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  1. Hey Roadie That does sound like a weird cycle! Not sure how the Vit D3 regimen works with Verapamil, maybe you just drop the calcium? I'm sure someone here will know. How high a D3 dose were you using? I dropped everything but the D3 after I got ill from Lithium. My Magnesium & Calcium tabs were combined, but believing Mg was the most important co-factor I bought it separately adding that back in to the D first, then slowly re-introducing the others. I decided that given the most likely risk from taking Vit D is the calcium excess I wasn't losing anything by skipping it. It's on
  2. Thanks Batch, who would gave thought having a lion names predisposes you to ch! Its reassuring to know I'm not off the charts just yet! I'll get the k2 and the tests done soon as I can. Incredibly grateful for your advice and the regimen. Hope you, your family and Fred (good to have a nickname, shows you are loved!) have a lovely Christmas & all the best for the year coming up. Leo
  3. CHFather that was a good one & the first message that came through on Christmas day! Never heard about the leonine features but googled it to find not only do I probably look like a lion but as a woman probably also look very masculine and tall! Merry Christmas & pf wishes to you all! Leo the lion
  4. Oh yeah I can imagine this, lack of toning is a problem I definitely have in other areas too! Love hearing that Ben khan was good to you too!
  5. I tried Vit D in a weak cycle (every couple of years I get a weak version of CH on the left instead of right, which needs a can of redbull at most) at 10,000 IU a day but I can't say it did anything. But this time round I went straight to 35,000 IU a day and it did the trick. I'm female (parents thought it would be fun to call me Leo!) c.9 stone, 5'3, so you might need to up the dose more. I'm not taking the full regimen - notably Vit K or Vit A as couldn't find it easily, and I've dropped the calcium, but probably picking those up through diet, but am taking fish oils, magnesium, C & B co
  6. Fella1234 please don't be worried about using oxygen. I can't begin to tell you how much less I fear the attacks if I have my tank. I've had just one attack go full blown in over 12 yrs and only recently because Ive no emergency tank in Australia like I do in uk. Like most people on here I've tried quite a few meds, most didnt help me, some gave me nasty side effects, so hadnt been using any since o2, with the recent exceptions of trying to break the start of this cycle and end the last one, only when I realised the little CH b@stard had changed anyway, despite me believing that we had a
  7. Hi CHfather, Thanks for your reply, as always your advice is very much welcomed. The "rebounds" My pattern used to be maybe 1 every other day or every couple of days for about a month, always on waking or just prior to, except if triggered. Since using the oxygen to abort the cycles I've had upto 8 a day with a day off being a very rare occurrence. I've assumed it was as if the attack didnt like being aborted, so would keep coming back. 60-90mins after an o2 abort as described below, I'm likely to get another attack, unless at the start of my cycle when it's weaker, it can be u
  8. Hi everyone, Wanted to share my experiences as haven't seen this noted on any of the sites I've searched. to be brief... 1. Lithium disrupted my vitamin D. In addition to feeling awful from a low dose, the relief I found with Vit D was stopped while taking it and resumed when I stopped. Worth considering if you are taking Vit D without success. 2. Vit D levels are very high now, 343 nmol, & I continue to take 35,000 IU a day, but I'm reluctant to reduce dosage as worried attacks will return. Has anyone else had to maintain very high D levels to stay PF? 3. A very
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