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  1. Would anyone currently on the D3 regimen mind posting here or private messaging me the details on how they are currently getting all the supplements listed. I am trying to find a way to get them all in the most efficient manner/least amount of pills. I got through about 9 pages on that other thread and still hadnt found anything. I started taking just the D3 over a week ago and feel I am experiencing some positive results so i would really like to go all in now with the complete regimen. Thank you and PF days to you all!
  2. Hey Alex. Haven't done a preventative dosage of rc seeds yet but the last time i was in a cycle I used 25 seeds for my first dose (turned out to be too little it seemed) and 60 my second dose which seemed to be effective. How many did you use? Also, curious to know where you ordered the seeds from? I believe i ordered 500 last time from iamshaman. Glad to hear you are pain free and wish you all the best!
  3. Smoking doesn't seem to be a trigger for me but I do seem to have a natural aversion for cigarettes when I'm in the middle of a cluster.
  4. Napoli


    Welcome Viking! You have come to the right place! You will be happy to find an abundance of information to help ease and hopefully stop the pain as well as some of the most supportive people around. Definitely try to get your hands on some O2 as soon as possible but be sure to follow the specific advice mentioned by the guys above. In the meantime, applying ice the the affected side of your head and chugging an energy drink or two can help mitigate some of the pain during an attack. In terms of trying to end your cycle and become pain free, the video posted above is testament that there is indeed hope. If you fear the psychedelic affects seen in the video don't worry because browsing through the site you will find ways in which people have found to get the healing benefits without those side effects and even other medicines that seem to be equally effective in busting. Best of luck! Bejeeber.... thanks for posting that video. I hadn't seen it. So happy for Dan!
  5. Napoli

    CH Art

    Love it... Time lapsed paintings always look like magic to me!
  6. Napoli

    CH Art

    I'm surprised this isn't a sticky post somewhere on this forum. I think it would be cool to have a place where we could share art that we have created or come across that in some way relates to CH. I'll start with two of my favorites. Prodigy - Breathe Gennaro Episcopo - The Cluster Queen I think I hear her whisper I pause and pray I'm just mistaken I try to relax But I swear I hear her Maybe if I ignore her she'll go away She laughs The sound echoes violently in my head There's no denying it now She's here to play She begins her dance Moving slowly but with great power The ground trembles with each step Maybe if she stays this pace I can keep up She laughs It thunders within I grab hold She picks up the pace Bouncing off the walls Smashing everything I ask why The question seems to anger her She pulls out her blades Spinning Cutting Stabbing I moan like a child A tear escapes the corner of my eye I sit up and begin to rock Back and forth Back and forth Perhaps to keep pace Perhaps to shake her out She laughs Lightening strikes It branches off and divides within Piercing its path throughout my mind Again And again I beg Leave me Please She laughs Cymbals crash Her devlish orchestra joins in as she begins her final dance Bouncing and Smashing and Crushing and Stabbing She moves so fast she seems to be everywhere at once The walls begin to crumble The demons continue to play their instruments with increased fervor Building to a final, terrible, dissonant crescendo I fall to my knees Then curl into a ball I am nothing
  7. Fascinating stuff guys! Keep up the fine reporting! Wishing you all the best. Readings new accessible treatments always makes me giddy inside
  8. Finally got a reply to my email to redbull. From what I understood from the email they cannot promote any health benefits of their product howeber there doesnt seem to be anything legally preventing them from funding research. They are simply not interested.
  9. Based on conversations on the facebook page I've discovered that food and beverage companies must stay clear of any involvement in medical research. :'(
  10. Shame about redbull. I really would have thought they'd be excited to share some positive health effects of their product being that they have dealt with so much negative publicity in the past. I suppose people have approached monster? I think im gonna send red bull an email anyway. Any other ideas? Do you think that many people approaching the same company would be a good idea?
  11. Cluster headaches.. Fighting the beast inside A pain that haunts your life The beast that has no mercy No ordinary headache the headache thats much more
  12. I was wondering if there was currently any corporate funding for cluster headache research. I was thinking of sending an email over to Red Bull asking for their participation. I figure since many of us actually use their product to provide some sort of relief it could serve as very good publicity for them to form a partnership with our community. Any thoughts?
  13. Napoli


