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  1. I was a Chicagoan before I moved to Sin City 21 years ago and certainly would love to be there right now. It was fabulous to meet all you CH'ers last year here in Las Vegas. Unfortunately I will not be attending this year's conference as I have responsibilities as a single parent to my son. Hope everybody has a safe, fun and pain free time together! -Gregg in Las Vegas
  2. Wishing everybody at ClusterBusters less pain w/ more productivity in their lives in 2013 -Gregg in Las Vegas
  3. To that famous NatGeo man who told me "We will keep working for a cure to this shit!" ...Hope you have a Happy Birthday! [smiley=birthdays.gif] -Gregg in Las Vegas
  4. Kaboom, That's ironic you chose The Incredible Hulk as your avatar. Having had CH's since I was an 11 yrs old child, many doctors of all types were unsuccessful diagnosing me. My irrational behaviors finally put me in front of psychologists who I remember asking me what cartoon character I identify with... I told them that "My name is Dr. David Banner and that because of my accident I turn into The Hulk when my head hurts." Of course the doctors didn't understand my analogy, thinking I just watched too much TV. Although they did finally conclude my continued head pain and associated behaviors were caused by a recent closed head injury, just without the CH diagnosis. -Gregg in Las Vegas
  5. This could be a fun thread and the photos bring fond memories....I am bumping this in hopes for contributions by those who attended conference -Gregg in Las Vegas...#33 Center
  6. OK, I will start...this was my 1st conference and I enjoyed meeting people among 38 of the 42 photos posted above. Not that I didn't enjoy meeting people in the remaining 4 photos, I just didn't get to meet them. Great pictures of all of us, thanks for sharing! -Gregg in Las Vegas PS...Photo #41 is M.I.A
  7. Thanks, I now recognize the correlation! I sat next to John Halpern at the conference, he was one of the most interesting doctors I ever met. Correct me if I misunderstood the pharmaceutical approval progress of BOL...just invested $100,000 dollars which was not easy to raise, and needing $1.5 million dollars to seriously begin process, followed by $10,000,000 dollars and several years out before BOL will gain completion/approval. Does anybody else recall hearing this? -Gregg in Las Vegas
  8. Did anybody notice how many speakers were scheduled for this conference? If we could get a few of these professionals to attend and speak next year in Chgo and/or advocate for us CH'ers in Washington DC with Headache on the Hill, it certainly couldn't hurt, right? I did not recognize anybody's name as a speaker, but I am new to this ClusterBusters aspect of CH's, so what do I know : maybe there is somebody from this website? Perhaps I overlooked it, but think the only mention of CH speaker topics is from Torsten Passie, MD who is scheduled to lecture on "LSD, Bromo LSD, and Cluster Headaches." Is this Torsten Passie, MD seem familiar to anybody here? that's my 2 cents... -Gregg in Las Vegas
  9. 100% o2 is required for proper o2 therapy with CH's. What's needed? A NON-rebreather mask (not a regular mask and not canulas), an o2 tank (not a machine/concentrator/etc) and a regulator that will fit the tank properly and that will provide high flow rates (25 lpm) to support hyperventilation. -Gregg in Las Vegas
  10. Hyperbaric o2 uses 100% oxygen which is what we require to abort CH attacks. However, considering o2 therapy is an abortive treatment and not a preventative treatment, I don't understand how hyperbaric oxygen therapy would be practical in terms of timeliness of attacks vs scheduling an appointment to use the medical facility's o2 chamber. O2 is to be hyperventilated with a NON-rebreather mask at onset of an attack until abort, followed by normal breathing for an additional 5 or 10 minutes to rid excess co2 buildup and minimize immediate repeat attack. Just my 2 cents -Gregg in Las Vegas
  11. Nice compliment, thanks Spiny...but don't recall meeting you at this conference!?!
  12. This was my 1st conference also. I traveled 20 minutes by car and the drive was well worth it both days! I am very familiar with traditional treatments and am on clusterheadaches.com since 1999. However, before this conference I was completely ignorant on alternative treatments and never came to this website before. I am glad to have been a part of this 2 day event. Thank you for including me in the photos and I am very pleased to have reunited with many old and new CH'er friends and supporters. -Gregg in Las Vegas
  13. Good to have finally met you, you and you also -Gregg in Las Vegas
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