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  1. As my wife pointed out to me last evening Hipshot!! Just got off the phone with Ron and the date will now be May 4th!! Sorry folks....just wasn't thinkin....I promise this will be the last change!!!! DD
  2. G'mornin y'all!! Several folks who wanted to attend had scheduling conflicts....so, we're gonna bump the date up a week to the weekend beginning May 11th. The casino hotel is outrageously expensive I've been told, so just checked the Best Express Inn....some smoking rooms available, just across the hywy from the casino, rates are 79.95 a nite.....and the maguson hotel.... Just south of the casino, no smoking rooms, same rate for a single queen and 89.95 for a double queen. Neither of them would give us a discount for multiple room bookings. Both places are about 5 miles from our place. There are several motels at the Morton St exit in Denison which would be about 15 miles away. Lookin forward to seein everyone soon!! Spoke to Michael on the phone when I called Ron this past week and he is stoked about the opportunity to meet some more clusterheads!!! DD
  3. Hi ya'll A quick google search told me it was time to start searching our woods for wild white and black Morel mushrooms after last weeks heavy rains....picked about 5 lbs yesterday and another 2 lbs this morning ($30 per lb retail if you can find them and Paul Stamets gets $12.95 for an oz of em dried!!!) Last nite we ate some sauteed in butter, and this afternoon we sliced several, dipped them in egg and then rolled em in cracker crumbs and deep fried em in peanut oil.....mmmmmm!!! DD
  4. Uh oh!!! Danny boy ain't gonna like this Ron!!!
  5. He's willin to travel to Colo, NM, Ark, Tex, and anywhere in Okie land for his base price cabin but I'm sure you could talk him into spending a few months in Tennessee jeebs!! Lol!! Only 10 weeks from today my friend!! Lookin forward to seein you and Mike again!! GrannyB's tryin to talk Lenny into comin last I heard!! DD
  6. Yeeeee Feckin Hawwww!! Started campin out in the cabin today!!! NO runnin water (but I got the outhouse built yesterday....you step into it from the door outta the dining room and it sits right over the trunk line goin into the septic tank) but we'll have a sink and a commode by next weekend......3 heavy duty ext cords from the temp pole for electricity.....insulation on the walls in the 20x24 foot section we're campin out in but nuthin coverin it.....but it already feels like home!!!! Cindys in the kitchen ( temporarily the bedroom) sawin logs and it's rainin on the metal roof!!! Here's the link to a video of the exterior that I shot for Mike and published to youtube.....he wants to quit framin these 3500 sq ft and up homes and just build a couple of these cabins a year for his retirement!!! Never in my wildest dream could I have imagined this was what we were gonna get to build when we started!!! DD
  7. Damn!! I love my iphone!!!! Got a "tethering" plan today that makes it a "personal" wifi hotspot......I can now boot up the laptop here in the tent trailer in the middle of our woods and connect to the internet thru the iphone!!! So, I recieved an email from Ron (Bonkers) this week and he has opted for the weekend of May 18th, 19th, and 20th as a date for this little get together and sez if gas hit's $5/gal by then that they may fly in!! May 18th, 19th, and 20th.....circle it on yer calendars and come join us for some "clusterbud love" as flipperlips calls it!!!! DD
  8. Happy Birthday Michael!! Hang tough bud!!! Lookin forward to seein and visiting with ya again in May!! DD
  9. Hey Jeff Although the casino is in the little burg of Calera, it'll be the one they list as the Durant location....and by old fogee, I assume you must be referring to my elderly friend Ron? Do try to join us, I'm sure granny B would enjoy havin some "younger", firmer ass's to check out and grope!! Lol!! The highlite of the get together in Seagoville last year was when Barb gave CH-HELL's ass a pinch and he immediately returned the favor!! The look on her face...priceless!!!! Dan, I'd bet it's more like you're an expert at losin money playin blackjack!!! Lmao!!
