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  1. ChronicMigraine

    Atypical (light) episode vs heavy prescription drugs

    Ken. When injections are too expensive but you can get the oral pills, consider getting the generic sumitriptan 100mg capsules. They are not coated, so you can first of all cut them in half to 50mg, then with a 50mg half pill go ahead and grind it up into powder. Mixing it with a small amount of flavorful liquid (the taste of this medicine is an assault on your taste buds almost to the level of the pain is on your head. It's AWFUL! Mix with something strong). Doing this significantly reduces the uptake time, to about 10 minutes at the longest. I've done this quite a lot when an injector is unavailable. Also this medicine is VERY inexpensive (at least here in the USA). It's $80 for the brand name treximet, and $5 for the generic sumitriptan.
  2. ChronicMigraine

    New2Site - migraines and CH - HELP

    Maybe it was 50RC and 20 HBWR, not sure now. I wasnt looking for the psychoactive properties, only the theuropetic. I ordered enough for at least one dose of both I remember that - maybe it was 200, I don't remember now.
  3. ChronicMigraine

    New2Site - migraines and CH - HELP

    I ordered those as well (qty 20) - i read back and forth opinions about which was better, folks on this site from both opinions, and went with the HBWR. I'll try the RC next time. thanks!
  4. ChronicMigraine

    New2Site - migraines and CH - HELP

    I used 6 HBWR seeds, they were very hard and solid. i dont know if the place i ordered from already removed the outter shell that was described or not.. I used a mortar and pestle to grind them up. The effects were a heavy body load, like when you've been drinking most of the day, as well as some light headedness and a tendency to drift off in free thought. some dizziness and unsteadiness when walking. very much like the start of an LSD trip, but without ever reaching the trip. I thought perhaps there was some slight visual artifacts but when i concentrated on them there was nothing concrete.
  5. ChronicMigraine

    New2Site - migraines and CH - HELP

    Update! Thank you all so much for all your very valuable input! I was able to secure in-home O2 1 week ago, last Saturday. I was able to enjoy immediate relief, it's like magic! I started out with the recommended 15L but eventually as i got the hang of it got down to 10L now. When an attack comes i run 10L for 15 min, and usually can stop there (ive been finding relief as early as 4 minutes in), occasionally i'll run another 5-7 minutes at 8L to full relief. I was able to stop using Suma straight away, and went with exclusively O2 (plus the vitamin D regimen, and i also secured a taper pack of prednisone). By Tuesday night i was ready to try to bust using the HBW. I did a quick cold water extraction. I didn't get sick at all (but i also couldnt really follow the instructions here because my seeds didn't have a furry outer shell, they were very rock-like and difficult to grind up. there were no soft spots), but i did have about 6-7 hours of some mild side effects. lasted throughout the night. When they passed and i was able to fall asleep i woke up to a very violent migraine - definitely not a CH, a regular migraine but at the very high end of the scale for those. That lasted about 4 hours, oxygen was unhelpful and i eventually had to succumb to a suma injector. That was sometime Wednesday. Since then i have been CH free, I've had a handful of migraines (and possibly some CH shadows, although i've been going to the O2 quickly and often and have found it very successful. I've noticed that with migraines it takes a lot longer to find relief using the O2, at first i thought there was no way it was going to help because of how quickly it works for CH, but sure enough after about 20 minutes the pounding tapers off, and then dispels entirely. This past Wednesday i also had my first occipital nerve block treatment - i was concerned that the headache i had Wednesday was related, but since there's been no recurrence since im not as concerned about it now. I ordered a fantastic E-Tank duffel bag from Amazon that arrived yesterday, which will make carrying the portable tank around with me much easier and more discreet. I'm very hopeful that i can figure out the busting method for the future so that the next time the beast returns i can act swiftly and accurately. I'm also very hopeful that i can finally start tapering away from the use of Suma all together now that i'm finding O2 to be an effective. With the newborn at home, now that my CHs have died down, i've had to pick up a great deal of regular adulting again and still havent had time to really study the contents of our files here, but it's on my late-night-list for the future. I cant thank you all enough for all the support and hand holding through this last cycle. I'll be sure to, and have been, lending my experience to others to pass the knowledge around and i'll keep active here so we can grow the community. SO MUCH LOVE TO YOU ALL! <3 <3 <3 -D
  6. ChronicMigraine

