weekend, will be forever..or at least in my heart!!" There is not one thing that I would not do for any of those people..or any other CH sufferer, I suppose! What a mush-ball I am, sorry! : Anyway, back to the O2 here..
  3. Omg..my mistake!! So sorry..Apologies!! ;D Lee Ann, is that Dan's regular user name then?? Hipshot? I looked back and re-read..sorry about the mix up!! Im sorry..I meant Alleyoop..? Were you also in Portland?
  4. A MOUTHPIECE!??? You kidding me??!! OH MY GOD! Denny, Dan, either of you guys remember me telling you, when I have my attacks it feels literally like fire is shooting out of my right nostril?? That's why I've had such difficulty using O2 in the past! I had no idea there was even such thing as a mouth-piece...Now, THAT'S what I'M talking about..!! WooHooo! Now, "Hipshot", (Did we meet in Portland??) do I get that at the same place as the mask..CH.com, D.J., ?? Please let me know..I've often thought of a mouth-piece but I've never seen one around-must of not of looked too hard though, huh?!! I am thrilled about this..you guys have no..lol..I started to say, "You guys have No idea..lol, How many times did I start to say that in Portland!?? I forget,you guys are THE ONLY ones that have ANY idea of what Im' talking about..I'm so grateful for all of you..I truly am!! Old habits die hard, I guess!!" (I think your right Dan..I think this might just be THE time for me..things are just amazingly "clicking"..ya know, when things just seem to fall into place..?? Don't wanna talk too loudly though, don't wanna jinx myself.. You guys are the Best!! :-* S.
  5. Hi Dan! Thanks-yep will keep that in mind..Empty my lungs out completely!!!! Can't wait to re-try some of this stuff that I've tried in the past!! Hopefully, with newer & proper method(s) & proper flow rates etc. it's gonna be a "go" for me..about time, I'd say, huh? Last night was a killer & again this morning beat me to a pulp.. I've been passing all this info onto another friend of mine that's also basically been Med. resistant/Chronic for 18 yrs. & she just cannot wait to try busting!! O2 has worked for her but she's always used the older mask with not alot of good to say about it other than "It's better than nothing!" So, I also sent her the link to get one of these new ones! Thanks for all the info & support guys..
  6. Denny-Hi..yep, the Opti2Mask!! That's what Im talking about!! I couldn't remember what it was called, exactly..Thanks buddy! Lee Ann, I've been told several times about being detoxed before I start busting..I will most certainly do that! I called yesterday trying to get my Dr's appt. moved up from 9/14 but no luck as Im very anxious to get this show on the road..lol! But, wth- I've been doing this for awhile now..what's a few more weeks gonna hurt, right? : Thanks guys for the info-Hope all is well..Keep ya posted!! :-*
  7. Hi Guys- I've decided to give the O2 (another) whirl..since I'm sort of prefacing the whole "new treatment", I've decided to cover all my bases! When I initially tried O2 years ago, I know it wasn't at the correct flow rate etc. So...if Im going to transition away from the Topomax/Imitrex, Im gonna have the O2 as back-up! Good idea, wouldn't you all agree- At least give it a try..see what happens? Can't hurt..Anyway, I looked here on the board at the mask & I have no reference for what's new,old etc..EDUCATE ME!! Thanks, Love you all.. Be well- Shell
  8. Hi Guys- It was nice to get home but Im still feeling pumped up & excited from the trip! Daniel, I agree w/you about Dan's sense of humor..I literally was laughing my self silly one moment & the very next choked out some very long awaited sobs(Still sorry about that Chris, didnt mean to cry all over you & I really am NOT a cry-baby! ..I keep repeating that it felt like I found the long lost family I had been searching for! I was just chatting w/ a local sufferer telling him it was like I had finally "gone home!" I truly can't thank all of you enough. The picture you posted is beautiful, Bob! Portland will always hold a very special place in my heart. Next year in Chicago will be even better although I cannot imagine how! Had a bit of a tough night last night..It's our Monsoon season here right now so storms & rain..Dust storms more so than anything & the dust just kills me!! So, Im off to run a few errands before it gets too hot! Have a good day everyone!! :-* Hug & lots of love from Phoenix..Oh and btw, Chris, I told you...I have CH's, I can hack anything!! A little sawdust never hurt anyone!! Be well All-
  9. Hi Dan & Lee Ann, How priceless it was to meet the 2 of you!! Hearing Dan's story literally brought me to tears, as I sobbed my way through him speaking and you standing so solidly beside him it made me appreciate my family even more-so than I do already! They've truly been my rock as you have been Dan's! Makes me very sad for those that have no family/friend's to support them! CH's is a very sad, lonely, isolating disorder.. Im so grateful to have gotten to attend the conference & plan on attending next year in Chicago!! Can't wait!! Just to be in a room with other sufferer's..many times, I looked around and thought to myself.."Oh my God, I've literally come home.." It was like for the 1st time in 25 years, being truly at home with my REAL family..make sense? Anyway..Thank you both so much for sharing your story & your selves!! You truly touched my heart. It was an absolute honor to meet the both of you. Back to Phoenix tomorrow..This has been a great trip but Im so ready to get home & speak with my Dr. about busting. Will keep you all posted. Be well, Shellie
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