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  1. I'm not sure spiny but the second hand report may not be accurate. I did ask him last time and he said he's not using this on women. I wish i could find out what he did use on the girl but i have no way to contact her. Busting still may be a womens best bet. He didn't go into detail he just gave me a short answer that he doesn't use this on women.
  2. Went out to a concert in a smoke filled bar Tuesday with my wife. We were up till past 2 a.m it was loud but still no cluster. The next night I got a headache just before bed but nothing even worth talking about. This stuff rocks!!!! I feel great thank you god. Oh yeah and doctor Conidi i.
  3. In my opinion it is kinda like busting. Some have to do it more often, others can bust once and be pf for a while. It has made me stronger having pfd. Not to mention high testosterone will do that. I cant believe how my sleep patterns are. I have been sleeping 6 to 8 hours every night. I did have a light headache yesterday and i took two ibuprofen and it went away.
  4. 2nd shot 10 days pf. Had a cluster on the 10th day so ran out to get blood work. t-level was 490 took a shot that day after blood work 2 days later pf again. The neuro is gonna keep me elevated for a while if not for ever at this point. I will be taking 200mg shot of testosterone every 7 days for a couple weeks and see what my t-level settles at.
  5. Update day 8 after second shot. I'm sleeping through the night. I had a regular headache yesterday that i took an aspirin for and it went away other than that i am pf. I guess i will see if this broke the cycle or if i will have to keep t level elevated because I've become chronic. The first meds that have given me hope. Not to mention the general well being you feel with elevated t levels. For those who have tried everything else this is worth a try in my opinion.
  6. He told me last visit to let you guys know all he needs is psa,total and free testosterone levels to see if you can be in it. It is still an ongoing study and he is presenting his findings in boston next year. If your t levels are within the normal range but on the low end of normal than i believe your good to go. Mine was 460 and i think normal is roughly 250 to 1000. Ob1 If your in florida i would jump on it. Worse case your gonna have a hell of a good neuro to work with. This stuff is giving me some much needed pft I'm not sure i'm cured or anything but i needed a break
  7. diamondbacker mine was fine also. My level was at 460 which is well in the normal range however he said if you get it at the high end of normal which is around 900 than thats when it kicks the beast in the a$$. Slept a full 8 hours last night and i feel like i'm ready to take on the world.
  8. wonder if you couldn't contact him with this question. If not i could try to ask on my next visit.
  9. Not sure what he is using for the women but i got a second hand report from a girl in the same study who has been chronic for 15 years. She received an injection the same week as my first and called a friend of mine who told her about the study crying saying she has not felt this good in forever and feels as if she has hope. They are treating women also.
  10. got a shot on monday. got hit that night, next day had some light shadows but no hit that night, wednesday felt great slept through the night. Today i feel awesome!!! ;D
  11. Ok so 7 days completely pain free. then friday i got a visit. saturday shadows all day visit that night. sunday shadows all day another visit that night. went to neuro today he suspects testoterone level dropped again so i got a shot today. Hopefully that will get me into some more pfd. Keeping everyone posted with the good bad and the ugly. After being chronic for 3 months the 7 days were awesome. Hopefully we can adjust levels to keep me pain free.
  12. I definitely don't take your post the wrong way. I have that same feeling lingering in the back of my head. If i do have to fight again this break has given me some much needed strength. I really appreciate this site and the support i have gotten from all.
  13. Shot on thursday. Got hit that night but only like a kip4. Friday was a good day, Saturday an unbelievable day not even a slight shadow. The rest of the week has been awesome!!!! I'm so excited. My kids told me to tell the doctor they love him for giving them dad back. Went surfing and playing ball with my son all day sunday and not even the slightest shadow after a full day in the sun!!!!!!! If it is that easy for me to get back to normal after 4 years of hell. I'm gonna be so happy ;D
  14. Day 5 no pain, no shadows nothing. Even tried a few triggers like full day at the beach. A late night into the morning fishing trip. I may be the lucky one that this works on. I feel awesome!! even out of cycle i would normally trigger one with a change in sleep pattern or a sunny day at the beach.
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