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  1. Here in the US you cant buy these things at a store. however you can purchase spores and the materials to make your own. Theres all kiknds of info on this site about growing them
  2. man i used to spend to spend so much time out there in mesquite too. this regional truck driving crap is driving me nuts
  3. how often did you guys get hit in a day with and without the mag tabs?
  4. damn denny i really dont know how to put into words how i feel about having you on these message boards with us. you have given me so much confidence about facing my next cycle. (if there ever is a next cycle) and if nothing else the ability to help out other people with this ailment. you kick ass dude! 8-) on a second note. there are very few people that i know of that share the same obscure taste in music that i have. next time i come thru dallas you and i are going to hook up. its so to pick out a few songs that a man of your caliper would be impressed with but here goes. i put a
  5. saw on hbo the other day about how much revenue a privately owned prison takes in from the state for each inmate. of course the people that own the prisons have lobbyist as well. many of these laws they come up are based on profit margins. the forefathers of this great country of ours grew hemp. the very first president of the united of america grew "hemp" now the hemp growers are in the state funded private prisons. i know. theres a difference between growing hemp and growing pot but if your growing pot your still growing useful hemp.
  6. theres your answer folks. no more no less
  7. johnny

    hey denny

    i just got turned on to steve young man. im really diggin it
  8. johnny

    hey denny

    you and buddies ever play any steve young? damn what good song
  9. i busted my cycle 3 years ago. after my dose wore off i got hit with some bad ass kip10s back to back. after that i had a solid steady kip3 that lasted the rest of the day
  10. yeah you dont really need to "trip" to bust plus you can stretch it out longer if supplies are limited
  11. i would get all day shadows after my dose wore off. seems that a day long kip 2-4 without a full blow hit was the end of a hard cycle however each new cycle seems a little bit different from the last one
  12. i know how you feel man. its a good hour into a big town from out here if there isnt any traffic. then theres the excuse for work. a wasted day. they should have called u
  13. i get normal headaches regardless. mostly from not sleeping
  14. well is it a trigger? [smiley=rolleyes.gif]
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