    try energy drinks. they help me chase away shadows or light attacks pretty efficiently.
  14. Thanks for the advice! @hipshot no offense taken! it must seem like something out of a horror movie! I know this cluster will bust soon. It just likes to go out with a bang. It pretends its gone and then puts together a few really nasty punches before going back to sleep. Like i've said. I'm lucky my clusters come few and far between but i've noticed they tend to follow a certain pattern. First they come quite sporadic. Manageable but annoying. Then they become more consistent, several times a day, stronger and are longer in length. Finally they become even more sporadic. I think they are gone, but when they come OH BOY DO THEY COME! At least now i have some method of fighting back and dont feel completely powerless. Thank you all for your help! I couldnt imagine anything more helpful than this group.
  15. i used only a 250 ml bottle. worked pretty effectively on the weak one this morning but i will up the dossage for the next big attack. i think ill try lowering my body temp with ice cold water next time. i was shivering from the cold outside and i didn't notice any effect on the pain. i also notice that i start start moving a lot when suffering from a strong attack. Sometimes i rock back and forth while sitting in a meditation position, other times i walk around, other times i stand but start leaning my body in all different directions with my head tilted toward my painful side (this last one must look REALLY demented to someone watching me).
  16. Well I was starting to convince myself that my cluster was over as it had been over 36 hours since my last attack but then i woke up last night at around 2 30 am. At first I went through the usual denial. "It's not an attack. Your just having trouble sleeping" and then "It won't be so bad, just stay in bed and you'll be able to fall back asleep". Of course I was wrong. As the pain started to increase I decided to run over to the fridge and try pounding a red bull since I've read that it has been useful for so many. I chugged my red bull and opened by balcony, sitting cross legged . It was very cold last night and I figured the fresh air and cold temperature could help out (I've read that lowering your body temperature could also help abort an attack). Soon enough I was actually shivering because I was so cold, but worst of all my head really started pounding. I was between a 8-9 KIP for a good 20-25 min. I couldn't stand the cold air anymore and I remembered that a lot of you had also had some success using ice packs. Well I didn't think I actually had an ice pack but I decided to go to the freezer and find something to use. I remember we had some frozen chicken in there! To my surprise, we actually did have a small iceback in the back of the freezer! I took the icepack and placed it on the side of my temple. About 15 seconds later the pain seemed to completely cease for a sec. It shortly came back but was definitely less intense and manageable. I felt that where I placed the icepack and at what pressure also seemed to have various results on the pain. In the end, I felt most comfortable placing the icepack about a millimeter or so away from the side of my head and temple or to place it there without any pressure whatsoever, not even allowing it to rest on its own weight. Woke up this morning with another CH but of the manageable 4-5 kind. I drank my other red bull and the pain was gone after 20 min or so. Overall feedback: Icepack and redbull will definitely become my new best buddies during attacks! I think the redbull takes a while to take affect so I guess its important to take it as early as possible. In my case I think it definitely decreased the overall length and intensity of the attack. Question: How much red bull/monster do you guys actually drink? I think for my more intense attacks I will pound atleast 2 next time. For the weaker ones one seemed to work fine this morning. The icepack seemed to have a more immediate effect (which was also amplified by the fact that by the time i grabbed the icepack the redbull was probably just starting to work its magic). Like I said, I probably need to work a bit on the placement and pressure. Question: Where do you put the ice pack and at what pressure? Trying to lower my body temperature was a horrible failure for me. Freezing my ass off in the midst of an intense attack didn't seem to do anything but increase my overall suffering. Question: Has this worked for any of you? Wish you all a pain free day!
  17. Napoli

    CH song

    haha yea. The song popped in my head during my last attack and just the thought of it was QUITE annoying. although i must say i do appreciate it when im "normal"
  18. Thanks Poli! you are awesome!
  19. Napoli

