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  1. Actually, that Rye spawn was from a bag, not a jar. I coarsely crumbled it into horse pasteurized horse manure, then into a little rubbermaid bin, with a layer of vermiculite on top. I am using 1/2 pint wide-mouth jars right now. What kind of jar is it that you were wondering about? I do have one quart jar, but I don't use it much for anything myco-related... Buster
  2. Rye Bag was stagnant, but after re-coloniizination, and a little warmth & humidity, in a terrarium - it's starting to get active...
  3. Hey Folks, I had an old post, "Rye Bags" that doesn't really apply here, but one of them did survive, had to be broken up, and re-colonized. In any case, I am trying my very best to be completely self-sufficient. By the way, I apologize for only meeting a few of you all in person at the conference. I had to travel around more and later than expected Here are some pics...
  4. Dammit! one of the bags had a little green spot... I put what clean mycelium I could in sterilized jars, and am going to keep at a low temp to prevent bacteria (I hope)... the other bag is just fine, it seems. I've bleached, and alcoholed, and lysoled a better box... praying for no more contams...
  5. I know - but nobody responds to my posts.. they are sitting still, in a sterile microwave, in a sterile cardboard box. I am not going to touch a thing for another week. No, I know not to break up a myc. network... I'll show you them - BIG, bright white colonies inches from reaching/networking w/ others... I just wanted to know if I should check in a week, or just let sit and sit. I have pasteurized horse manure for more food... i'm not really looking to fruit off of these bag-cakes, I was going to try and let them grow into the poo, and just be really sterile (glove box) when doing so...
  6. Checked again today, and things are looking BRIGHT white... Well, almost 1/2 of each bag is colonized. No signs of contams... I've been through two bottles of Lysol already. This is probably the "cleanest" I've ever done things, and I'm sure that's why I'm having success. ForeverProsper has advised (at least with jars) that once things are fully colonized, to let sit for 5 more days... That's my plan unless otherwise advised. -J
  7. (this is just after 7 days)
  8. I used 1/2 syringe for each and fortunately didn't over-hydrate, it would seem. I would just make sure your temp is right... 81º is what mine stay at now. I peeked again today, and things have clearly grown since last night. Time for me to be patient and let mother nature do her job...
  9. BIG healthy white strands across both bags... these guys are colonizing FAST. I really mixed them up thoroughly. Hooray! Back in the box for a week or so... SOOO happy to see myc. and no contams.... -J 8-)
  10. Good news today - I found a bunch of sterile syringes and two un-opened prints - Washington and Amozonian. I'm pretty sure (and tell me if I'm wrong, FP) that I can just go grab some brown rice at Jewel, grind it up to make my own flour (Whole Foods is kind of far) , pick up a dozen jars and start sterilizing some jars in a pressure cooker this afternoon. I have vermiculite, and everything else I need (per teks I've read on another forum)... The part that is going to be hard (for me) is making the spore syringes. I am afraid to open them up. Wish me luck, as I am trying, ultimately, to ke
  11. No problemo - I will talk to him next Wednesday... Hope you are all well today :-) -J
  12. Very carefully checked for contams, overhydration, etc. today - things look good. I'm just wondering if they should be standing like in the picture, or rolled up like they are now, in their box. I'm sure they are getting "some" air, but enough? I've had periods (years) of huge success with growing, and others without any... When I can finance it, I am going to make some more jars. My understanding is that they are optimal, especially for "dummies"... I should have just stayed with them, and will in the future. -J 8-)
  13. They are now rolled up and in a sanitized cardboard box... wish me luck, guys! I'm broke, and this is what I have left I am marking the box with a pencil each morning. Today is day 6. I will continue to bless them every day, and hope for the best. The temp stays just about between 77 and 79º F... I mist around it with Lysol, 4-5x/day. -J 8-)
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