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  1. I need to add that she has tried the energy drinks, the melatonin, vitamins of all sorts. She can't run or walk far because she gets out of breath. She is twelve years younger than I am and I used to not be able to keep up with her. Now I have to walk at a slow pace so she can keep up with me. I DO have a history of depression (growing up with a mother who was mentally ill and abusive isn't a fun experience) but I take medication for it and it works for me. I will never leave her. My biggest fear is that I will have to bury her and see my step-daughter who I've raised since the age of 2 take
  2. My wife has suffered from cluster headaches for two years now. She suffers attacks that usually last hours (longer than the norm) and they can be triggered by just about anything. Saturday she had her first CH free day in a year. She was her old self. Smiling, laughing, even wanted to go shopping. We took a long drive and that's when she confided in me about suicide. I'm no stranger to suicide. I suffered chronic back pain from four herniated discs and had sever sciatica that led to nerve damage. By the time I had surgery (quad spinal fusion) I had given up and stopped eating. I lost 40 po
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