    New2Site - migraines and CH - HELP

    They come typically every 12hrs, on the nose, from whenever the first one arrived. This is the first cycle that's deviated from that, and they've been all over the place. I've had them 3hrs apart, I've went almost a full 24hrs without. Most commonly though yes; the "two hours after falling asleep" time frame has been hitting me, and then again late morning.
  7. ChronicMigraine

    New2Site - migraines and CH - HELP

    Also.. apologies in the lack of due diligence, with the current cycle I'm on, plus a 3wk newborn at home, and a 3year old plus I'm back to work now (5:30 leave - 6pm return) - I've not been able to stomach reading time. I realize that reflects poorly on me while here I am asking for help. I'll do my best to follow the links provided and bring myself up to date, and I greatly appreciate the hand-holding I've received. You're all gracious and understanding. Thank you
  8. ChronicMigraine

    New2Site - migraines and CH - HELP

    I've not had a chance to review the files, I certainly will - and thanks for setting me straight on the D3, I got two large bottles so I have plenty. I'll read up when I have a chance, but go in and load up now in the meantime. Really, thank you all so much! Two days ago I felt hopeless, today I don't.
  9. ChronicMigraine

    New2Site - migraines and CH - HELP

    That's very good to know, so you're saying the seed busting approach is very unlikely to work while imitrex is in my system? Do we know what the halflife is? How long I need to cycle out before trying to bust via LSA? i already injest taurine via monster zero so I'm not hopeful on the 5hr but I'm trying it anyway. I asked about top-end volume for d3 and was told 5k mg so I took that already and will consume at that dose for a few days. Almost no chance on the 02 borrowing, but that's a good thought and I'll try anyway. I'm a very popular patient at a pain clinic I recently started seeing (because I'm one of very few patients who was very clear about NOT wanting opioids - they like that, because they get to practice actual pain management.) so hopefully when I call them on Monday they'll be helpful about the oxygen. I'd call my neurologist but the women who work there are super retarded and unhelpful.
  10. ChronicMigraine

    New2Site - migraines and CH - HELP

    Ok, I've called my doctor and left a message about the Oxygen. I'm sure that'll be a process and take some time, and i've also ordered 20 HBWR and 100 RC seeds from TrancePlants (the other site was out of stock). Seems like that ships from Canada, and i'm in the US, so i went with the $26 XpressPost shipping, hopefully that rushes things along. My wife works in Medical Billing industry, she looked into GoodRX and unfortunately it's not any help. My insurance coverage is good, it's just this particular PBM is very hard to deal with on high cost medicines, and i cannot get them to approve my PriorAuth for 18x Treximet. I seem to be having some good luck with the 100mg Imitrex, i've been grinding them up with a Mortar - it's god awful on the palette but it seems to get to work faster that way. Sometimes as quickly as 5 minutes, other times significantly longer (i'm guessing this'll depend mostly on what else is in my stomach already). The 5hr Energy is a no-brainer, obviously i ran right out and bought some. Even if it doesnt work for me, there's absolutely no harm in trying. I already drink MonsterZero (which uses Taurine), although i haven't been drinking any lately - and i wouldn't be able to chug one of those, so here's hoping that 5Hr energy is helpful. Anxious to here how Moxie gets a .2g capsule of mushrooms. Also, when i make the LSA extraction, is that storage stable or should i only make what i intend to consume? Thanks in advance!
  11. ChronicMigraine