  10. Hey y'all!! Well, it's not gonna be finished but we're gonna be livin in our new cabin around the first of April andRon (bonkers) and Michael are plannin to drive in from out San Diego way for a visit in mid may so it seemed like a helluva opportunity for a combination house warming/clusterhead get together....and then we decided to throw a double birthday bash into the mix as I'll turn 65 (got my Medicare card the other day! Who'da thunk I'd live this long! Lol) on May 11th and my OLDER friend Ron will be an ancient 66 on the 27th?? I've run it up the pole with our movie star buddy, Hipshot and wife Lee Ann and my bud CH-HELL and wife Jen and IT'S ON!!! Sent GrannyB (BarbaraD) a PM on CH.com last nite and she'll be here and sez she's gonna talk Lenny into comin from LA!! There will be lots of motels to choose from between Denison which is about 15 miles from us or Durant 15 miles the other direction or.... There's quite a few 5 miles from the place in Calera up close to the casino!! And if you're into roughin it, there's plenty of woods round the cabin for a tent!! I'll be checking on some of the motel rates and will post that info along with a firm date soon!! Dallas Denny
  11. Dude!! You need to tell your docs to ram their heads into a FECKING tree!!! Spiny hit the nail on the head with the welding O2, although I'd recommend getting a welding ox regulator from harbor freight tools for about $50!! You will never think of clusters in the same regard after you've aborted a visit from the beast with O2 my friend!! Welcome to the community and good luck!! Dallas Denny
  12. Hi Ya'll Updated photobucket with cabin construction pics today at http://s815.photobucket.com/albums/zz76/DallasDenny/Cabin%20construction/ and here http://s815.photobucket.com/albums/zz76/DallasDenny/Cabin%20Constuction%20Phase%202/ we're actually much further along (finished installing the metal roof yest) but didn't have time today to upload anymore......will do some more in a few days. Dallas Denny
  13. Hard for me to believe it's only been 20 days since I last posted to this thread!!!! ....where to start?? ....I guess the trip to the building salvage place to buy materials....the final plan for the cabin ended up bein 896 sq ft of heated space with a 10 x 16 screened in porch off the bedroom, and a 8 x 16 covered porch outside the loving room.... ....the first item we went to find was the 8 windows....the plan incorporated seven 3 ft wide by 6 ft tall and one 3 ft by 3 ft for over the sink..... These were vinyl, dual pane, argon gas filled, low E windows that we had been quoted for $135 each.....so Mike and I go out to the ware house to check em out and we see this group of all wood cased Sierra Pacific windows....two 3 ft by 6 ft, two 3 ft by 5 ft, and two 3 ft by 4 ft.... And there was also a 2 ft wide by 30 inch tall, and a couple of 18" tall by 48" wide. We knew that just one of the 3 ft by 4 ft had a list price of over $500, so we pulled out the plans, figured out how to modify it to use the expensive ass windows, and then went in and ask the sales guy what kinda price he'd give us on the package....Jason, the salesguy, sez "oh!! Those are expensive units y'all!!! My heart kinda sunk, but he said" let's go look at em....we get to em and. He sez " yeah, these 3 ft by 4 ft list for $539, the rest are higher than that"......then he sez "if you'll take all 6, you can have em all for $500"!!!! I asked if he'd throw in the 2 ft by 30" for $50 and the two 18" by 48" for $20 ea and he agreed!!!! Close to 5 grand worth of windows for $590!!! We had planned on sheathing the exterior and interior walls with OSB wafer board and milling our own siding, but Jason sez "if you want those windows, I have some cedar siding that will go good with it that I can make you a deal on"!!!! Enuf cedar to cover ALL exterior AND interior walls for $1000!! That's less than 15 cents a foot folks!! Next stop, blue streak, beaded white pine ceiling for the whole house......$771 ( 49 cents a ft).... ......got all of the rest of the materials to dry the cabin in ( with exception of the exterior doors), including floor and 2x6 wall insulation and all of the material to build a 12 x 20 workshop for a grand total of $8881.75!!!!!!!!!! The only other expenditures this far are $125 for cement pads, and $865 for concrete and steel for the footings!!!! When we rolled up this evening we were ready to start hanging truss's....the ridge cap and screw for the metal roof will be here tomorrow nite so we should have the truss's lathed and the metal on Weds....30# tarpaper go's on Thurs along with setting the windows and we'll start the exterior siding and the Cornish on Friday!!!! This has truly been one of the most exciting experiences of my almost 65 years of life!!! We've built at an ez enuf pace that I've able to step away and snap pics with my iPhone on a regular basis, so I have a great slide show of the cabin coming up from the ground!! Unfortunately, the connection out here in the wilderness is weak so it's been impossible to publish videos to YouTube or upload pics to my photobucket account but I hope to get into Denison sometime this week so should have links to post for those soon!!! What an amazing ride y'all!!!!!! Dallas Denny
  14. Here ya go.... http://www.clusterheadaches.com/wwwboard/messages2/110213.html DD
  15. The move is finally complete and I'm in my tempory new digs!! http://i815.photobucket.com/albums/zz76/DallasDenny/Snapbucket/29F906C2.jpg
