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  1. Thank you for the website, that was a big help! I had been searching for welding supply company's, and not having much luck. I found a 20 cubic ft tank and the regulator at my local store, about $120 all together. The tank is the same one they have listed at their online store. Before I head off to buy it, would the tank work for an attack? Thanks to the vitamins j am down to three attacks per day! A big relief from where I was when I found all of you.
  2. Thank you all, I know I'm grasping at straws here. My problem is this... I am a single mom, I make too much money to get assistance from the government, but not enough to have insurance or savings. I was not prepared for this ch attack, when it hit I went to my gp, paid cash, requested oxygen and was told he can't do that. He gave me the rx for imitrex. I have been using the tip from the other board so I get six shots from each box, sometimes I try to stretch it to eight. I get between four and seven severe clusters in 24 hours so it doesn't last long, about two days when I stretch it. If I don't take it I am up all night, exhausted all day from not sleeping and trying so hard to fight the beast. So every extra dollar I have goes to the rx. I called around today to the local Drs listed earlier, I would need to wait for an appointment and an office visit is $180 and up. As long as I'm buying the imitrex there's Jo way I can afford the Dr. I just feel trapped. I have had this a long time (18 years), I went undiagnosed for many years. I just don't have it in me to fight anymore. My attacks are more frequent, always kip 8-10, except the shadows. I am drained from it. This is why I feel like I need something now, I have lost faith in Drs, this page has helped me more than any Dr could. I found a welding supply that rents tanks very low, the start up cost will only be around $200 and the about $45 a month with refills. I will be able to get that Tuesday, I was just hoping for something sooner. I will end my search for used tanks. Thank you, that's why I consulted with the experts before I made a move. I hope that explains why I am struggling and unable to get the rx. And thank you Jeff, I will consult with you.
  3. I didn't have luck finding an affordable solution to getting oxygen prescribed, so I am trying to find the best way to use the welding tank. I found a few used tanks on Craigslist and a place that fills them for $15. I just need to know what to look for. I have my mask, so ill just need a regulator? And the tank of course. Any tips/ advice?
  4. Sorry about the repost, I don't know what went wrong. Thanks again, it should be easier with a starting point of doctors who know what they're doing. I feel very misunderstood by most of them. I may have to wait another week to see the Dr, I started taking the d3 and fish oil yesterday and added the calcium today. So far I am seeing a difference, I have only had the shadow today and it seems to be fading out now. My attacks have always been sporadic, I have read that many people get theirs at certain times, I have good days and bad, so I'm not sure if today is just one of my lucky days or if the vitamins are helping. I'm hoping its the vitamins.
  5. I will continue my hunt for the welders oxygen, I called a few places that didn't carry it, and by the time I found one that did they gave me their outrageous pricing. I've requested the rx from two doctors and the er with no luck and paid out of pocket for the office visits, its frustrating. The imitrex I get is the generic, and yes its the injections. I'm disappointed to hear it interferes with the seeds. But its very expensive anyway so I need a better solution. The vitamins I got are fish oil with omega 3, 1200 mg/ 360 mg, I take 3 pills, vitamin d3, 5000 UI, I take two, and calcium magnesium zinc tablets, I take 3 of those. Please let me know if that's the correct dosage. So far the imitrex is the only thing that has helped. I tried the energy drinks with no luck.I was downing six redbulls a day the past few days hoping it would work but I was still getting hit hard. I don't think ice will do it for me, I would probably just beat my head with it if you know what I mean. I am really hoping these vitamins do the trick. I remember my first cycles I would only get hit once a day, now I'm up to three a day and three to four at night. I'm exhausted and I have constant shadow and droop eye. Thanks for everything, I think we are better at solving our problems than any doctor.
  6. I think it is so sad and ridiculous that there are so few doctors and ers that understand. The pain of a bad ch is far worse than giving birth (3 kids, all natural, and I didn't even flinch at the pain because it was far less than a ch). There have been a few ch attacks were I searched the house for a way to end it. I've taken my last breath a couple times and downed so many pills idk how I survived. These attacks need to be treated in ers for the people who can't afford a doctor, and the sufferers should not be sent home with an rx for a migraine pill. I saw the Dr oz episode about clusters and it was very disappointing. Our pain is nothing like a migraine, it is NOT a headache, it is a life threatening attack. I just don't understand why so many take it so lightly, I guess they just think were all over dramatic, or they read something on the web that says its just a bad headache.
  7. Thank you all for the wonderful information. I started the vitamins today, I also ordered the rc seeds. I picked up a box of sumitriptan as well. I had been out since Thursday and had to wait for my unemployment to come. I was hit hard last night, but knowing there is light and that I will not suffer too much longer got me through it. Most doctors and ers have no idea what we go through or how to help us. I think they were trying to treat me for a migraine. I didn't take the rx for zomig, I knew it would be a waste of money. Will the sumitriptan interfere with the rc seeds? And thank you again to everyone for the help.
  8. Thank you all so much, I just came back from the er, I don't know why but this episode is kicking my ass more than usual. I havent slept since Wednesday. I begged for an rx of o2, no luck, they wanted to give me zimig??? The red bull and monster solution doesn't work for me. Once I get the strength up I will get the vitamins listed. I called about welders o2 and they said $70 a day to rent the tank. I just moved to a new state a few days ago so I doubt ill have any luck with the mushrooms. Anyone know a place for affordable welders o2 in the phoenix area? I will also order the seeds. Anyone know the time frame on those? Do they need to grow? Sorry, I haven't read all of the posts yet, I've had attacks and bad shadows since I discovered the site. There is so much information on here, and its good to know others understand.
  9. Hi, I'm new to the bored but far from new to the pain... I have been suffering periodically since I was 14, usually I get hit every six months, for whatever reason I was given a two year break this time. You all know that doesn't matter because once it hits its horrible. I was laid off just before the attacks started so I have very little money and no insurance. I am looking my mind and am becoming extremely depressed. Is there a fast and inexpensive solution or any recommendations? Please help quickly, I'm almost always in pain from a shadow and my body is bruised from the attacks, I don't know what th do or how long I can hold out. I apologize for whining, I know that you too have all suffered, I'm just so fed up with it and just don't feel like I can do it untreated again.
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