    New2Site - migraines and CH - HELP

    Holy shit! I did not expect so many replies so fast, 20 minutes in the first example . finding this site has been a blessing, I've had the migraines most of my life but CH is mostly new so all the baggage and psychological shit was almost too much until I realized so many other people are having the same experience. Thank you all! To reply in order: THMH; thanks for the info. I was going to stop at a local store on the way home but had to pull over and spend an hour on the highway waiting for meds to work :-( saw the same info you provided in the site and understand the process. Will be ordering online today probably. Thank you for replying so fast! CH: I do take a prophylactic, but verapamil never helped me. No preventative has ever helped the migraines, I can't say if any have prevented CH cycles because of lack of data. Just haven't had that many cycles yet. I was a volunteer FF so I did know about oxygen but I thought it was a lot harder to get it in the home. I'll look into this. GoodRX and energy shots are something I didn't know about and will try straight away. Moxie: are you sourcing your mushroom capsules locally? Just curious because you're able to know the dosage, and that sounds controlled - I don't have a connection to help with that which is why I'm going to try the LSA seed extraction. Chocolate is absolutely a trigger for me. ill look into the D3 all, thank you! no hope in sight of busting just yet, had another at 6pm yesterday, then again at 10p, and again at 8a today. Nearly out of abortives. Shit is about to get real.
  12. ChronicMigraine

    New2Site - migraines and CH - HELP

    Hi all. 33yo Male, chronic migraines 21 years, cluster headaches 5 years. i know I'm going to be repeating common questions because I've seen some already, but the forums are very long and there's so much info I can't possibly take it all in. Apologies. im on day 8 of a cluster, this marks the first time a cluster has exceeded a week for me. The non episodic period is typically been 1-2 years between clusters, and then during a cycle I'm at pain every 12hrs typically like clockwork. This cycle is new, there have been 24hr periods between in some cases, and as few as 4 hours between cases this cycle. Im a chronic transformative migraine sufferer with chronic daily headache. Wake up with a lvl2 or 3 headache that I carry around, 12-15 days a month those will transform into lvl7-8 migraines. I used to think the migraines were 10s on the pain scale until the CHs started. Those are flat 10s every time. They are definitely suicide headaches, I lock the guns up when a cycle starts - last night I was begging my wife from the shower at 2am to just bring me a gun and let me go. They're so bad. this cycle also marks the first time I've nearly ran out of medicine. New Rx coverage is terrible. I need 18treximet a month but can only have 9, for my regular migraines, now with this longer (relative) CH cycle I've exhausted those, I've also obtained a 6 pack of sumavel injectors (the stinging nectar of the gods) and exhausted those, and now I'm on an "out of pocket paid" 9pk of 100mg imitrex that I'm grinding up into a powder and dosing in combination with naproxen for fastest chemical delivery and to simulate treximet. I have 5 left, not sure what I'll do if this cycle extends past the next 3 days... ok, history complete, on to the ask: im reading a lot on the site about LSA, but not seeing as much about it on the forums. I'm not interested in halucinagens for their recreational properties, let's get that out of the way. Am usually a recreational marijuana user but not during migraines or CH cycles because it exacerbates my symptoms, but I've got seedy connections but unfortunately no connections for LSA/LSD etc. has there been any success among you CH veterans with breaking a cycle by micro-dosing using the "legally available to purchase but not consume" seeds and plants mentioned here on the site? Im willing to eat the raw end of a ******'s *** if it will stop or even slow a cycle. I do have an opiod Rx (quantity 30, typically lasts me 3-4 months, used as a prophylactic when a headache is about to turn into a migraine, and used sparingly) but I avoid altogether for CH because it likewise often makes matters worse. Im in dire need of any advice ya'll have learned on your journeys, because the end of my rope is fast approaching and I can't afford the $900 out of pocket on treximet or the $2,400 out of pocket on sumavel even once, and tolerating a migraine without medicine is bad enough, a CH for me unmedicated is unfathomable. much love, and appreciation, ahead of any replies, -D