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    its fantastic works brilliantly for me ......... when the doc actually want to prescribe it for me :-( my docs are a bit weird thinking of changing to a different one again :-( i think he's thinking of the cost of it as ussual :-(
  2. i had shadows from early october to about 2 days ago costant, never stopped lasted from when i woke to when i slept and again next day, i didnt find energy drinks helped me nor coffee although sticking my head infront of my fan oven while the door was open was quite nice. i rarely got attacks this cycle i only had 2 major hits but it was the constant shadowing that got to me :-( i've felt the just one today but only last a few hours and was weak.
  3. no body in my family suffers these mosters as far as i know. all alone :-( except you guys of course
  4. im not sure it should go that high to be honest i could never see anyone in the whitehouse happly saying 'i take magic mushrooms' even if it is for medicine or not. i think it needs to be someone that can take the abuse aswell as support. we all know there gonna be people out ther against it. :'( lets just hope
  5. the main actor in the film 'PI' suffers cluster headaches he's not really famous but its a start lol
  6. i dont no sorry i use xfire and steam (msn type messenger for gamers)
  7. :-) nothing really just had a tough day yesterday and a not so good one today :-( sometimes i feel i need to talk to someone that knows whats going on.
  8. rhizz


    lolol there gonna be our babies until there grey and old lolol my son complained of a headache the other day i got so worried he's only 3. thank god it passed. he was coming down with something that day he throw up on me lol he's ok now. :-) pf days to you all i cant bare to think of anyone going through them especialy children :-(
  9. rhizz


    you are so wonderful. what a lovely post. i really hope your little one's ch to stop
  10. lolol i think that pretty much sums it up lolol except i have no abortives :-( so mine ussualy goes with ouch ouch ouch arghhh go bathroom crouch on floor smack head on floor cry abit then ouch some more and maybe about 1 hour i'll sit back down breathing a bit better lol
  11. rhizz


    honestly i dont throw up at all but i never did really even through 2 pregnancys i suggest talking to your daughters doctor.
  12. lol i live in the city i gotta fight traffic everywhere. :-( just had the biggest attack since my cycle started in october. damn that was big. ok now i think.
  13. really need someone to talk to
  14. i though my cycle was ending a few days ago. about the 26th but it would seem today after going to collect my children that the cold hates me. its started to get really chilly here and were expecting snow. but i've just got hit quite hard. :-( i dont want this all winter.
  15. well bacon isint for me. but chocolate is :-( i havent personally tried chocolate covered bacon myself but a few have said its a trigger for them :-(
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