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  1. To our unknown friend, we are so grateful for your kindness... hoping one day to be able to thank you in person. DG [smiley=engel017.gif] [smiley=dankk2.gif] [smiley=dankk2.gif]
  2. Hope you were able to enjoy your day! Thank you for all you do here at CB!
  3. My apologies to you, Potter, if my comment offended you. It was meant to be lighthearted, but I feel bad thinking it may have came across as arrogant. I know you have given countless hours trying to help people here, and I admire that very much.
  4. Many thanks Bob, I had to find my big girl pants before I came back to this thread. I do understand how very difficult it is for all of you when you want so badly to help, and it seems like they won't take the advice. I wish he would try again too... maybe one day he will. I will pass the info on to him. Hope you grandbaby is doing well.... I am very grateful for all your work and the many people here who help in so many ways. -dg
  5. He is stubborn, like you ;D He got with Batch early on, got all the right stuff, and didn't get any relief, I keep suggesting it once in a while, that he try again, but he won't. Maybe part of it not wanting to be strapped to a tank for 3 months... all I know is he won't, so the best I can do is try and find other things to help him and let him make his own decisions on which treatments he wants to use.
  6. Derek is getting his butt kicked. Worse ever. He won't try oxygen again, so it is just ice packs n red bull to try and make it through this second week. I have renewed gratitude for those of you who risk so much to share your stories... I wish I could do the same. Sad that I can't. But the beast is shaken, clawing and screaming, hoping for a knock out soon...
  7. well it has been almost two years, and like clock work, the beast is back, maybe a little early, but he is knocking at the door and bring my poor guy to his knees. Life has been been so busy with the new baby girl, Ella, (9 months now) and homeschooling, and my oldest two starting college. Add a summer full of broken bones, food allergies and 3 months of strep throat being tosssed back and forth amongst the group (we're a pretty kissy and huggy sort-of-bunch)... well time just flies... - I have only been able to browse the boards occasionally, but have you guys are always very very often in my thoughts... hows, Michael? Hows Ting?The BB, Pixie-elf........ the list goes on and on..... I see some seeds in the very near future.... ....so very thankful for this place... -dg
  8. Hey, I don't think quitting smoking would stop your clusters. Many have quit and still dance with the beast. My DH smokes and I can't imagine him being able to quit while in cycle . Don't beat your self up over that! Most people here would suggest you find a good headache specialist. Your garden variety neurologists don't know diddly about CH. That was our experience with our first neuro visit earlier this year. Wouldn't waste our time going back. yum crow, I am very experienced at eating that too http://www.shamansgarden.com/p-251-rivea-corymbosa-seeds-ololiuqui.aspx There are a few places that people have ordered from, but I don't have that info handy. One of the places we were referred to, and where we ordered ours is linked above, many have used thier site and I haven't heard of any complaints. Their pricing is good. Ramble away  Keep reading on the board. There is lots of helpful info, and lots of good folks ready to lend an earÂ
  9. Hey Glenna, one of the first places I started reading was at the main clusterbuster web page, before you click the link to the message board. There is a ton of info/research links there. There are many more links to current research in the "Research and Scientific News" Tab on this message board. There is so much out there to support this wonderful treatment for CH. I sincerely hope you will keep looking and asking questions, and learn more about this option for treating your CH. I hate to think of you suffering needlessly and frustrated by trying every whim your doctor throws your way :-[ Wishing PFDaN to you!!! Dereksgirl
  10. It would probably help us if we knew a little more about what you have tried (if anything) in the past med wise. There are alot of none "medicinal" things that can help with CH (varies from person to person) for example, as you mentioned caffeine. Have you tried Ice packs on your neck/head, cold shower, vigorous exercise, energy drinks? Not sure how much info you have on CH and how to fight it... There are some who have gotten relief from Licorice Root Extract, and many others with the Vit. D regimen that Jeebs mentioned. But again, I would stress that busting has the best track record, the longest lasting effects and comes with the with the least side effects available. Don't cross it off your list yet. Let us know a little more about where you are coming from and what you have tried in the past... we're all pullin for you. Take care... DG
  11. ask away So sorry to hear of your pain. I know you will get answers, hope and help here. I hope that you will be able to try the RC seeds, but I understand your concerns. I do know that not that long ago there was discusion on how long the LSA would stay in the system. I believe the average consent was 3 days, but web searches suggest the possibility of up to 8 days. But again, it is not commonly tested for and it is not on the average drug panel. If for some reason you are unable to bust, I would just like to make sure that you are aware of our sister site - CH.com There you will find more information on the common treatments available for CH. Although most are expensive, have side effects and often are not effective at long term treatment. I have posted a thread hoping to rally up anyone else in the medical field that might be able to give you more advise.... PF wishes to you, Dereksgirl
  12. Just posting this in concern for a new member "Justaddwater". His post is "same questions, new guy" I think I remember that one of you is a nurse?? As he is in med school he is concerned about what testing they run, or other risks he maybe taking if he tried busting. Just thought someone out there might be able to help him out with those concerns....
  13. Christina, so sorry to hear of all you are going through! I am hoping you are able to get relief soon! I wanted to share a link with you regarding extending your imitrex shots. This tip shows you how to get 3 "shots" out of one. It might be helpful while you are waiting for your seeds and 02 set up, as it is pretty hard to not use it when it is right there and the pain is so great. :-[ Hopefully you will be able to get o2 so that you have a better abort method than the injections. They are horribly expensive and will definately intefere with your busting... http://www.clusterheadaches.com/imitrex.html hopefully this link works, if not then just type in "imitrex tip" in the upper right search box and it will pull it up for you... Take care, Dereksgirl
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