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  1. Hey Steve!! Thanks for pointing that malfuntion out!! Lol!! Not sure how I managed to do that but it's fixed!! DD
  2. Ok ya'll.......I added the o2 page along with Bob W's video......I exchanged emails with FunGuy prior to posting this and he can "stick" this thread if need be. DD
  3. Hi Laura Ann, Unfortunately, I'm afraid its not uncommon for folks to suffer post dose hits from HELL.......the good news is that after 2 or 3 doses it generally gets better!!! Sending PF thoughts and wishes and good luck!! Dallas Denny
  4. Welcome to the community.....we're sorry you had the need to find us though!!! The purpose of this thread is to consolidate some pertinent "newbie" reading material in one central location. Please start with the warning..... http://clusterbusters.wikidot.com/userpage:3 The O2 page: http://www.clusterheadaches.com/O2/index.html A video presentation by our founder, Bob W: Here's the Mushroom FAQ: http://clusterbusters.wikidot.com/userpage:6 LSA for Cluster headache: http://clusterbusters.wikidot.com/userpage:7 If you've decided you want to become a farmer, watch these 4 youtube videos: Welcome Home and Good Luck!!! Â Â Â Â Â Â (edits by FG with permission from DD_
  5. Hope you're havin a great one Bobb!! DD
  6. .......tsk, tsk, tsk........this from two of my best friends......lmmfao!!!!! Not sure what the hell that says about me!!!! DD
  7. ....you had me rotflmao with this one Dan!!! But, seriously, ARE we there YET!!! DD
  8. Hey Matt, Maybe we could get Brew and Guiseppe to hook up with us down there.....form a little combo......maybe get on as the house band for....oh......say, DRINKS and tips and "medical benefits"!!!! DD
  9. Ron my friend, I was thinkin more along the lines of "pack n move"!!!! lmao!!! Hell, might be a damned good pick for a future clusterbusters conference!!! Yeeee Hawwww!!!! DD
  10. .......what ya think Hipshot??......sounds like this deal would be borderin on that "enjoying your meds just WAYYYYY too much" maybe?!! Lmao!!!! What a destination for a journey!!!! DD
  11. Hi Wendy, Many folks just use welders O2 and bypass the idiot docs!! Here's a couple of links that a sufferer who uses welding O2 put together....should give ya all the info you need but feel free to ask questions and welcome to the community!! BTW, I grew up in Colo Springs and Security!! http://morrobayphotos.com/ch/4step/ http://morrobayphotos.com/ch/O2primer.htm Dallas Denny
  12. .....guess they just couldn't stand the thought of sitting at the super bowl in shorts and t shirts.....just had to bring a little bit of home with em to Big D......
  13. My friend said it all here!!! Thanks a lot from me as well girl!!!! PF thoughts and wishes Ting!!! DD
  14. I spoke with the owner of the Best Western yesterday, our group reservation code is CHMNG. The normal weekend nite price for a single room with a king size bed is $65.oo + tax for a total of $72.57. , and a double room with 2 queen size beds is $69.99 + tax for a total of $76.97 If we book 10 rooms she will drop the price to $55 + tax for the double and $50 + tax for the single and if we end up booking over 10 rooms she will take care of the tax. Best Western Executive Inn 1910 N US Hwy 175 Seagoville, TX 75159 Direct Phone # 972-287-9100 Reservations: 1-800-528-1234 Our Reservation Code is CHMNG Our place in across the highway and about a mile east of the motel: 603 Meadow Grove Drive. Dallas Denny
  15. OK ya'll, I'm afraid we're just gonna have to tempt ol Ma Nature and shoot for the 4th weekend in March...that'll be Mar 25th, 26th, and 27th. I'll update this thread with the Hotel Info as soon as I'm able to set up a reservation code with the owner just in case we end up with enough folks to qualify for a discount on the rooms. We already have 12 clusterheads and their supporters who have confirmed that they will attend!! Dallas Denny
  16. I agree with Darrell here potlimit.....I steal my wifes st johns wort capsules, empty em and pack em full of fungus....works well and beats the crap out of havin to taste them nasty damned things! lol... Dallas Denny
  17. Hey kopikat, Welcome to the club no one wants to be a member of.....sorry you had the need to find us though!!! Any brand energy drink that contains at least 1000mg Taurine will work......most folks report best results when "slammed" at the onset of a hit, and then hit the O2. Dallas Denny
  18. Then I would urge you to look into an Opti2mask from the CH.com store...less than $30.....I can abort a hit in 8 to 10 minutes with mine at a 15 lpm flowrate.....the bag is the key to getting 100% O2!! DD
  19. Hi Patrick???? One of us always has to ask when someone new to the board makes this statement.......just want to make sure you're using O2 at a high flow rate with a non rebreather mask? When I first heard of O2 therapy in the late 90's, all I could get from the VA was a script for 6 lpm with a nasal cannula which won't work......10 to 15 lpm works great for me and many others but some folks have to use 25 lpm and higher for it to become effective. Also, check your messages....I sent you a PM in regard to you post on cultivation.... Dallas Denny
  20. Check out Girltalker's response regarding this subject in the following thread: http://www.clusterheadaches.com/cb/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1280808737/8#8 DD
  21. Hey Jeff, Sorry to be the bearer of bad news....but.....Georgia is one of the 3 states in which even spores are illegal......and secondly, the fine print from their website: "Please check with your local authorities about local legal restrictions before ordering any product here". Dallas Denny
  22. Hi Siv, Hurry Back!! We miss ya!! Dallas Denny
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