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  1. Would be nervous to try it, but there's some site (Chinese owned I think) advertising sales of BOL 148 out of a place in Michigan as "research" chemicals. http://www.farms.com/classifieds/seed-feed-crops/other/2-bromo-lsd-bromo-lsd-1p-lsd-bol-148-for-sale-120651.aspx
  2. I've never tried it. Is this taken at first sign of pain or taken as a daily med? I ask because I see side effects listed are constipation and fatigue. I battle chronic fatigue any have sensitive gut - but am willing to try anything once.
  3. I have had migraines for 30 years and have had some successes with keeping them at bay but recently while traveling had a ton of migraine. But worst of all while on a 24 hour flight back from Asia - I started feeling dizzy and could not get my balance, as if I were super drunk. Started vomiting. Luckily a doctor on the flight gave me an injection of anti-nausea drug. But last two weeks since getting home - I have had TERRIBLE migraines every day, tho they are kind of tapering off. This is the first time I considered myself to suffer specifically from "Cluster" headache. Anybody here had experience along these lines?
  4. What is the nature of the trial?
  5. Thanks - lots of useful info in that thread. I bought a bottle and have been taking it for 3 days (at night) and what headaches I do have are very mild and mostly go away on their own. I purchased a hemp based one - but am curious to try ones made from the Harlequin breed to see if it's more effective. Will have to make an excuse to fly out to Colorado or California for a day or two.
  6. Watched a CNN report on pain relief with CBD the non-psychoactive part of cannabis. Anybody tried this? It's available in tincture form.
  7. Been reading that purine is a trigger for headaches and thinking that my migraines have become increasingly chronic since I started eating meat on a more regular basis. I'm going to do a month off meats and see what happens. Any feedback?
  8. 1. Seeking Persons Committed to Spiritual Development to Participate in a Study of Mystical Experience, Meditation and Spiritual Practice Researchers at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine are seeking volunteers who have an active interest in exploring and developing their spiritual lives to participate in a scientific study of the combined efforts of meditation, spiritual practice and the entheogen psilocybin, a psychoactive substance found in mushrooms used as a sacrament in some cultures. The study will take place over six-eight months during which volunteers will be encouraged to initiate or maintain daily meditation and spiritual awareness practices. Volunteers will also receive careful preparation and 2-3 sessions in which they will receive psilocybin in a comfortable, supportive setting. Structured guidance will be provided during the session and afterwards to facilitate integration of the experiences. Volunteers must be between 21 and 70 years of age, have no personal history of severe psychiatric illness, or recent history of alcoholism or drug abuse, and have someone willing to pick them up and drive them home at the end of the two psilocybin sessions (around 5 p.m.). For more detailed information about the study, visit www.bpru.org/spritual-practice. If you would like to discuss the possibility of volunteering, please call 410-550-2253 or e-mail spiritual-practice@bpru.org and ask for Maggie, the study coordinator. Confidentiality will be maintained for all applicants and participants. PI: Roland R. Griffiths, Ph.D. Protocol: NA_00020767 06.06.2011
  9. With more high-tech cameras utilizing face recognition programs appearing daily on street corners all across the UK - I honestly don't think the Brits have much to brag about in the Big Brother category. Remember this is a proposed change - not an actual one. Nonsense like this comes up in the Congress and the Senate every day only to get voted down. I have a lot of Brit friends and they constantly complain about the English Nanny State. I've dealt with anal English law enforcement and continue to prefer good old New York cops any day.
  10. Yes - I had got anxious for a short while the first time I tried the Gaba. I though maybe I was getting results at first but that hasn't been the case and the Gaba (even taken solo) has made me gassy and cramped and generally disrupted my digestion. So I'm giving the Gaba a pass. Re: Clonopin... I weaned myself off (after taking it for 2 months) that recently after a bad bout of incredible stress due to a huge cluster**** spate of bad luck and being victimized by idiots in the business world. I know Benzos (unfortunately) too well and can say for sure that as the dose of Clonopin wears off at the end of its cycle - the slight withdrawal will trigger headaches. I was trapped in that dismal cycle from '78 - '88. Also (my theory) some folks can take benzos for years for anxiety and remain at a steady dose, never building tolerance. But people in chronic pain - will always end up building a tolerance and getting addicted. In truth - when I hear doctors say that some people can take them for years without getting addicted - I tend to think that's a myth... like when the doctor tells you, "Here, you take this as much as you like. It has no side-effects."Â : I mean, wow, how many times have we heard that?
  11. Just found out via blood test that at some point I'd acquired antibodies to these. Weird, because I've never had any symptoms other than every few years I might get a cold sore in the winter. Researched it and turns out that severe headache and jaw pain is a typical symptom that gets worse with age.
  12. Will give it a try. I haven't slept through the night since 1979 'cause of BEP. Actually the first time I ever did a yoga class I slept un-interupted for that one night 19 years ago and then never again. I don't doubt that my inability to sleep through the night has skewed my brainwaves in some fashion that is causing the headaches as the commencement of the two issues coincide. I can't deal with sleep meds. All have too many side effects and are so freakin' addictive.
  13. Just to be clear - I wasn't taking melatonin. The magnesium was being taken for more relaxed sleep. On a hunch I did a quick search for Gaba and diarrhea and there is a correlation. Regardless - I intend to try the Gaba solo as soon as my digestion normalizes, as there has been a definite decrease in intensity of my headaches over the last two days.
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