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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everyone, Wanted to share my experiences as haven't seen this noted on any of the sites I've searched. to be brief... 1. Lithium disrupted my vitamin D. In addition to feeling awful from a low dose, the relief I found with Vit D was stopped while taking it and resumed when I stopped. Worth considering if you are taking Vit D without success. 2. Vit D levels are very high now, 343 nmol, & I continue to take 35,000 IU a day, but I'm reluctant to reduce dosage as worried attacks will return. Has anyone else had to maintain very high D levels to stay PF? 3. A very
  2. Hello everybody. I’m 37 and I’ve been suffering from episodic cluster headaches since the age of 24 or so. (Sorry for my incorrect English from time to time - my mother tongue is Dutch.) In comparison to some other cluster heads (don’t mean to be harsh!) I’m pretty lucky having only one episode each year / year and a half. In these episodes I have 3-5 attacks a week, all taking off at night. I have all the symptoms: unilateral pain, neck pain, ear pain, eye pain, droopy eye, runny nose, can’t sit still… For years I wasn’t diagnosed properly (migraine, tension headache, sinus problems
  3. I've been a chronic CH sufferer for almost 4 years; 3 - 10 a day, every day during that period, though I did have been able to get kicked into one or two headache-free days when dosing with steroids. CHs have destroyed my career, my finances, and most relationships. Anyway, we all know how dear the cost of chronic CHs are. FINALLY, after exhausting pretty much all avenues and every drug (I've been entirely intractable and resistant to every treatment), a neurologist put me on low-dose Lithium. Within 24 hours, they were entirely shut off! It's only been a few days, but this is the first ti
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