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  1. for future reference, plastic storage boxes are good, cardboard is bad, it is porous, lots of little spots for bad stuff to hide. a good place to put your bags would have been in the cabinet above your fridge, as it will get heat from the fridge. as far as your green and placing the good stuff in jars at a cool temp, if you are colonized you should case at 85. the longer you let it sit at a lower temp, the more likly the contam. just my 2cents, good luck
  2. Kika, my vote is for 1.5 gm of mushrooms. if you have them take them now. Don't drink coffee before you bust. Eat a little something, make some mushroom tea. Have your setting ready. some music, a drink of water, maybe a candle. Don't be anxious and enjoy the relief. you are med free now and have a supply, so I would use the big guns you have in stock. I just use a maintenance dose now of 1.5gm and the effects are a low recreational trip. Music sounds a little better, lights look a little brighter, kick back and enjoy. hopefully you can prevent your next cycle. It has worked wonders for me, changed my life. I thought my last cycle was going to kill me. Wish you the best
  3. Thanks for your hard work and leadership Bob. We appreciate it!! Ive been cluster free for about a year now! So fortunately, I cant participate in filming myself with a CH. Steve
  4. IMHO- now is the perfect time to bust, and finally break the cycle and keep the beast away on maintenance doses. every 3 months. This treatment works for many people to actually keep you CH free, FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE! That is your ultimate goal. Triptans and other meds do disrupt cycles and change the patterns and quality of the headaches. And also extend cycles. I wish you the best of luck, if it is decision time of whether or not to bust, I think you are wise to weigh the bad side effects of prescribed meds vs the busting option. I remain pain free and have skipped 2 regular cycles that I would have had like clockwork, Evey year I would get hit twice, every six months, like clockwork. Thank you Clusterbusters Family, I just passed a usually bad time for me, pain free. Wishing you well Steve
  5. Nice work Denny. A lot of people are directed straight to the board and take a bit to find all the good info here, im also blond and when I found this site I was sleep deprived and not thinking clearly (imagine that) kudos to ya Den BTW, the mushroom FAQ link takes you to CH.com
  6. I just seen the "wall" in concert in San Jose, I am still high from the performance. I think I overdosed on great music and theatrics that were un freekin believable. Pink Floyd, what artistry When Im busting, there is no better music then PF
  7. HOPEFUL, have you also been to the Clusterheadaches.com site? There is great info on 02 there. It breaks my heart to see that you are typing in tears. Many of us feel your pain, as you can see from the above posts. If you go to the CH.com site, be sure to go to the home page to start. Welcome to the board. As an above post stated, you will have to sift through the information. Imitrex for many of us works at first, then rebound headaches all day long. 02 is a great place to start, it is the most effective way to abort an attack. 02 has to be used correctly at a high flow rate and it will, for most, abort the attack within 10-15 minutes. Great posts everyone. Very thoughtful and caring. I love this place! Be well, Steve
  8. For me, any alcohol triggers a CH within minutes when I am in cycle. CHs have ruined drinking while not in cycle, as I have flashbacks of OH SH&%T Im going to pay for this.
  9. I also have sleep apnea, my neurologist said it is common among cluster heads. I decided to talk to my Doc after realizing there are others with apnea on these boards. Fungus and my CPAP have changed my life. I have also heard and read that the CPAP does not help the headaches, but as stated you are much more rested to fight the battle/dance. The sleep studies are very simple now. you pick up a unit that straps to your arm, two sensors are attached to your fingers and your sleep data is recorded. you return the unit to the respiratory therapist for diagnostics analysis. Sleep apnea is rated by how many events you have in an hour, for example: If you stop breathing for more than 10 seconds and have a significant drop in your 02saturation, this is classified as an event. if you have greater than 15 events in an hour, you are classified as having sever sleep apnea and a CPAP is appropriate. I have a score of 40 events per hour with an 02 saturation decrease to 80%. the normal 02 saturation is greater than 94%. I now sleep all night long........... My wife had a hard time sleeping because she was used to my snoring!! She is so funny. "Ive been on this snoring amusement park ride for 25 years and now the silence is creepy... keep snoring or I want a divorce" She was just kidding. the new CPAP units are ultra quite. between the fungus and the CPAP if feel better than ever!! there is a study on CH and apnea I found by googling it. That basically stated that 40% of Cluster heads have some form of apnea and that the CPAP does not decrease the intensity or the frequency of CHs. The first night I used the CPAP, I sleep all night long. I had never slept all night long, EVER! I felt soooo great, and this was right after I busted for the first time, headaches gone and sleeping all night. not waking one time was euphoric. If I could do a cart-wheel or a back-flip I would! Boy I sound excited. Good topic, thanks
  10. Very cool, Thanks for the story behind the story. When I first heard that cluster headaches were talked about on a tv show, I googled it, then the house marathon aired, its on about 20 times a week, so for the last month I have had to scan the tv guide trying to find the episode. I was hoping for more thechincal factual stuff, but it was still interesting and entertaining. LOL, now that I know there is an LSD episode, im going to be stuck trying to find that one. Thanks Bob Steve
  11. No accrate cluster headache info other than a quick Dx of cluster headaches and treating with mushrooms. It was funny though. the kid took the mushrooms in the hospital under supervision. so they showed the view from the kids eyes, distored colors and some laughter. the kid with the headaches also had alot of other medical issues and that was the main focus. But the muchrooms worked. I just like that CHs are mentioned in the media, you dont hear much about them in general, especialy treating with shrooms. It was worth watching.
  12. FYI The House Mushroom Episode is on tonight at 10pm on BRVO-W. I have never seen this episode, so I dont know if it is worth seeing, but it deals with cluster headaches and mushrooms as a treatment. The episode is titled "The Jerk"
  13. Denny, good to hear your new roof is still intact, oh, and you too
  14. A+ on the "hind sight" Best wishes for some regular sleep. especialy with the new baby. Hang in there! I also needed a reminder to dose before another round starts.
  15. Congrats!!! Kids are great, Enjoy!! Beautful name BTW. Is this your first
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