    CH song

    I've always imagined my CH being the result of two demons moshing about inside my head. I think I discovered what they look like and what they must be rocking out to! > Except on my part, instead of hearing the kick ass music I feel kick ass pain!
  20. @ Tingeling wow that sounds rough. I was lucky that I was diagnosed relatively quickly compared to others and that by the time I discovered I had it there was a decent amount of info on the web about it that I was able to look up and read (Today I am happy to say that there is even more info out there and a great community such as this one that offers invaluable help).
  21. Thanks for the welcome! I am going to buy a few energy drinks and keep some in my bookbag to try and combat any attacks i might get at school or out and about. Also going to look into the oxygen as based on everybody's feedback that really seems the best way to go. I was curious about magnesium. I've read some things on some other sites but have yet to read anything on here or the clusterbuster files. Have you had any personal experience with using magnesium supplements to combat CH or read of others who have had success? I've also began reading up a bit on RC seeds. If this cluster doesnt break soon ill look into getting my hands on some. Thank you all for your help!
  22. Hey guys. I am new to this site. Haven't spent so much time googleing CH info since I my last episode when I was diagnosed 2 years ago. Fortunately for me, I had been pain free since then until about three weeks ago when I started another cluster. Since then I've had about 1-3 attacks a day with most attacks being 7-8 Kips and a few 9's. Its hard to say when I had my first cluster headache. It must have been in my late teens are early 20's. I have always been somewhat of an anti-doctor/ medicine / procedure type of nut job and so my first few experiences I figured it would eventually "go away". Sure enough eventually they did and usually without lasting a very extended period of time. I was convinced at the time that the headaches were due to my wisdom teeth. Afterall, the pain always shadowed in the back of my right jaw before getting really intense and spreading out to my right eye and nostril. Well two years ago I had an intense cluster. Attacks were strong and occuring several times a day. The attacks began to seriously affect my daily life. At work I began chewing exedrin and sneaking away to the conference room where I would close myself in and wait for it to pass. I would be drinking with my friends and then suddenly have to go of to my room to fight the beast. I figured it was time to go to the dentist and have that tooth removed. So there I go and book the appointment finally resigned to the fact that I would have to get my wisdom tooth yanked out. Imagine my surprise then when the dentist told me that it was extremely unlikely for it to be wisdom tooth as there was plenty of room in my mouth!! At that point I was starting to get freaked out and started imagining the worst. I booked an emergency appointment with my doctor. As I was in the waiting room I got hit with an attack. My eye got all red, droopy and teary, my nose started to run, but the pain was a manageable mid-kip. Well my awkward appearance really freaked out my doc and his staff. He thought I could have some type of infection that was spreading to my brain or something so he sent me to get an MRI. A day or two later the results of the mri came back clean. Then it was off to the eye doctor and nose and ear doctor. Neither could find anything wrong. Finally, I wound up at a neurologist who diagnosed me and gave me a bunch of meds to take. Well when I got home I decided to do some research on the meds I was given and saw that some had some serious adverse side effects. I decided I would hold off on taking them a few days to see if the cluster would break as it had always done in the past. Luckily for me, it did and I never had to use any meds. And all was good for over a year!! Last month however I moved back over to Italy where I now live and work teaching English. About a week after I got here the beast came back! I've been riding through the storm on my own knowing that it should go away like it usually does. I think I might be coming toward the end as they are becoming further spaced a part but longer and more intense. I remember the same thing happening during my last cluster. Being in a foreign country and without having a trusted doctor, it is hard to find a solution other than wait it out. I have found that for mid-kip attacks pounding a good amount of cold espresso (which I keep on the side specifically for this purpose) can help. At times, I thought that assuming the islamic praying position has helped (but I'm not so sure as it didn't seem to work the last few times even the the first time i tried it and it worked i had sworn i found a cure!). As for the really strong attacks.....well thats when it gets difficult to deal with. Aside from the extreme pain during the attack I usually feel crippled for most of the day following. I have read that a lot of you use Monster energy drinks to help during an attack. I suppose red bull would work just as well no? I haven't seen monster around here but I know i've seen redbull. Are there any other remedies any of you could suggest to me? I don't know how I would go about getting tanks of oxygen as I've read it is the most effective. Has anybody tried taking magnesium supplements? I think I might start there as I've read it can help and should be easy to come by. This is a great website. I think an attack can be one of the most painful and lonely experiences there are and having a place like this really helps you to feel connected and grounded again. I try to consider myself lucky when I read some other stories on here. It is difficult enough to deal and cope with in the sporadic form that I suffer from. All the respect, support and love to all those who have to constantly struggle with the beast.
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