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  1. Not sure if there is a definitive answer to your question, but I seriously doubt that the triptan triggered your cycle! I would be more inclined to think that your Beast was just late to the party this go round! Maybe he's gettin old like me and just temporarily forgot your address! Sorry you're gettin slammed...sending PF wishes your way! ! DD
  2. Rotflmao! ! Good find Prof!! BTW, I'm stealing as well!! TOO feckin funny!!! DD
  3. http://alcecluster.cefalea.it/index.php?option=com_k2&view=item&id=340%3Aso-who-am-i%3F-by-derek-beveridge&Itemid=679
  4. My little patch of woods has had 23" of rain since Apr 1.....13 of those since May 1.....another 4 to 6 forecast between now and Mon....Lake Texoma was at 613' less than 2 weeks ago...now at almost 638 and rising 1 ft a day....will breach the spillway this weekend at 640!! Last time I saw this feckin much rain was in Nam...course, in Dec of 66 we had almost 24" in 24 hours on hill 327 just outside of Da Nang! Damp Dallas Denny
  5. LOL! Unfortunately, looks like they're about 3 years late for me..cutoff age is 65.....oh yeah, I was sposed to outgrow CH by now!!!! DD
  6. With the recent influx of new board members from Texas, it seems like a good time to start talking about a get together! We have sergical, fabac, lookin4answers, CH hubby.....old timers include peridiablo from lubbock, hipshot out in Abilene, CH-HELL down in McAllen, grannyB up around Texarkana and I'm now about 100 miles north of Dallas....and there may be some others that I've missed!! DD
  7. Thanks for the compliments ya'll! DM...I dreamed of being able to do this type of carpentry for almost 40 years!! Fabac..My bride and I hosted several meet n greets in Dallas prior to the move up here....had folks in from abilene, mcallen, lubbock, and the Texarkana area....we need to figure out a location that would be central to everyone.....I know sergical is also from Texas and there are several others at ch.com..... Razor....those are pearl oysters that I found on a dead oak here on the property.....I took a spore print of the one in my hand and sent it off to CH-HELL....He grew it out on a petre dish, isolated a clean live culture and sent me several syringes of it.....The jar pics are wood dowels that I inoculated with that culture....drilled and inoculated about 40 logs with them last May which should begin fruiting this spring......The okies call em land fish cuz they taste like lobster when sauté d in butter....damn...now I'm hungry!!! The other mushroom pics are yellow morels which also grow wild here....they retail for $50 a lb!!! Jeebs...yep, smells like a lumberyard in here!! DD
  8. Damn ya'll!! It's been a shade over 3 years since I started this thread....gee, ain't it funny how time just slips right on away!! I can now report that 65 years old is Way too freaking old to embark on a project of this magnatude! !! But, it has still been the experience of a lifetime!!! We reached a milestone last week when I got the last of the cedar cut and nailed up on the dining and living room walls......going to start furring out the windows and running trim...so, I thought I'd post a few pics this mornin!!! DD http://s815.photobucket.com/user/DallasDenny/media/Mobile%20Uploads/20150102_092755.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0
  9. Here ya go weatherman! Hope this works! [ftp] https://www.clusterheadaches.com/cb/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1297450426 ftp]
  10. Spiny, ER administration of nitro actually triggered a cycle for me....spent 4 days on the cardiac ward waiting for a heart cath (turned out to be a hietal hernia) gettin morphine shots in my IV port every few hours!! But, I finally went to a non VA neuro due to that cycle and got the CH diagnosis after being told for several years by VA docs that I had atypical migraines!!! And, cat scan dye triggered the worst hit I've ever endured!! DD
  11. Hi Kmom My initial advice would be to procure a welding oxygen set up for him.....mask runs about $30, regulator from harbor freight for around $50, and then lease an m tank from welding supply...just don't let them know he's going to breathe it! Will be a life changer for him!! Many folks find success using RC seeds as a busting agent...you'll find all pertinent info in the cluster buster files. Welcome to the community and good luck!! Dallas Denny
  12. Sorry to hear you were unable to attend as well Bill!! Guess well just have to wait....Bob usually starts a pic thread after the conference. DD
  13. Damn! Guess everyone is too busy havin fun to post any pics!!! DD
