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  1. I know I need to get O2, and no I've not tried it yet. Hopefully the next cycle will find me employed. I'm so broke right now I caught myself seriously considering buying a case of Milwaukee's Best the other day, I resisted the temptation though.
  2. Thanks fro looking into that bejeeber.
  3. It is great to be able to drink a glass of wine or have a beer without suffering soon after, also good to be able to handle stress without getting pounded. For instance today a job I thought I had a lock on disappeared, and tonight I drink some wine, no problems, where before either would have had me ice packing my head. School has improved as well, I made the lowest score on a test of my college career during the cycle-just impossible to concentrate, I rebounded nicely for the second test so I'm not going to get tossed out of the class as of now. One thing on my mind, has anyone attempt
  4. Thankfully my cycle has finally come to an end, I did try the Vitamin D and Omega 3 but I have yet to get an O2 supply. I can't say for sure if it helped or my cycle just naturally ran its course but the severity seemed to diminish soon after starting the regime. I just wanted to say thanks for the advise and comments. Hopefully the beast is going back to hell for another couple years for me. I realize how fortunate I am to have this condition as cyclical and not chronic. Wishing you all relief and freedom from pain Stephen
  5. I don't know if you all will find this funny but... As I mentioned before, I'm in nursing school, we are just finishing our 2nd week. Most of us are LPN's going on the the Registered Nurse level. The professor we have this year has repeated "If the State Board of Nursing calls you, its not because they want to pat you on the back" (it means your in deep shit) Anyway, I started taking melatonin before bed and have had a few strange dreams that I think may be related to using it. In this dream the phone rang and as I went to answer I looked at the caller ID, which said KY State Board of Nu
  6. Yes, D3 not B2, that's what trying to read and comprehend with an axe in the head will do for you. At school we have a simulation lab but unfortunately no actual O2, and in any health care setting I would be involved in it is a physician prescribed item so taking a sample at this point in my career could be dangerous. I hear the advice to go that route and I think I may know of an option to obtain an O2 tank. I would like to say one thing about O2, and this may be preaching to the choir, but the use of supplemental O2 is not without risks for certain people. If a person suffers from cert
  7. Thanks for the info, I have been taking D3, but apparently not nearly enough. Got hit today, and last night and it ain't over yet. I tried a energy drink today but a different brand so maybe that's the problem. The one that seemed to work was Monster brand, tastes like shit but its worth it if it works. I'll study up on the threads and find the right formulations.
  8. This may have been discussed before, but when I saw that licorice was considered for use I was reminded that its use has the potential to interact with several prescription medications. Some of these interactions warrant consideration. For example, Digoxin levels have a very narrow therapeutic range, so anything that could influence that should be monitored closely IMO. http://www.umm.edu/altmed/articles/licorice-000262.htm
  9. So far I'm still too chicken to try anything that might potentially show up on a drug test. I tried the melatonin one evening and woke 3 times with CH but they weren't real bad. Today I when I started feeling one coming on I hit an energy drink fast and hard which seems to have aborted it. The migranal sounds promising but I'm without insurance at this time. I've been hitting the B's and avoiding alcohol. I'll keep reading the suggested posts and thanks to you all for the advice. Stephen
  10. I cant' imagine having this as a chronic condition, my heart goes out to anyone dealing with this full time. As much as I hate the episodes at least I know they will eventually pass. I can understand how flushing the chemicals from the system can work and that they may not be looking for this anyway, but a drug test may also be in the form of a hair sample. No way to hide that unless you do a full body shave like a guy I once worked with. As for now I'm going to try conservative measures, the B2, try and get my hands on an O2 tank, I've read somewhere else that melatonin can help at night
  11. I have tried some of the migraine meds, never found any of that to help. For many years I convinced myself that it was a sinus condition and doctors prescribed all those type of meds, of course non of that helped. I have probably taken way too many OTC analgesics for my liver over the years. It was probably ten years ago when I finally came across a PA who knew that I was describing CH, he sent me to a neurologist which was just a waste of time and money. A few years back, as I mentioned, I thought I had found that chiropractor alignment worked. I was looking at a website then which was
  12. Thanks dereksgirl, I'm just up after getting about 1.5 hrs sleep and then woke with a killer. Strong coffee and ice seemed to help. I'm to the point of not wanting to go to sleep because I know I'll get slammed as soon as I get into deep sleep. I will check out the sister site, I have not found it yet but the brains not working full speed.
  13. Thanks, I'll think about it. What source do you use to order them?
  14. What are the effects of RC seeds? Isn't it a type of hallucinogen?
  15. Thanks Bejeeber, Your probably right that they wouldn't be testing for anything beyond the common drugs but another of my worries is that if I were to try to get my hands on shrooms, and since there no doubt illegal here, I could conceivably get busted for possession. Not that I ever heard of anyone getting busted with them around here, but my luck I would, and anything like that would mean I lose my nursing license.
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