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Found 1 result

  1. Hi all. 33yo Male, chronic migraines 21 years, cluster headaches 5 years. i know I'm going to be repeating common questions because I've seen some already, but the forums are very long and there's so much info I can't possibly take it all in. Apologies. im on day 8 of a cluster, this marks the first time a cluster has exceeded a week for me. The non episodic period is typically been 1-2 years between clusters, and then during a cycle I'm at pain every 12hrs typically like clockwork. This cycle is new, there have been 24hr periods between in some cases, and as few as 4 hours between cases this cycle. Im a chronic transformative migraine sufferer with chronic daily headache. Wake up with a lvl2 or 3 headache that I carry around, 12-15 days a month those will transform into lvl7-8 migraines. I used to think the migraines were 10s on the pain scale until the CHs started. Those are flat 10s every time. They are definitely suicide headaches, I lock the guns up when a cycle starts - last night I was begging my wife from the shower at 2am to just bring me a gun and let me go. They're so bad. this cycle also marks the first time I've nearly ran out of medicine. New Rx coverage is terrible. I need 18treximet a month but can only have 9, for my regular migraines, now with this longer (relative) CH cycle I've exhausted those, I've also obtained a 6 pack of sumavel injectors (the stinging nectar of the gods) and exhausted those, and now I'm on an "out of pocket paid" 9pk of 100mg imitrex that I'm grinding up into a powder and dosing in combination with naproxen for fastest chemical delivery and to simulate treximet. I have 5 left, not sure what I'll do if this cycle extends past the next 3 days... ok, history complete, on to the ask: im reading a lot on the site about LSA, but not seeing as much about it on the forums. I'm not interested in halucinagens for their recreational properties, let's get that out of the way. Am usually a recreational marijuana user but not during migraines or CH cycles because it exacerbates my symptoms, but I've got seedy connections but unfortunately no connections for LSA/LSD etc. has there been any success among you CH veterans with breaking a cycle by micro-dosing using the "legally available to purchase but not consume" seeds and plants mentioned here on the site? Im willing to eat the raw end of a ******'s *** if it will stop or even slow a cycle. I do have an opiod Rx (quantity 30, typically lasts me 3-4 months, used as a prophylactic when a headache is about to turn into a migraine, and used sparingly) but I avoid altogether for CH because it likewise often makes matters worse. Im in dire need of any advice ya'll have learned on your journeys, because the end of my rope is fast approaching and I can't afford the $900 out of pocket on treximet or the $2,400 out of pocket on sumavel even once, and tolerating a migraine without medicine is bad enough, a CH for me unmedicated is unfathomable. much love, and appreciation, ahead of any replies, -D
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