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  1. Brad


    Hello everybody! Well, it's been a few years since I've been in here, but there is one guaranteed thing in my life: The BEAST! 37-plus years of this torturous dance and counting. Been learning more about my past and have a theory. I was severely and repeatedly abused and traumatized when I was very young, and highly suspect that the raised cortisol levels had either shrunk or deformed my hypothalamus. The silver lining is that I have a hunger for knowledge to finally join the fight in better figuring out the beast, so all other cluster headaches sufferers (survivors) live a 100% pain-free
  3. Brad

    Been a while

    I do already know to detox from sumatriptan shots for at least 5 days before first bust. How long should a wait for the second and final dose?
  4. Brad

    Been a while

    I did try the Vit D3 back in 2012 with not much luck, but I am willing to give it another shot. I also spent a lot of money on o2 that only knocked a headache down but not fully aborted. I am however, very impressed with how much this site has improved and now we even have an app. We are no longer going to be the "overlooked condition" of sufferers! Viva la PROGRESS;-)
  5. Brad

    Been a while

    Hello there, yes its me. I was in school for personal training and now work for LA Fitness with my new career. I have suffered for 31 years with these awfull things . This round had been mild at first, but frequency has increased rapidly in the last 2 weeks, with more intense attacks. I have contacted Diamond headache clinic in Chicago to sign up for a study for episodics like me. Could be an implant but not fully sure until March.
  6. Hello all! I haven't been on this forum since about 2013. I certainly see some familiar, and some not so familiar clusterheads. Miss you all! I was PF for a about 2 years until about 2 months ago the sleeping beast has reared his ugly head AGAIN! No amount of positive thoughts can seem to keep him away. Gonna bust soon because I'm frustrated and want some relief. Took my last sumatriptan shot 2 days ago. Wish me luck!
  7. Brad

    Bad Bull!

    Is it just me or does anyone else get hit if they drink an energy drink during a cycle while PF? It's weird how I will get hit HARD shortly after leisurely drinking a can yet, slam it to get rid of one. But only separately.
  8. Brad


    Welllll, it didnt work on that round so I am back on the shots, for now. I busted for 5 weeks and am still getting them, yet I found them to be a good abortive some times. I plan to go around again with some better planning and discipline. 4 days apart didn't agree with the beast, too well. Thanks for all the help and advice and I feel the next time will work for me!!!
  9. So bummed! I will not be able to attend this event after all. We are having my oldest daughter's Sweet 16 party at that time. I will be DJing (WOOHOO!!!). Definitely bittersweet. When and where will the next one be?
  10. I cant seem to get it to play! :-? >
  11. Brad


    ummm..I dont wanna speak too soon again but, I think it worked. No CH so far for 3 days after my third bust. Its amazing!! Just a few shadows that redbulls got rid of quickly! Soooooo, how much longer for BOL!?
  12. So sad to hear of the loss of someone so young and so dedicated to helping people with our condition. My heart goes out his his loved ones! My 15 year old daughter said to me once "What if that bright light at the end of the tunnel is just you being born into your new life?" Hmm...food for thought, anyone?
  13. Brad


    Thank you spiny. Yeah, I first noticed it about 7 years ago, yet it doesn't happen on every cycle. Which always confused the crap outta me!!! ;D Its almost like the beast is messing with the wiring in there. Lol
  14. Brad


    Aaaaaand...... it came back. Only about a kip4, but would NOT abort with anything for about 4 hours. Ive had worse but was still annoying. Oh well. I've still got a few more weeks to go with busting so patience will hopefully be a virtue with this son of a beast!
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