  16. Hey Ya'll, Hope everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving!!! We spent the day in Okla at Cindy's Mom's after Mike and I checked the footings for water damage....had 5 1/2 inch's of rain last weekend but we were OK!! Sure glad I took the time to pump that 400 gallons of water in the septic tank though cause it would have floated for sure!!!! Still not sure how it does that but I DO know that they will float!! Thought I'd update this thread this morning with some links to my photo bucket account of the project thus far along with some related youtube vids . We're goin to the building supplies place in Celeste Tues mornin for the materials and should begin framin the pony walls for the foundation by the end of next week!! Woo Hoo!!!! The link for the photo album of the land project is http://s815.photobucket.com/albums/zz76/DallasDenny/Oklahoma%20Land%20Project/ One of the pics is of Mike's "project" house and I've got a couple of video's of it published to youtube......I tried to name them the "Redneck Virtual Video Tour", but he wouldn't let me since he was usin em as an ad to sell this place!! LOL!!! This video is of the drive in to the property on Treaty Road....the wooden bridge spans the creek that runs directly behind Mike's 5 acres which adjoins our property...umm, and ya don't need to watch the end of it where I miss the stop button so ya get to look at my pants leg and the truck door...lol!! Probably gonna be real busy for the next few weeks so I'll take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in advance!! DD
  17. Dallas Denny


    One of the many doctors I went to prior to being diagnosed with CH decided that I had Tri Geminal Neuralgia or Tic De La Rue (sp?) as he called it......he prescribed the tegretol and though it's been quite a few years, I think I had progressed up to 900mg a day when I said enuf!! It didn't affect the CH one way or another but it made me feel like pure hammered shit!!! As Doug stated though, I have read accounts of it being helpful for some folks...good luck!! DD
  18. G'mornin Ya'll I posted this at CH.com this morning but wanted to put it up here as well....... I've shared this story in private with a few friends on the boards.......but it's one of those tales that I think just needs to be told......we hear and talk about all the "bad stuff" goin on in the world today and not enough is said about the good deeds folks do for others!!! Long story short, the "economic downturn" has kicked our ass's severely with a 75% reduction in net income between Mar and July of this year resulting in the impending foreclosure on our home .....that's the BAD news...... the GOOD news is that a VERY good friend offered to "front" us a 1.75 acre parcell of virgin land that is very densely wooded for what he paid for it 6 years ago ( 8K )......the land is on old indian camping grounds located about 20 miles South of Durant, Okla ( we'll be 5 miles from the Choctaw Casino.....meet n greet??...lol!!!).....the VERY good friend also happens to be my wifes ex (we call ourselves husbands in law..lol) and he's a custom home builder by trade.......he also volunteered to put up the money for the building materials (12K) to build a 852 sq ft cabin (and use his framing crew to build it), with 2x6 walls, metal roof, beaded pine ceilings, pecan flooring that were going to cut ourselves on his sawmill along with the Western Red Cedar for siding......only a 100 year old Falls River cast iron pot belly stove that I got junkin an old building with a friend last year for heat and a 10k btu window unit in the bedroom and another in the Great Room for cooling......I took out just enough trees for a drive and the house pad!!! We'll have spent a total of $3500 to get water, elect, and a septic system and we're going to owe Mike 20K payable at $800 a month for 25 months and we'll own the whole damned thing outright!!!!! Needless to say, we're also giving up internet service for the time being with the exception of my iphone so my time here and at ch.com is gonna be real limited for awhile......I can publish videos to youtube, so I'll use this thread to provide links to those as we go thru the building stages......we've been on hold for the past 3 or 4 weeks on getting the septic system installed and the footings dug but it looks like we'll finally get started towards the end of next week!! If the weather cooperates (yeah, sure that'll happen), we should be in the cabin by early Spring at the latest!!!! We are truly blessed beyond belief!!! DD
  19. Appears to me that the jeebs just raised the bar on the CH medal of honor 'bonker' award!!! Very well done Matt!!! DD
  20. That is TOO funny Siv!!! Hugs girl!! DD
  21. Nice find Mystina!! Had to laugh at the last line: "all thanks to a crowd of tripping senior citizens" DD
  22. Welcome back home Phil!! Great to see you back on the board my friend!! Denny
  23. I posted this shortly after the Portland conference but it seems appropo to restate it here......as Dr J and I were saying goodbye at the end of the conference he told me that he was absolutely committed to clusterbusters and CH'ers but that what drove his passion was the sufferers in Third World and developing countries.......limited medical resources, clinics, and knowledgeable docs......no O2, no internet access to find us......just a lifetime of suffering with no hope!!! Hard for me to see profit as the primary motive in that statement!! DD
  24. Hey Jerry, I posted this awhile back in a thread titled "Dallas area headache doc that gets it" on the CH.com board but I just looked and no one ever posted to the thread so I guess it got missed by the OUCH folks.... Hey ya'll I got a PM yesterday from a gentleman who was referred to me by someone on facebook....asked if I could recommend a neuro in the DFW metromess.....mine has quit treating headache patients so I called a young man in Arlington that I met last year from the clusterbusters board......gave me the name of his neuro in Arlington that he said was great and who also has a nephew that is a CH'er!!!! Dr Kevin Conner 817-417-6141 DD
  25. You really need to procure a copy before then Kaboom....it will be excellent dosing material believe me!!! Lol!! DD
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