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  1. as far as i know they are still legal in amsterdam. a friend of mine returned 2 weeks ago with some stones, but i can't be sure whether he purchased them legaly or not
  2. On Friday I managed to regain contact with Hoffman's problem child after not seeing each other for 18 years, and i think she was pissed at me! I took 110 mic's and i expected a bad time as i've been very depressed about various things, but it was a lot worse than i expected, i still don't feel good 5 days later and only managed to sleep for the first time at 6am today! Why the hell should we have to resort to taking such powerful, mind altering substances, when there are much safer options? I hope for everyone's sake that BOL gets licenced sooner rather than later because I'm dreading the next time i have to take acid. Taking it for laughs when you're young with no real worries is a totally different situation to taking it because you have to. apart from that i've had my longest pain free period since my CH started, however I did get hit today and had to resort to sumatriptan again. I was wondering whether to dose again, but obviously I'm rather apprehensive about it. I think I might wait a few more days and see what happens. Oh and while i remember, MDMA was my lover for a long time so i thought i'd try that before acid... Not a good idea as it happens! Made the CH worse for about 5 days after so I don't think I'll be trying it again in a hurry! Sam the lab ratÂ
  3. Rivaman


    looks interesting was looking at something similar myself but using sawdust instead of verm therfore not needing dowels or skewers, I think bags might be the way to go though with shiitake, got a lot more research to do before i commit to anything though, pretty amazed at how well my cubes are doing, 6 days after inoculation and jars are at 60-70% and all 8 are contam free.. touch wood hope i'll be medicated soon
  4. Rivaman


    Hi, not been around for a while, had a lot on... While doing some learning on growing shrooms a very trusted cultivator sent me this message... You might also want to look into shiitake. Since I started eating shiitake three to four times per week, I haven't had a cluster headache outbreak in over a year. There's some threads in the gourmet and medicinal forum. It's kind of hard to eat cubes and go to work. RR I was wondering if anyone on here has heard of any benefits, I've done a few searches online but not found anything, but like i said RogerRabbit is a very well educated and trusted mushroom cultivator, as I'm sure some of you will know. I may even try growing some myself after my cubes are finished. Sam
  5. Rivaman


    well it seems to work.. had 25mg promethazine and 5 HBWR seeds and not felt any sign of nausea! but the sedating effects are quite noticeable, maybe I should have paid more attention to my friends suggestion of using half a dose! ahh well we live and learn to be quite honest I don't mind being sedated tonight, don't think I've ever felt so lonley, not seen my g/f now for about 3 months and it's hurting me more than the CH.. At least i get a break from the CH pain. new years eve! Sam
  6. I did used to hammer quite a lot of substances, mainly MDMA and Amphetamines, going back 20 years ago I wouldn't think twice about putting 10 "trips" in my mouth, but times have changed and I've grown up a lot since then, the only drug i've touched in the last 10 years has been weed and even that has had to stop (maybe for the best) even though I've found that some types help me (sativa strains help me while indica antagonises) (i always prefered indica) At the moment the drugs I'm wanting out of my system are pharms, I'm reducing my dose of mirtazapine and at the min I'm down to 15mg so 2 more weeks and i should be off that stuff .. Just got my hands on sumatriptan intranasal today and It's already aborted one attack! (took about 5 mins) and the docs have ordered me some O2, but he would only allow 8-9L per min.. Looks like it may be next year now before i get the level i need, but I've survived so far so I'll just keep riding it out 'till then Feeling stronger than ever, and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Wishing you all a pain free new year Sam
  7. Rivaman


    Just been talking to an old friend of mine and long time abuser of all types of psycedelics and he's told me to take half a dose of travel sickness pills before anything containing LSA, next time I dose I'll try it out but I trust what he says.. I'll post the results anyway
  8. decided against Ket.. I was just desperate yesterday, the source was good though, un-cut, large crystals, but it's not a drug i enjoy at all one "line" may feel fine but the next puts you way out of control, and after experiences in my youth with psychedelics I don't like not being in control.. I did find someone with a bottle of liquid LSD though... obviously not 100% pure, with one drop being a dose, i might try some of that, maybe put a drop in a 10ml syringe of water and try a ml at a time? I'm a bit wary though because the bloke who's got it would probably think a drop of pure LSD is a dose! whatever i choose though i will be using great caution. my head is in no state for tripping at all. Sam
  9. Rivaman


    Update.. had 3 seeds, Don't feel good.. slightly sick, very tired but when i try sleeping I'm getting apnea, is this common? keep having to make a conscious effort to breathe... but at least the shadows have gone ;D
  10. Rivaman


    how many hbwr seeds should i use for busting? what should i expect? I can only goe my hands on 15.. is it worth it?
  11. I've tried it recreationally a while ago and didn't like it at all, reminded me of a nitrous trip, but i wasn't thinking of having a lot, then again it's a very fine line between a nice sort of high and total loss of control.. It's a very powerfull substance, in small doses it works as an amazing antidepressant, but i'm not sure at all of the mechanics behind it
  12. Had a really bad attack last night and had shadows worse than ever all day today. The only thing I can get my hands on is ketamine.. is it worth a try?
  13. Rivaman


    can't get in doc's while wednesday so not been able to ask about O2, It definately looks like the way forward though. Got a couple of spore prints on the way, thanks to a very kind gent on a shroom forum, so with any luck I should be medicated in 8 or 10 weeks time! I'm sure I'll take to growing shrooms like a duck to water anyway. thanks again everyone for you're advice I feel I can't thank you enough. I just hope that one day I'm in a position to do the same for others. Sam
  14. Rivaman


    Here's a link to a site I've just come accross, not sure what to make of it, but I thought I might as well post it on here and see what you guys think, nothing to lose I suppose http://www.entheogencorp.com/headache-sufferers/ wishing you all a peaceful PF night Sam
  15. Thanks to everyone for your help and support yesterday. You've given me the strength i never knew i had. And made me realise I'm not as alone as i thought i was. coming up to 2 hrs now in todays first encounter.. was very suprised to wake up today after a peacefull night, Hope you guys are doing ok. Sam
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