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  1. johnny

    Need help with the CLUSTERBUSTER METHOD

    Here in the US you cant buy these things at a store. however you can purchase spores and the materials to make your own. Theres all kiknds of info on this site about growing them
  2. johnny

    2011 Dallas Meet n Greet.....

    man i used to spend to spend so much time out there in mesquite too. this regional truck driving crap is driving me nuts
  3. johnny

    Experiences with magnesium

    how often did you guys get hit in a day with and without the mag tabs?
  4. johnny


    damn denny i really dont know how to put into words how i feel about having you on these message boards with us. you have given me so much confidence about facing my next cycle. (if there ever is a next cycle) and if nothing else the ability to help out other people with this ailment. you kick ass dude! 8-) on a second note. there are very few people that i know of that share the same obscure taste in music that i have. next time i come thru dallas you and i are going to hook up. its so to pick out a few songs that a man of your caliper would be impressed with but here goes. i put alot of thought into this and i hope you like them. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uLrRJjJkjj8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=codCq4_CPps
  5. johnny

    Outlaw broccoli

    saw on hbo the other day about how much revenue a privately owned prison takes in from the state for each inmate. of course the people that own the prisons have lobbyist as well. many of these laws they come up are based on profit margins. the forefathers of this great country of ours grew hemp. the very first president of the united of america grew "hemp" now the hemp growers are in the state funded private prisons. i know. theres a difference between growing hemp and growing pot but if your growing pot your still growing useful hemp.
  6. johnny

    Outlaw broccoli

    theres your answer folks. no more no less
  7. johnny

    hey denny

    you and buddies ever play any steve young? damn what good song
  8. johnny

    hey denny

    i just got turned on to steve young man. im really diggin it
  9. johnny

    Post episode "hangover?"

    i busted my cycle 3 years ago. after my dose wore off i got hit with some bad ass kip10s back to back. after that i had a solid steady kip3 that lasted the rest of the day
  10. johnny


    yeah you dont really need to "trip" to bust plus you can stretch it out longer if supplies are limited
  11. johnny

    All Day shadows

    i would get all day shadows after my dose wore off. seems that a day long kip 2-4 without a full blow hit was the end of a hard cycle however each new cycle seems a little bit different from the last one
  12. johnny


    i know how you feel man. its a good hour into a big town from out here if there isnt any traffic. then theres the excuse for work. a wasted day. they should have called u
  13. johnny

    "regular" headaches

    i get normal headaches regardless. mostly from not sleeping
  14. johnny

    whats your triggers?

    well is it a trigger? [smiley=rolleyes.gif]
  15. johnny

    whats your triggers?

    pot is a sure fire trigger 4 me. beacon, hot dogs, beer, relaxation, dry air, perfumes, petroleum based smells, sleep
  16. johnny

    Old man tripping...

    In the mid 70's I lived in Miami. We used to go to a cow pasture outside Ft. Lauderdale to pick shrooms. This guy I worked with from California (married to a gorgeous girl from Sweden) had never tried psilo. He was one of those people that just seemed to always have his act together, no matter what life threw at him. After asking me to pick him some shrooms, I gave him about 20 or so. I told him to be careful and that he shouldn't take more than 2 or 3. I don't know if they used all of them or not, but his wife made spaghetti with them. I ran into him later that night, and his pupils looked like saucers. He told me about eating the spaghetti and said that it was all great fun until the walls of their apartment started to melt. He said he knew he had to get out of there, but when he opened the door to their apartment, he literally shit his pants. He said it was quite an ordeal trying to clean himself up. Just goes to show, no matter how much you have your shit together, it can all come undone in a moment. ;D ;D
  17. johnny

    Old man tripping...

    i can dose by myself. ive done it so much when i was younger i dont really think about it much. worst thing that happens to me is i loose shit
  18. johnny

    HA and nosebleeding

    never had that problem but have had very thin watery mucus on the attack side
  19. johnny

    Old man tripping...

    and im glad you are. i never made the connection between ch and tripping back when i could get it. $5 = 12 to 14 hours of an unstoppable buzz back then. wish i would have stocked up on it. non the less im am surely thankful that there is something on this earth that works.
  20. johnny

    CH song

    Prodigy rocks!
  21. johnny

    My first time trying....

    TY? Seriously, it sounds like a good idea to me. Just thought it was a bit funny, a creative bunch we are. in deed we are. one of the ole timers on ch.com (batch) said he takes tiny zip lock bags filled with water, then rotates them into the freezer between attacks. he takes a tiny ice bag and puts it on the crown of his head. his strategy is that this makes the brain think that the body is freezing and constricts the blood flow down around the outer parts of the body and concentrates the blood flow to the vital organs. it works.
  22. johnny

    Houdy all

    ole bucket head. lol. glad to see ya back buddy [smiley=cool.gif]
  23. johnny

    for those without a o2 script

    thats great!
  24. johnny

    help please !!!

    stay away from hot dogs, sausage, beacon, beer, chocolate, red wine