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  1. Hey I've been suffering chronically for over 4 years from clusters. Just recently I've been diagnosed as having a serious mood disorder. First order of business was to get off the verapamil and inderal i had been on for the last 2 years. I had beent taking 360mg.day of verap and 120mg.day of inderal.. both didn't end up being effective and I stayed on them because i was scared to get off them. I had heard verapamil withdrawal is a doozy because your hits go crazy.. whats happened with me though is that I have gone from getting attacks predominantly in the day (maybe 1-2 attacks during the night a month) over the last 4 years. Now all of a sudden I'm getting woken up at 2am and then if I try to go back to sleep I'm hit again and again and again. Sometimes I'm able to fall asleep and get awoken within an hour by the pain but mostly i haven't even been able to lie down because as soon as I do my neck at the base of skull starts to hurt and the cluster pain quickly ensues. Oxygen is still helping - but not nearly as effective. Anyone else experienced this? Whats the likelihood that the meds im taking for the mood disorder are making it worse ?- im taking trileptal 900mg.day I weaned myself off the verapamil over the last month and have been off it for over 2 weeks. I've just recently started to wean off the inderal. thanks, sam
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