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  1. 4 hits at the usual times while sleeping but weren't as intense and the O2 worked quicker. Could be result of the Cayenne or just lucky. Jeff
  2. The Green Pharmacy book, herbal remedies, suggests taking 1 gram of Red Pepper (Capsicum) capsaicin the active ingredient, 3 times a day to prevent cluster attacks. Studies showed 50% got complete relief, 40% partial relief, and 10% no relief. I tried it early this afternoon and haven't had any attacks, which were occurring one every 2-3 hours. My bottle is Cayenne Fruit from Spring Valley $3.00 capsule form. Other suggestions from the book are Bay leaves, Feverfew, Willow, Evening primrose, garlic, ginger, Ginko, Thyme, and Tumeric. Thought I would share. I will give an update on how the night goes. Nights are usually pretty bad. RC seeds tomorrow. Jeff
  3. Thanks! I am going to refrain so it doesn't interfere with the detox. Jeff
  4. I am detoxing from Sumatriptans to RC dose in 5 days. Using only O2. Will Licorice root extract interfere if I take it? If not, how many drops should be used daily? Thanks, Jeff
  5. How many grams of shroom powder to consume? Just add water? Thanks, Jeff
  6. Salvia only lasts for about 10-20 minutes. Comes on hard then goes away fairly quickly. It aborted attacks for about 3 days then the cycle started again. Going to dose shroom powder tomorrow when it gets here to hopefully bust it.
  7. I have a hint of a headache now an then but a 20mg imitrex knocks it out. I didn't use to abort just preventative before bed because mine usually hit around 3am. I have read diminished pain for abort. Make sure you have a sitter, don't want to be up walking around on it. Mine was 40X extract so may want to go lighter. Not a bad experience. Much better than ice pick behind the eye
  8. I took a hit of saliva and aborted the demons. waited 15 hours just to make sure. drank my triggers, beer, no effect. cluster free now. Salvia works for me. beware there will be some nice effects. Bong or inhale it hard or it wont work. So happy they are gone. Most head shops sell it. Just my 2.. worked for me. Peace Jeff
  9. Dallas, As long as they get here. I don't care about legal issues at this point. The website says it is up to the buyer to check. Are you saying they won't ship them? The products must be legal in the country you order from. All products we sell are legal in Holland, however we cannot check the legal status of a product in every single country. It is your responsibility to check the legal status of a product. $75 is a drop in the bucket compared to $200 for Imitrex injections. I have been using the 1/3 tip but only have a few 1/3 doses left and will have to start buying them tomorrow. I would pay $1000 to get rid of this agony. May just have to fly to Amsterdam. Thanks for response. Much appreciated. Jeff
  10. Anyone know where to order mushrooms? Going to try buy-magic-mushrooms.com Any success with getting them shipped since it is only direct wire or cash? I live in Georgia and didn't want to wait a long shipping term or have them not show up at all. Thanks, Jeff
  11. I did 100 seeds from pyschoactiveseeds.com around 10pm on a half full stomach. Hits at 330am, and 11am. Factors could be that I was on Imitrex earlier that day, no other drugs. Next time, I will try on an empty stomach. Is there a protocol to taking these besides steeping for a couple hours? Thanks, Jeff
  12. Thanks for the responses! Much appreciated. I will reply on how it goes. Jeff
  13. I just recieved my RC seeds and ground up 60 seeds and put in water. I read that if the dose isn't large enough it is ineffective. What is the largest safe dose to take to ensure it is effective? Not scared of visuals or nausea. Thanks, Jeff
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