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  1. veggies

    CH and colds

    any advice? no sleep, living nightmare.
  2. veggies

    CH and colds

    started to develop a small cold last night, got hit before bed, slept through the night after the oxygen brought me out of it. woke up this morning and felt a heavy shadow, turned into a nasty morning zinger that i killed with oxygen again, but i've been stuffed up all day and had a little cough, and have been shadowing really, really hard all day. i consider myself the luckiest CH sufferer, as i only get hit every other day and usually only once at night after i fall asleep. but ive had to use my o2 like five times in teh past 24 hours and have been blowing my nose all day, and it hurts so bad anyone else experience a terrible time with a cold while in cycle?
  3. veggies

    Back again

    interestingly enough my wake cycle has been right on time this cycle, regardless of when i go to sleep (mostly). 7:11 or 7:12 without an alarm, every day, no matter what. which i'm kind of thankful for, its something i can plan around. sometimes ill stay up too late, maybe 330 or 4, and then i will wake up with a headache around 730, so im guessing my wake cycle fires and im still all sleepy so i dont wake up so my brain is like, "oh you want to sleep more, I DONT THINK SO, here have a headache." thats my faux medical analysis, mostly based on les' knowledge.. i hope your boy is feeling better, i know how he feels! i just stopped being a student but last year i was in cycle for both semesters, and taking a nap in the library was a death sentence
  4. veggies

    Legal fund

    im in! mostly broke but if the situation ever does present itself, I will make something happen. ive had dreams of winning the lottery (or eventually achieving HUGE SUCCESS) [lol] and starting up a CH vacation paradise... endless oxygen... a good place to detox from nasty medication a newcomer might have been prescribed... and of course treatment
  5. veggies

    Back again

    i feel like this site and everyone in it makes up one giant, kick-ass doctor!
  6. aha as luck would have it I'm moving to Cambridge.... does anyone know if Dr. Halpern needs some test subjects? Â
  7. sooo coooool! ive been commuting between boston and vermont each week. im moving to cambridge in march ill tell my roommate to watch the news tonight!!
  8. veggies

    Common Threads of CH Sufferers

    also, on CH being hereditary.. my dad used to rub his head on the rug as a kid because of, he says, migraines. not really CH symptoms, based on what i tell him when i have a headache. but HIS mom used to get the pain behind the eye, and eventually black out. then one day it stopped! probably not CH. but HA pollutin mah genes
  9. veggies

    Common Threads of CH Sufferers

    hi all, ive been away for a while and never really posted much but the beast is back and this site helps me so much during the hard times I come on here and feel slightly ashamed, I seem to have it the least bad amongst everyone but it is still terrible, so i actually look up to and admire how strong each and every CH sufferer here is. you guys are amazing. I am 23 years old, the CH came into play big time when I was 21. I could remember short periods of time where I would get headaches daily, right on schedule, for about a week and then they would go away. coincidentally these periods of time are when i had decided to "quit" smoking pot for whatever reason (the reason being, actually, that I'm a total addict sounds silly i know, but i NEED the stuff, and it bothers me) but yeah, i always wrote them off as withdrawal headaches or something. but one night, i was up late, it was too hot cause my girlfriend at the time had turned the heat wayy up and added too many blankets so i tossed and turned until 4 in teh morning and then got up to smoke a big joint and read some comics on teh computer. about a hour in, i was feeling unusually stoned, much more than i was used to, and i was used to it, believe me. so i ended up having a grand mal seizure right then and there, my gf woke up and saw me stiff as a board in the computer chair sliding backwards, making terrible noises, not breathing for what she estimated was 45 seconds its not the first seizure i have had, i had one when i was 14 and smoking pot for the second time (out of tinfoil, bad boy) and then again while coming down from a recreational mushroom trip, we had gone out to a diner and had a big meal and i just seized at the end, out of nowhere, but it felt really good... it was the mushrooms, but im sure it was damaging to my head. ok back to the most recent seizure, i wrote it off as just getting very high and my brain couldnt handle it. but to my despair, every time i smoked pot ( a then daily, almost hourly activity) or drank ( a once a month thing for me then, not at ALL now) i got a headache! So I'm not sure if a seizure counts as head trauma, but if that wasnt what sent me over the edge to being an episodic sufferer, it may have been when i ski'd into a tree when i was 14, had a helmet on, hard to describe the impact, but it was knees first, which blew my hip out of the socket and cracked it in half, then my face and forhead, basically the EXACT spot i get the headaches now, right behind and above the eye.. weird stuff so i suffered through the first cycle, quitting all substances and bad foods, saw a homeopathic doctor and got some supplements from my chiropractor (nutrispec test, anyone?) and it seemed to balance out the frequency of the CH. i shadowed constantly at about a kip 2, and the headaches came every 5 days or so. very strange first cycle. second cycle was worse, headaches daily, sometimes twice, and i suffered for two months til i was able to bust with mushies. it took multiple busts, but was PF after the third week/third bust. now fast forward a year later, I had to move back home with my dad and lo and behold, the change of scenery and location gave the beast the opening it needed. but now i only get a headache nightly after falling asleep, shadow all day, and plan on busting tomorrow... the problem with this cycle is the CH left unchecked will last for over 3 hours, whereas previous headaches would last 45 mins - 1:15. I am blessed with a nice hospital that lent me a tank of oxygen til my insurance works out a good one for me, its 8L/m but it actually works. well, not last night, had to drive to the ER and sit on some 15L/m for 45 mins til i felt ok again. sorry this is so long, but i figured it would be the best place to put it. again you guys are all my ultimate champions, lets keep up the good fight... i wouldnt wish this on my worst enemies, you guys are so strong. any update on BOL-148?
  10. veggies

    Leuprorelin / Leuprolide Acetate

    i guess its true that if anyone posted a document that looked mostly legitimate, i am at the point where i would believe it just because i want it to be true.. i want to talk to my neuro about this (once i get one that isn't 80 and tells me i got CH from DOING mushrooms.) this leuprorelin does look like a magic bullet, which shouldn't exist, but i sure want it to work for me
  11. veggies

    Leuprorelin / Leuprolide Acetate

    CHfather, it looks like there were only two females, but they were present so i wouldnt rule it out for your daughter! i would be curious if they were both of the 18 that relapsed but then got better with another injection. so would this work for episodic sufferers, or just chronic. i am unsure of where they are injecting this substance, maybe its a little more involved than i think. still, curious...
  12. veggies

    rc seed mixture

    ground up some seeds this morning, at around 11 am. put them in about 2-3 oz. of water, then in the fridge. was planning to drink the mixture at around 2 pm... but something came up and i couldnt drink it. how long can i let those seeds soak? is it ok to take after 24 hours of soaking?
  13. had a few beers last night because i just felt like it, usually way to scared to drink anything. but i went in fearless and came out pain free!!!! some funny feelings on the same side but no pain. good luck everyone, thank the lord for busting. even though im not religious.... its weird how we can say things like 'thank god' when we dont really believe in him. maybe we're just in denial
  14. veggies


    upon looking at the wiki my limited knowledge tells me it wont do anything besides make you a zombie for a while. not too long..