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  1. LOL well you know they have got to do/say something because they don't really have any asses to put out there on the line. Martin is doing great still and maintaining a steady preventative program, he owes the world to you guys for all the advice and success he has had since first coming across this site. Napa I'm so glad someone was able to help you, nope didn't fall off the face of the world just got locked in a little corner of it for a while . Thank you all for the warm welcome back that's a far better reception than most of my close friends have given me here at home. Love you all,
  2. Hello all, glad to see the site still growing and some good conversation taking place. It's been quite a while since I have been around, I got myself in a little trouble helping some friends with their medical MJ needs. Long story short being a Care Giver in a non-legal state still has many risks. Fortunately the judge and jurry agreed that there was no monies involved so the initial charges were dropped to a much lesser and 5 1/2 months and a few thousand dollars later I am good to be me once again. I've missed you all and truly appologize for my sudden dissapearance, I hope those of you I wa
  3. Hi Jeff, Glad to hear from you, just wanted to let you know you're not alone. I don't personally have experience with the HBWR seeds myself, but I do know first hand how fast a cycle can be broken with the use of psychedellics. As far as worrying about drug test I don't think you have much to fear as the test to find the psychedellics being talked about on this forum are very expensive and are only effective within a few hours of ingestion, of course I am talking about the use of these substances and not abusing them. My friend and many of these people are willing to do whatever it takes to
  4. wel a little late but I'm still LOL
  5. hey Tom, sorry to hear the cycle has returned hope to hear that those boomers have given you peace. Best wishes, LL
  6. sounds great DD I wish there was a way to make it, unfortunately funding won't allow for that at this time. Hope all goes well and all have a great time. You really are quite a beacon of kindness. Cheers!
  7. pick the closest town in a state nearby and have the spores general delivery at that towns local post office. What I have allways used was a friends house outside of the state I reside in, and then have them reship them to me from a nonsuspect addy instead of the spore vendors having to put themselves at risk. If you still have issues on getting them contact me I have to know someone who will take the risk for you.
  8. Hello I'm called the lamplighter by my friends and have been in the position to be a caregiver for quite a few of my friends with various conditions. I have one friend who has been dealing with these headaches for quite some time. We've tried quite a few treatments so far but the doctors just don't seem to have a clue as to how to get rid of these attacks with any kind of quickness or continued success. I found this site a while back and have shared it with him and we are starting to think about some of the alternatives being mentioned on this board. I do have some questions as far as dosages
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