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  1. Would anyone currently on the D3 regimen mind posting here or private messaging me the details on how they are currently getting all the supplements listed. I am trying to find a way to get them all in the most efficient manner/least amount of pills. I got through about 9 pages on that other thread and still hadnt found anything. I started taking just the D3 over a week ago and feel I am experiencing some positive results so i would really like to go all in now with the complete regimen. Thank you and PF days to you all!
  2. Hey Alex. Haven't done a preventative dosage of rc seeds yet but the last time i was in a cycle I used 25 seeds for my first dose (turned out to be too little it seemed) and 60 my second dose which seemed to be effective. How many did you use? Also, curious to know where you ordered the seeds from? I believe i ordered 500 last time from iamshaman. Glad to hear you are pain free and wish you all the best!
  3. Smoking doesn't seem to be a trigger for me but I do seem to have a natural aversion for cigarettes when I'm in the middle of a cluster.
  4. Napoli


    Welcome Viking! You have come to the right place! You will be happy to find an abundance of information to help ease and hopefully stop the pain as well as some of the most supportive people around. Definitely try to get your hands on some O2 as soon as possible but be sure to follow the specific advice mentioned by the guys above. In the meantime, applying ice the the affected side of your head and chugging an energy drink or two can help mitigate some of the pain during an attack. In terms of trying to end your cycle and become pain free, the video posted above is testament that ther
  5. Napoli

    CH Art

    Love it... Time lapsed paintings always look like magic to me!
  6. Napoli

    CH Art

    I'm surprised this isn't a sticky post somewhere on this forum. I think it would be cool to have a place where we could share art that we have created or come across that in some way relates to CH. I'll start with two of my favorites. Prodigy - Breathe Gennaro Episcopo - The Cluster Queen I think I hear her whisper I pause and pray I'm just mistaken I try to relax But I swear I hear her Maybe if I ignore her she'll go away She laughs The sound echoes violently in my head There's no denying it now She's here to play She begins her dance Moving slowly but with
  7. Fascinating stuff guys! Keep up the fine reporting! Wishing you all the best. Readings new accessible treatments always makes me giddy inside
  8. Finally got a reply to my email to redbull. From what I understood from the email they cannot promote any health benefits of their product howeber there doesnt seem to be anything legally preventing them from funding research. They are simply not interested.
  9. Based on conversations on the facebook page I've discovered that food and beverage companies must stay clear of any involvement in medical research. :'(
  10. Shame about redbull. I really would have thought they'd be excited to share some positive health effects of their product being that they have dealt with so much negative publicity in the past. I suppose people have approached monster? I think im gonna send red bull an email anyway. Any other ideas? Do you think that many people approaching the same company would be a good idea?
  11. Cluster headaches.. Fighting the beast inside A pain that haunts your life The beast that has no mercy No ordinary headache the headache thats much more
  12. I was wondering if there was currently any corporate funding for cluster headache research. I was thinking of sending an email over to Red Bull asking for their participation. I figure since many of us actually use their product to provide some sort of relief it could serve as very good publicity for them to form a partnership with our community. Any thoughts?
  13. Napoli


    try energy drinks. they help me chase away shadows or light attacks pretty efficiently.
  14. Thanks for the advice! @hipshot no offense taken! it must seem like something out of a horror movie! I know this cluster will bust soon. It just likes to go out with a bang. It pretends its gone and then puts together a few really nasty punches before going back to sleep. Like i've said. I'm lucky my clusters come few and far between but i've noticed they tend to follow a certain pattern. First they come quite sporadic. Manageable but annoying. Then they become more consistent, several times a day, stronger and are longer in length. Finally they become even more sporadic. I
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