  14. Regrettably, we have been forced to cancel our Nashville trip.... will miss seeing old friends and meeting new ones....safe travel wishes to all! DD
  15. Hi Melody For a complete run down on blocking meds check "working well with others" in the cluster buster files....that being said, topiramate is thought to be a blocker while lithium is considered an enhancer. DD
  16. Hi Melody! Melatonin is not listed as a drug that interferes with busting (playing well together in the buster files)....and I'm pretty sure I've seen posts from folks who have busted successfully while using it. DD
  17. Dallas Denny


    As Jeebs remarked, several of your symptoms are not typical for a CH diagnosis....however, we've had several sufferers on the board over the past few years with a "Cluster Migraine " diagnosis! DD
  18. So nice to see you here Ting!! Happy to hear you're still doin well!! DD
  19. In 1972, while touring SoCal with a Texas acid rock band named Orange Sunshine, I met a dude who was a practicing Buddhist ( and one hell of a drummer!). Over the course of several months we talked (actually, he was teaching) extensively about meditation, astral projection, and OBE. So, one evening while alone in my apartment, I began meditating with a focus on enlightenment (knowledge).....one of the things he taught me was to concentrate my vision on an object (in this experience it was the doorknob on a closet)....in what seemed like just a few minutes, I saw a flash of bright lite and then found myself in a pure, white, place....there didn't appear to be a floor, wall, or ceiling, but directly in front of me was a door.... Standing beside the door was an entity with long white hair and a long white beard, wearing a blue robe and he was extending his right hand to me palm up. His lips didn't move, but he told me that the knowledge I was seeking was thru the door....as I reached for the doorknob, I saw another flash of bright light followed immediately by what appeared to be a shimmering pool of black ink, and I could hear the entity calling for me to come back thru the pool and open the door....another flash of bright light and I was in a black place, again, no floor or walls but I was standing at the top of what appeared to be an incline, and an entity dressed in black with black hair and a black goatee was telling me that the answers I was seeking were at the bottom of the incline and began to reach his hand out toward me....I instantly got VERY cold and afraid....white light one last time and I was sitting in my apartment!!! Several years later, I attended a lecture and workshop on self hypnosis and began to relate this experience to the speaker....as soon as I got to being in the white place with the door, he interrupted me and told me verbatim the rest of what I had experienced!!! OBE or whatever the experience was, it's still just as vivid in my minds eye as it was 40 some odd years ago!!! On another note, our resident Buddhist Ron (Bonkers) told me a story early on in our friendship about attending a lecture in LA on LSD in the mid 60's..the speaker was Richard Alpert...before he achieved enlightenment and became Baba Ram Dass!!! DD
  20. Ditto on CHf and Jeebs sentiments didgens!!! I wasn't aware of the use of CBD as a cancer treatment, however, I do know that Paul Stamets has had personal success with a regimen of Turkey Tail mushrooms!! In one if his many lectures on YouTube video, he tells the story of his mom calling to tell him that she had been diagnosed with stage 4 metastasized breast cancer.....he then spoke about the regimen he put her on....and ended by having her walk up to the podium....cancer free!!!! If I remember correctly, he has since been awarded research grants for clinical trials and I do know that he has Turkey Tail capsules available at his Fungi Perfecti site!! DD
  21. As many of y'all know, I'm a full fledged mycophile....and the past couple of weeks has been the once a year Morel hunting season!!! Year before last I picked over 15 lbs, last year I got skunked, and this year I found 4 lonely yellows! I'm also a member of the Okla Morel message board and a dude about 35 North of me posted this video of his hunt last week!!! Amazing!!! DD
  22. Visiting with our resident movie star Dan and his bride Lee Ann in Abilene this weekend!!
  23. As CHfather stated Unclenird, busting substances are not included in a standard 9 panel drug screen. The half life of busting substances is also very short so if you dosed on a Fri, it would clear your system by Monday! I'll ditto MG's greeting, welcome to the community but sorry you have the need to be here!! And BTW, I can think of at least 2 members who are also truckers. Dallas Denny
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