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  1. the Boston Globe had this great article - please review http://www.boston.com/business/healthcare/articles/2010/11/06/start_up_searches_for_cure_to_headaches/
  2. My CH husband purchased 1000 seeds and only received 400. No returned calls or emails not from iamsham - but the other place - be careful - we just got screwed outta several hundred dollars!! very good to help him sleep - crush a few before bed and within 30 minutes - gets a good 4-6 straight hours of sleep.
  3. Dam Dallas You can't stay outta trouble can you.... My prayers are with you and yours and feeling the blessing of your safeness. X MrsRobinson P.S. RC in da house.... give a shout! You know where I am. Much Respect! Peace..........
  4. Hi Suffers & Caretakers; My husband's Neurologist attended the conference; came home and told him to start declining ALL prescribed medications - Verapermill, Lithium, Migranail, Liodcane; & pain meds - basically he said "there is nothing I can do for you" you need to get some L.... D. His doctor NOW has a clue! Thank YOU everyone who put the conference together - perhaps we can make the next one. I'm on a quest for RC Seeds & Hawiian Baby Wood. I can not find anyone who'll ship to the US. I am only seven hours from Canada - but before I make this journey - I would like him to
  5. MrsRobinson

    R C Seeds

    Is this a safe place to purchase seeds from UK to US?
  6. Hi all - Who has a device inserted - Onsi (sp?) Will you talk to me about it - my husband is considering this next to end the pain. His med list is off the hook. Another member told me he's on so much medication - that's why the O2 won't work. verapermil migranal spray lithium lidocaine spray several cans of O2 a day nexium simvastin hctz xanax and 2 pain medications all in massive doses. he can not just 'stop' taking everything - but if we taper everything down - would this device help? thank you for your advice. I love this support group! Hugs Deidre
  7. I have some luck sprouting TC. But the local wild rabbits bit all the heads off... I will be trying again, next January....
  8. just 1 bunch - i'm still trying - i don't like the time - it took 3 months to get this little guy going. 2 of my 3 i tossed because i saw green mold. very frustrating, but i have to keep trying - life depends on it....
  9. Follow Up Post: Our little ones grow up so fast … sort of… MrsRobinson Three techniques 1. Cake 2. Rye berries 3. Organic compost Sterilized Environments Removed everything from the bathroom Used plastic bag to tie up shower curtain Sprained Lysol everywhere Used surgeon gloves, painter’s hood to cover head/neck, mask, and shoe covers Turned shower on HIGH for 20 mins. before starting injection process No pressure cooker. Improvised! • Very large lobster pot • Water enough to cover jars 1/2 way • Placed a small c
  10. IF ANYONE has unusual growing techniques - i would love to read them!!!! i have had limited success but suspect my next will be terrific. my friends (mentors) told me can't speed it up. i hate waiting!!!! so close and yet so far. please share any techniques i may need to try also - to sufferers and those caretakers - remember - there is hope! my husband is very close to suicide almost every day. the opiates prescribed do nothing - but if you can hold on - relief is possible. don't let go.... there are too many people who love you and pray for your relief and peace. i can honestly say
  11. More to come - but here's a gist of it... Items & Costs… I learned the hard way and by making mistakes. I have lots of ‘others’. Example – 8 oz jars are tiny. I now only use 32 oz to get the most out of a grow task. 4 extra boxes… black, white and clear… I’ve spent about $350 mistakes included. What I have (needed) is: 1. 1 clear plastic box $10. a. how you keep your moisture levels is up to you BUT KEEP THEM UP - I used my glove box and a small pipe from the fish store to direct the steam into my box b. I will use the ones I over purchased to birt
  12. Hi All; I very wise man told me once "Relax, It's just a lowly fungus" and he was right. Thank You Dallas Denny! You are a true human being - very humane. I will always put you in my prayers Before I begin-Special Shout Out THANK YOU to Dallas Denny, Bob W. and Ralph(sters). You three have pulled me from a pit of darkness. I still have a long way to go – but at least I’m going in the right direction now. I am a wife of a chronic sufferer. For years his C.H.s has been getting worse. The most recent episode started August, 2009. In total about 5 days within these past few months he had
  13. I take the lupron shots, but I'm here because My Husband is a CHs sufferer. I would get off the Lupron asap. Have laprascopic - which i did before the lupron. I have endrom & fibroids - massive. Very painful and x2 periods per month for 10 days.... to say the least - not much fun. Laprascopic is slightly invasive, but I was up and around 2 days later. And lasted for 5 years. My prayers are with you. deidre
  14. Funny - No Never No One Has Ever sang that song to me.... Never... NOT... it's ok... if it makes you happy. My name Is Mrs. Robinson. Thank you very much for the tip. We have a long way to before that treatment. Husband is on super heavy narc. Weening down now - about another 20 weeks and should be ok... by then I should be ready with alternatives. Was told by some wonderful people today to up his O2 to 25ml. New Rx called in today and hope to have the next canisters tomorrow - thurs at the latest. We have to start slow and here.... too much at risk with intermingling.... don't want to
  15. Hi. My husband gets Rx for O2. And he uses a company Lincare. When he has had to travel - Lincare has sent O2 our hotel rooms and to family homes. Lincare http://www.lincare.com/products-services/products.html#oxygentherapy I was recently told by other CH members that your regulator s/b one that goes up to 25ml and you need a special mask w/ bag - no flow(??) Good luck and take care. This place is the best! Deidre
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