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  1. I hope to see all of you there. My wife and I are planning on coming.
  2. I have been getting my asd kicked the last two days. Much worst than my last cycle two years ago. I thought maybe after skipping every other year out of the last four I was maybe finally aging out of these beasts. I had never miss a year before I started getting a much needed break. I am still waiting on the seeds as well as the suppies I need to cultivate the shrooms. I also have some feelers out to try and find some locally. I am an airline mechanic and am randomly tested so it had been a long long time since have looked for something on the street. I am an auctioneer also and have an auction tomorrow night. o pray that i can get through it without getting hit.h
  3. After reading deeper into the site I have ordered what I need to produce mushrooms. I know it will take a while to produce them but I will at least be ready for the next time.
  4. I am 55 years old and have fought the beast CH since 1979. I had a mild heart attack in 04 and of course my doctor yanked the imitrex. I have discovered the use of higher flows of oxygen in the last couple of years with some success. I have just started a cluster cycle (into the second week) I am taking predisone and verapamil as usual but they are not doing any good. I just found this site and seen the video about the use of musrooms and lsa. I have ordered the rc seeds but I have no idea how to use them when they arrive. Can somone please steer me in the right direction.
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